I hate my mother

It’s what they want, right? These whores want a big strong white guy, because asian men are inferior, and their sons, well, we’re still asian. No body hair. Asian features. And our own mothers tell us we’re ugly. They come up with any excuse. They lie and say women like nice men. They lie. They love cavemen, criminals, thugs. Personality has nothing to do with it. A 6’3″ beautiful Chinese man is nothing compared to a white man – and these precious half asian kids, what are they except a pale imitation of a white man? Dark haired, dark eyed, born with white supremacy instilled in them on a faulty processor. Fuck them. My own mother was like this. She paid the ultimate price. I know there are women out there that are healthy and prefer Chinese men. America is unhealthy. If there was a satan, America would be it. I have no joy in life. I look forward to killing myself. These fake fucking people with their fucking white supremacist beliefs, fuck them all. Fuck all of them. I hope the world burns. I have no sympathy for y mother. May she burn in hell. I am a walking corpse. It makes me feel my better to know that I am already dead inside. I am on the brink and ready to shoot myself at any moment. I have no regrets.

With all the abuse that asian men take, asian women are ready to jump on board and humiliate and denigrate us. Even our own mothers. There needs to be a circle of hell for these sluts. May they fucking burn in hell for ten thousand eternities.

I hope to never see my white worshiping whore of a mother again.

2 thoughts on “I hate my mother

  1. I am a white girl who would love to date an Asian guy. I find them very attractive physically. None of them seem interested in me though, which I figure is because I am white. I think we have more in common than we realize.


  2. On the one hand, reading this is disturbing to me-that someone could be raised with such disdain by his mother ( it was my dad who had problems- a bad mother seems like it would be so much worse).

    On the other hand, you are a strong man to have survived thus far.

    Don’t let it win, man. Stand up to it. I don’t know how or even what you are going through. But it sounds like you’ve survived too much to just lie down and die.


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