I feel dread

The very fact that so many women hate asian ness so much makes me realize that there must he something inherently wrong with me, even my own mother thought so, the fact that so many women say no asian men, means that we are inferior. I am dead

3 thoughts on “I feel dread

  1. Actually, mixed race Asians are glorified in most parts of Asia– and seem generally accepted in the USA. I suggest that you take a trip to San Francisco– a place where half-Asians are abundant. I have met several white women that say they prefer “hapa” guys or want beautiful hapa babies. It can be creepy.

    It sounds like your mother was sick. This isn’t your fault. You don’t have to follow her pathway. I believe that the true mark of reaching adulthood is when you do things without thinking about your parents. You don’t have to even care about her anymore.

    I hope that you are able to find someone to talk to. You shouldn’t have to experience this despair alone. If you ever want to chat, please send me an email to: putt230@yahoo.com


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