Dear readers

I am beyond sorrow now. I am beyond the point of ever being able to live a happy life. It cuts me deeply to know that women act out of evolutionary instincts and I’m the product, yet the same women that would seek the blonde type would also see me as inferior. I lied my whole goddamn worthless life that I was white but I’m not. I accept it now. If this means I must die then that’s what it means. I’m beyond saving now. My head is ringing and I feel like vomiting just going outside seeing the couples that brought me into existence, based on such hatred and humiliation. Just cuckolding. Some piece of shit white guy with his ugly asian whore laughed at some asian guys today and I wanted to rip his throat out with my bare hands, to peel the skin from his face and make him eat it. I’m on the brink. I shouldn’t drink alcohol because I might snap. I’m on the brink. I hate it. Fuck my parents, I haven’t spoken to my father in a long time and no longer want to. I cannot look him in the eye

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