Elliot Rodger; Amy Chua; Kelly Baltazar; Asian Women Create Monsters

The common belief is that “mixed race” people are somehow better, but ultimately this is just a peripheral excuse for people (Asian women and liberal white males) to rationalize having children across color lines once their perverse “romance” actually results in real consequences, like a child. There are exceptions to the rule, and I think I the case of foreign born Chinese and Japanese women looking for husbands who are more tolerant of faults that Asian culture (again, not perfect) finds in them. As a nominal “white” man who can sympathize with western men’s distrust of western women, I really don’t see a fault in this, and again there are certainly normal Eurasian children. Both me and my brother were not.

I don’t know my mother’s history but I do know of several Asian women (two of my cousins, for example) with a background of having sex with dozens of men. All white, of course; that is before they decide to settle down at age 28-33 with some clueless white moron who believes that asian women are “superior” morally by default of their allegiance to white men. This allegiance to white supremacy, of course, being what makes them morally sound. This is a better choice than lying to an asian male – who they spent two decades hating on – and pretending that “the past was the past,” when in fact their sexual preferences remained the same, but they became too old to pursue them and settled for an asian male. Choosing from those two options I’d rather be aware by default on my mother’s self hatred rather than being lied to that women like “nice guys,” regardless of color. Regardless if white supremacy or nationalism has any value (which I at one time sympathized with, and at one time I did too find the collapse of the western world very, very tragic*), the world simply cannot be saved by defaulting to another race of women, particular hypergamous ones. Ultimately these women will create sociopaths and their amoral sexual choices will create more and more Eliot Rodgers.

*Note: The world is such monumental shit that it is ignorant to turn a blind eye to it’s fundamental inequalities and pretend that god has given done divine right to white males. I made the same mistake fleeing western culture and coming to china under the guise of being an “asian who looked white enough to pity the western crash, but asian enough to adapt to china”; but once coming here I learned the truth about sexual inequality that stretches across racial lines and is the fundamental reason why humanity is fucked.

Anyways, my advice to any white male looking to Asian women for love, please be fully aware of her intentions; excluding a race from the men she dates – no, fucks – isn’t a personal preference, but levied in hatred and power if not genetic self interest. As I mentioned earlier my father’s life was destroyed and my last memories of them together were of her being extremely mentally abusive for several years, turning us against him, calling the police on him, threatening to crash the car with us in it by speeding on a crowded highway, pulling knives on herself, hitting us with hangers,
throwing things at him, and from what I understand, raging at him for not making enough money: this of course is key since she had already fulfilled her “alpha fucks” with a tall white guy but he failed in providing the ideal “beta bucks” that she wanted or thought she deserved.

Regardless, I’d like to mention there are several cases recently popping up of young Eurasians coming of age and self destructing because of the sick nature of their parentage, being either fed self hatred from their whore, white supremacist mothers, or being used as some kind of proxy for western civilization by conservative, often beta white fathers who chose to have children with an “ideal” morally superior race, myself being a combination of both instances, and which I myself might have foolishly (but unconsciously, since I consider myself both white andAsian) done when I met my wife.
It’s not a coincidence that my life has been and will be a complete failure, my upbringing been incredibly chaotic, misguided and rebellious bordering on psychotic, and that other Eurasians have been self destructing in the last few years. I have a reputation for being eccentric if not outright strange, have almost no friends anymore, and seem to grow more and more psychotic with each passing year, at times am able to document it (like now, a rare day when I am able to function), but other days am in a suicidal haze from which I can barely focus on anything at all.

Elliot Rodger is one such person; I actually communicated with him anonymously before his attack and told him that I was Eurasian too. I’ll return to this later.

Kelly Baltazar, a teenaged girl who went to church, played violin, (both much like me, raised under the Tiger Mother methodology) and came from a wealthy family, and went on to do Facial Abuse porn; an honorable mention to Belle Knox, who was born from a “conservative” (at least the image presented) Indian woman and a beta white dad.

For every goddamn Asian whore out there posting ads online for white men only, there will be hundreds of desperate, upstanding, nice white guys who fall for it because they see these women defaulting to successful white men, rather than treating them like shit like white women are rumored to do and from what I can imagine and have read, probably do. But for every one of these white men who may or may not harbor white nationalist / conservative views, and every self-hating, vehemently racist, hypergamous asian slut who chases them, a child will be born, and this demographic, including myself, is both disastrous and at special risk. It would be even worse for a white man who hates Asian men or asian culture who goes for the easy pussy, to have a kid, and I can’t even fucking imagine what kind of psychotic serial killers this might produce, using my own case as a benchmark.

I write this as someone who is 25 now, without a career, and likely to die in a second world smoggy shithole. It doesn’t matter how much an Asian woman would say that she could raise her children right – there is simply no fucking goddamn way it is possible to raise a healthy child under these conditions with this kind of racial dynamic at play. I know this now only in retrospect; the great irony is that before Elliot’s blowup I saw so much of myself in him that I posted that I just knew he was Eurasian, like me.

In this way, I say FUCK YOU to all the Amy Chuas of the world; you can tell yourselves over and over that everything will be okay but I assure you it will not, you simply cannot, regardless of how badly you want that white guy to nut in you, ever, ever, ever convince your offspring that it was anything but evil. I don’t care; maybe asian men are less attractive, but you’d better motherfucking think about how you raise your children before you take that step. My mother paid the ultimate price, and here I am, America’s darling mixed race, sitting alone in a dark room in shithole a China with peeling paint just waiting to fucking die.

Fuck This World

I could look at my own mother and lie to myself that she loved me father for who he was. But the massive proportion of Asian women who only want white men makes me doubt it. The fact that Asian men must earn more just for the same response means that white guys party, do drugs, and fuck, while Asian guys work hard for less results. There is no love in it. There is NOTHING. Even if I could live that lifestyle, I won’t. I won’t betray a part of me. Fundamentally we’re just unattractive. If you have to convince and buy a woman’s love, it’s hardly love. Consider this my suicide letter. Quite frankly I don’t want to live here anymore. Fuck this fucking rotten fucking world with its liars and whores. I can’t even look at my wife anymore. I can’t bear to even think of my son going through life alone. I made a mistake coming here. She was the only one who would take me, and even then I’m a loser, she took a foreign loser. She doesn’t know what I’m going through. I literally am on the brink of killing myself. I have looked up ways to do it so that I go peacefully in my sleep. I am preoccupied with this and ignoring my work. My bosses are impatient with me but I don’t care anymore. I fantasize about shooting myself with more and more frequency. I have no home to go to, nothing, just poverty and broken pieces back in the US. Ironic as it is a Chinese woman saved my fucking worthless life, and ironic as it is the more I hear about how Chinese women hate Asian men I want to drop her, to leave her, to kill myself, to not have Asian children. I was colorblind before. I don’t want to have kids with her. She took me because of my whitish appearance. My kids won’t have the same privilege. These fucking people are making me destroy my marriage with their hatred. Why would a white guy marry a self hating Asian whore if his kids will look Asian? Why should I, even though my wife is a good person? Why don’t I bank on my white privilege, my white looks, and become a hedonist who fucks white girls like other eurasians?

If only people would realize what their mass actions and words did. Even if it carried down to a man on the brink of death sitting alone in a sparse room in a second world city, with no friends and a bottle of fucking pills in his drawer. They don’t care. They never did. Maybe they would now. Even if one fucking woman realized the agony of someone like me. But they wouldn’t care. I stay up at night in bed looking at the ceiling thinking why life would be even worth living if it’s such a goddamn battle to even breed, that you have to convince people to realize that you’re better than your skin color, and once you do your kids are humiliated and treated like shit, so what’s the point. It’s easier to just blow my brains out. And it doesn’t even matter if people don’t believe that Eurasian kids are all like me or think like me. We’re prone to mental illness at a higher rate. My father had so much hope that I’d be a doctor, and I’d just tell him our fates are decided as soon as we come out of the womb. Girls will fuck you if you look a certain way, and marry the rich guy as compensation for not wanting to fuck him. My brother walks around with crumbs on his shirt, a vapid look in his eyes like a zombie. It’s only recently that I realized why I’ve been sinking into a goddamn hole my whole life. Goddamn, just goddamn this fucking place. Why the fuck don’t I just take my fucking chances on the other side.

to future parents of eurasian children, from your eurasian daughter

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About a year and a half ago I came across the blog “Stuffeurasianmaleslike” . For the first time in my life I felt that there was somebody else out there who felt the way I did about being eurasian. I felt, as an eurasian person that I was supposed to live up to this mythified life of being extremely attractive, smart and accepted by both Asians and Caucasians. That I was supposed to live up to the” eurasian beauty” and the “best of both worlds” myths. Instead, when I look in the mirror I see a jumble of asian and caucasian features that don’t synchronize with eachother….something is wrong with my face, my body, my soul…… I am a slow thinker, I have been asked if I suffer from a learning disability before and I have wondered it myself many times.I never had a date in highschool and I lost…

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