On “Preferences”

I am, as a half-Asian man, supposed to accept that my mother had “preferences.”

I am, as a half-Asian man, to accept that despite everything, our personality does not matter – she absolutely NEEDED a tall, redheaded, blue eyed man in order to fulfill her desires.

Meanwhile, I was also taught that I should look for the qualities of goodness, kindness, honesty, and virtue in girls, rather than their race.

However, it is also okay for my OWN MOTHER and MILLIONS OF ASIAN WOMEN to have “preferences.”

Whereby any personal qualities found in an Asian male are completely ignored immediately – whereby I am also taught by reality (not by lies) that passing myself of as a white man is more valuable than being a decent and honest and kind mixed race man proud of my heritage!

I am supposed to accept with a smile that millions of men live, as I do, on the verge of suicide, feeling unwanted because of something they had no control over – something that I came very close yet avoided because of genetic luck; but I’m supposed to accept it, and accept that my mother worked in tandem with this.

Thanks mom and dad!


It is pretty common to go on Internet forums or to overhear conversations while living in an Asian country abroad.

Usually like this: “Being white in Asia is incredible, women throw themselves at me. If you’re tall and white just go to a club and you can fuck hundreds of women with no effort.”

Of course this usually goes hand in hand with how Asian women can’t get enough of that big white cock, how Asian men are pathetic, etc. Regardless of the falsity of these statements the fact that it remains so easy for white men has serious results on the self esteem of the son.**

Now, tell me how a Eurasian son is supposed to rationalize this, and view his mother in a positive light? Yes, women have preferences but to ignore the ramifications on the son / daughter is irresponsible; what’s more is that when a male is described as having preferences it is called a fetish, meaning that it is unusual. Meaning that it is UNUSUAL AND IMMORAL to find another race sexually superior.

Burn in hell, mom. Seriously, I hope your skin is melting off your face slowly every ten minutes for the next trillion years.

**If the father tolerates this kind of preference or racism from his mother he is likely a racist as well and is an enabler for the self destruction of his own offspring. However some men, like my father, pedestalize and are simply too naive to even think it was possible, since he, of course, is not Asian.

Eurasians Have a Firsthand View into The Naked Reality of Life

The reality that no matter what kind of man you shape yourself into, you will still be defined by your genetic makeup – even if, as in my case, we come so close to meeting the white ideal – we still represent a process – an evolutionary process.

A Eurasian realizes, as he is part Asian, that an entire race of people is deemed genetically unfit by the people that are capable of reproducing it; its women. So, in a Eurasians body lies the striving of nothing more than animal seeking an evolutionary ideal, which can never be matched, only imitated. Even if it is true, he still bears the same traits that made his original race unattractive, in my case, the meekness, the solemness, the quiet indignity of being viewed as LESS.

And thus the human race is shown in its nakedness – all of our goals, our aspirations, are dreams, are nothing in the face of this race towards oblivion masquerading as “love” – which is nothing more than genetic competition, and in the case of Eurasians, representing both a victory and a loss, his own creation and extermination in the same sentence.

Asian Women And White Men Isn’t About Love

The lie is that love is “colorblind.”

Tell that to the Asian man living in America – the quiet, nice guy who was raised to believe that women liked respectful, hardworking guys. And then time after time he is shot down, laughed at by Asian women who “prefer white men.” Tell that to their own children – who observe the world and realize that perhaps there is a trend; perhaps what brought their parents together wasn’t love, but something else.

Asian women discount an entire ethnic group; they say they are too short, too small, too nerdy. Then they hook up with short white men, nerdy white men; anything but Asian. They discount the tall, good looking Asian men that exist. Therefore, it is not about love, but entirely about race. They desire whiteness – whatever it entails, to be associated with it, to be submitted to it, to be fucked by it.

It is an expression of power. We all do it. We’re all so fucking arrogant that we think that we’re entitled to our choices – but we don’t consider, not even for a fucking minute, what it will do to our children. The Asian male may justify, and rationalize it, by saying, oh, it must be about culture. The Asian woman will justify it by pointing out that Asian men are the world’s most patriarchal boogiemen, while ignoring the fact that white men have exterminated, like rats, hundreds of millions of people. 

The Hapa will acknowledge it for what it is: our mothers were fucking no-good rotten WHORES.

But why aren’t these women happy? They know, deep down, that they can never be white. That’s the thing – that’s the cut of it. It cuts them deeply. That’s why these couples never look happy; there is the divide, the knowing reason that what they’re doing is because of something, not for love.

Because they hate Asian men, or aren’t attracted to Asian men, or because White people / culture is better, more attractive; because Asian women will submit to them where the white woman won’t; because white women are too liberated, or won’t pay attention to a white male.

But they know – deep down – that the children, the HAPA, will NEVER be white – not by any immediate definition; if anything, he will be a close approximation, an imitation, like me, someone who can pass but will always be on guard against something he can never understand or be accepted into (for whatever reason). And this bites them, and cuts to the bone. So when the child is born, they rationalize it.

The because becomes a lie that they feed to their child, the child who lives on both sides, who sees things objectively as someone who cannot possibly be as racist as their parents – as someone who avoids both the privilege of being a white male AND the privilege of being an Asian female. He realize his parents were fucking despicable.

The Asian Woman Is Incompatible With her Eurasian Son

“Well, when I have a son, I will teach him to embrace both sides of his heritage.”

He will, by definition and experience, learn what it is like to be an Asian male in America, an experience that neither his father nor mother even stopped to think to CARE about for even a minute when they were having their sadistic, cuckolding relationship, all the while laughing at the unattractiveness of the Asian male. His mother did not care a goddamn thing about heritage; she neither was studying Chinese poetry nor reading Dutch literature. She simply had to suck as many white cocks as she could, and eventually got knocked up by one.

Any son I have will be my son, and I will love him.”

He will also learn, through empirical experience, that his mother was one of those whores who savagely hated Asian men, savagely put down Asian men, and thought White cock was the best. Any trust or faith he has in his mother is whereby undermined. It does not matter how good looking, or how intelligent, or how white he looks – he will still live under the shadow of Asianness and be perpetually aloof from both communities, with only the vapid, shallow lies of a liberal father and a vehemently racist mother to guide him through this world. He is meant to believe that it is merely coincidental that virtually every Asian woman he sees when he leaves his house is shacked up with a white male. Isn’t that why our demographic is so fucked up?

“My son will be beautiful. If he isn’t, he can go to Korea or China, where they love halfsies.

Again, here, the Asian-hating mother tells herself that her son will be beautiful, in comparison to being an Asian male. Whereby, he is beautiful because he is not fully Asian – but less beautiful than a white male. If he is not beautiful, then again he can leech of the parasitical, lesser races (as viewed by his whore mother) and move to an Asian country, as I did (assuming that I would be accepted), whereas I am just viewed as a minority and live a quiet and lonely life waiting to die.

“I will encourage my son to be successful, because Chinese mothers are superior (as per Amy Chua).”

A Eurasian son is the afterthought of an Asian woman whose vagina was lubricated by the sight of a tall, white man. Any success he is pushed for becomes merely a natural consequence of his Asian mother becoming older, realizing that she has to deal with her Hapa offspring, and realizing that her naturally hypergamous and greedy tendencies make her into a very boisterous and pushy mother. Ivy League or bust! Of course, it doesn’t really matter, in the end, because we’re born knowing our entire existence is based on the racial hierarchies enforced by our own parents.

The World View of a Hapa who Looks White

Let me start off by saying that I might have been saved a lot of racism growing up, because to someone who doesn’t know any better – I am white. Categorically – I appear white. Therefore my life experiences have been one of a white male. Ironically, to this end, I did not know many white males other than my father growing up, identified strongly as being distinctly of Asian heritage, but for whatever reason, the world did not view me in this way.

So, why complain? I sustain that I have been afforded a very unique world view because I have both definitely non-white, as well as white, and tall, and good looking.

The world nowadays is filled with two categories of people. The first category are people who legitimately believe everything is “all good;” they have a pretty biting hatred for pessimists, nihilists and realists, all the while living empty lives that they fill, just barely, with social charlatans, dumb Facebook-posed photographs, and alcohol. The second category are people who see the world for what it is, and others – the optimists – hate them passionately because these people literally sweep the rug out from under their entire existence, and their entire system belief; the belief that we are all special, we all deserve a family, love, a good job, and a long, happy life played by the books.

As I mentioned before, a lot of Asian men go through life unwanted, until they hit about thirty, when they magically become desired. I suppose the same thing happens with “nice guy,” white boys who suddenly become more popular with older women who have had their field days with bad boys. Obviously this idea is quite unpopular with feminists and “nice guys,” since it implies that women lose value at around the age of thirty, or lose value once they have fucked a certain number of men. Regardless of this, if I were an Asian male, I would be pretty upset that I was laughed at, denied, and humiliated by entire life until I suddenly earned enough money to pay for companionship that White men got for free when my wife / fiancee was objectively more attractive.

Now, as a nominally white male, I have seen firsthand how aggressive women are when they are young to attractive men (myself), how they treat unattractive men (both white and Asian) by ignoring them or shooting them down as cruelly as possible, and how ones success with women has everything to do with looks and race and very little to do with personality or income. I know for a fact that if my mother (not a looker herself) were to have married an Asian male, then I would have probably been daft enough to believe that Asian women don’t, on the whole (until they hit their late twenties), like Asian men for the magical reason that they don’t like Asian culture. But since my mother fucked a white man, I look like a white man, I have two legitimate cultures, and yet I still receive attention from women despite being clearly insane and an asshole, that culture has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The story itself is really as old as time itself; it’s got nothing to do with culture. It has everything to do with genes. Asian men, assuming they have mothers to tell them to just “be a nice guy,” and things will fall in place (magically around 30 years old), legitimately believe that being a nice guy is what ultimately matters. Meanwhile, Asian women are going around fucking and sucking more white men than these guys who even think was possible; and of course this happens behind Asian men’s backs while they assume their culture is somehow at fault, rather than their appearance. Because my mother is dead, I had absolutely nobody to tell me to be a nice guy, and found playing up my looks and my white face to be far more effective in getting respect from women.

A Mother to her Eurasian Son

Mom: “Become successful! You’re a Eurasian angel, so it’ll be easy!”

Son: “Why? When you were young there were thousands of Asian boys studying to be successful while you were sucking Brent’s cock in the stacks!”

Mom: “Learn about your Asian culture!”

Son: “Why? You don’t give a fuck about Asian culture and only push me to do so because it’s now dawning on you that fucking dad had real consequences on your half gook son who just don’t look white. Maybe if I’m lucky I can play the zither and they’ll feel sorry enough for my mixed ass that I can go to Middlebury!

Mom: “Just be yourself and be a nice guy you’ll find a girl!”

Son: “Because you loved nice guys. As long as they weren’t Asian.”

Mom: “Go back to Asia, girls will love you there!”

Son: “Why? So I can shit all over the men there, just like you did? Because I’m still a gook in America, and would only be able to find a girlfriend as desperate as an Asian woman? As desperate as you?”

If You’re a Hapa Male

You can really lie all you want to yourself about your mother. From what I’ve seen – they all fucking hate Asian men. You were just the natural consequence of that – hatred. Nothing more. She didn’t even give them a fucking chance – before they opened their mouths! It was all excuses: too patriarchal, too short, too whatever! Of course you’ll believe your mother’s lies – who wouldn’t?

But if you’re a Hapa who wants to face the music – who wants to ruin his own family, the very best thing you can do is be like me: a fucking complete failure – an Ivy League educated, good looking, mentally ill failure and drain on society living in a third world shithole waiting to die. If anything, I was the basket that the stork dropped, and what a great fucking basket I was – in one fell swoop I killed my own trash whore of a mother via C-section, and ruined an entire family. If only every Asian woman would suffer as she did; but alas, usually these women just find some idiot Asian dude to take them back after they fucked thirty six white cocks, and then pop out another Asian slut to continue the process. It’s like my mother did me, and the world, a huge favor.

Created two gigantic leeches and losers and avoided creating another Asian male to suffer needlessly and an Asian female to service the dregs of White society. B-b-b-b-b-b-ut, I’m supposed to have been the Eurasian future! Time Magazine wrote articles about us ten years ago! Too bad I was fucking ruined as soon as I was old enough to see that my mother and father looked nothing like me.

Thanks mom!

Detractors Say I’m Fake

After all – one person couldn’t be this fucking conflicted, this fucking crazy.

Obviously – I am. And we are. Eurasians are some of the most at risk demographic on the planet because of the sheer terror of our parentage. My life literally reads so fucking crazily that it’s almost impossible to fathom someone like me even existing; but I do. Any inconsistencies in shit I write is probably just to throw off anyone who wants to identify me or simply because I made a mistake.

Of course, keep doing what you’re doing! Keep popping out those Eurasians! Maybe you can lie to him and tell him that he’s beautiful inside even though he’s still the goddamn chink that you hated so fucking much! The thing is, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you think Eurasians are – you are still demonizing one part of him over the other. It doesn’t matter how smart, how talented, how great you think they are – you are still pitting him against himself, like he’s been upgraded with daddy’s blood! It’s impossible for so many stereotypes, so many conflicting sexual interests, so many power plays, to be condensed into a single individual and not expect him or her to be insane. You may look at a Eurasian and say, gosh, he is attractive because he has white blood; and imagine how that makes a person feel.

What’s worse is that any woman who is mentally ill enough to hate her own race, combined with a white male who is mentally ill enough to fuck and bust a nut in a crazy Asian whore, will obviously lead to some very, very, very ill children. 

So, here are some links to other Hapas who I have never met, and their blogs. It’s worth noting that the first one is the one that influenced me to even write this goddamn thing. Ideally we’re creating silent networks in order to do damage that means the most – to our own families, to our own parents, to the hatred that gave birth to us. Luckily, the damage has been done to my family and they paid the ultimate price and it is in complete and utter shambles. And no, unfortunately for my detractors, I’m non-violent and don’t have any sadistic plans. I gladly don the title crazy though.





The AW/WM is the most racist pairing in the world

Any white male who involves himself with an Asian woman that refuses to see Asian men as partners (i.e., as human beings worthy of potential love), is ALSO a racist. 

Ask a white guy what he thinks about white women that date only black men – many of them would view her as a trashy race-traitor*, (as many have confided to me, or I have overhead in my life, despite my anti-racism), so why would any decent, non-racist white male be involved with an Asian woman that hates Asian men? (I would much rather have been born Blasian, because then at least I know that my mother was, if anything, not a filthy, worthless, White supremacist).

A white man in a relationship with one enables racism, and because of this, likely harbors racist views about Asian men himself; if he was respectful of them, he would not allow a potential partner to treat them like shit UNLESS he got off on it. Whereby, any sex they have is based on dominance of the non-present Asian male, and both parties are excited by this racist power-play. They want to rub it in the Asian male’s face: as if dropping Agent Orange on Asian children, nuking an Asian country twice, and engaging in a sixty year media demonization of Asian male wasn’t enough!

To compare this to the other prevalent pairing of black men and white women – where black men “dominate” the white women, it is in actuality a more fair (though probably equally racially charged relationship) system of give and take, where the white women feels inferior to the black male’s sexuality, but superior to his moral character and intelligence (in the most racist cases I’ve seen, as American culture is ripe with this kind of bullshit about how Asians are smart but asexual, while blacks are sexual but dumb), or recognizes his sexuality as being above that expressed in the status quo of whiteness, whereas Asian men are seen as far below.

But a white male with an Asian woman is about the complete destruction and domination of the Asian male – which inevitably leads to a son who internalizes every sliver of this in his very being.

Asian women are the number one genocidal, racist, white-supremacist group of people on the planet.

How do I know that? I’m a Hapa who looks white!

Now, try explaining that to your son. Better get good at lying! There couldn’t be a fairer punishment for my whore of a mother but dying slowly and painfully, her eyes yellow, hands clammy, in extreme agony when she takes a shit, over a period of fourteen years. I never cried at her funeral, and actually have a lasting reputation fourteen years later because of this. But wait! I’m supposed to be a happy, well-adjusted Hapa!

*I don’t believe this. I am just using it as an example of the ingrained racism in our society. To be unaware of this stereotypical way of thinking is to be completely deaf to common discourse. Literally it’s all over the place.