Women Know Exactly What They Want

And it isn’t Asian men. For whatever reason, we’re not attractive.

There has been a lot of “news” popping up, or just stories that have been circulated, of Asian / Indian men who get married, at around 26-29, to Asian / Indian women (I will say Asian, for the sake of my article) that had “revelations” that suddenly culture is important to them.

After 10-12 years of exclusively having sex with white men, viscously shooting down Asian men (which I have experience), and or having requirements for tall, masculine white men, suddenly, after the women become less attractive, lose their sex drive, approach the biological deadline for children and require high income to support offspring, or because white men don’t want to have mixed-race children (after all, a lot of these white men view Asian men as inferior, so why would they want a half-Asian son?), they “turn back” to Asian men.

You have to be an idiot to believe this. Young people are very driven by their urges and hormones, so in their prime, these young women get turned on by one thing, and one thing only; and since effective birth control is only a recent invention, these encounters would have usually resulted in children. If Asian women were rejecting Asian men for “cultural” reasons, then Asian men would be picked at equal numbers by white women rejecting “white men” for cultural reasons as well. So effectively, Asian women want to fuck white men for their genes – but failing that, they rationalize it when they get old enough, and suddenly become more attentive towards “Asian men,” who conveniently have such high earning power despite being shunned by Asian women for the entire period of time that Asian women were the hottest.

In my case, my mother knew exactly what she wanted the moment she saw it; tall, red haired, hairy, and blue eyed. Sound familiar? (This is almost the universal “preference” among Asian women). She got married young, had her fun, and then had kids – who knows whether it was accidental or not. Her fantasy was fulfilled – and her children came out; one looking Asian, one looking ambiguous. Neither one blue eyed or red haired, as this was impossible. It was only then, at about 30 years old, that she realized that her “fantasy” wasn’t earning enough and then started to turn his, and our lives, into a living hell. I am the direct result of a thoughtless, carnal, savage sexual selection process that literally killed her (dying from an infection resulting from C-section, extremely common in mixed-race births).

My message to Asian men is that we will always be second pick. Of course, once these women either actually succeed in “breeding up” with a white male, or if they turn back to some naive Asian man and have kids with him, they will continue to tell their sons that women like “nice guys.” Which is a patent lie. Asian mothers have to work very, very hard to lie to their sons about this fact, but ultimately the truth becomes evident. Any reasonable, moral human being would not go out of their way to avoid another race of men or women.

Most people reject hard truths because it negates any argument for their being a purpose in life; female sexual selection is such a brutish and inarguable thing that it puts the whims of men (namely, a huge portion of unattractive men) at their mercy. Conveniently, unattractive men are unable to realize the true nature of female attraction because they never experience it. Conveniently more, because I was born with a European face, and a good looking one at that, as well as being tall, I know exactly what women are capable of.

The lie about the “sanctity” and “goodness” of women is the single biggest lie perpetrated in the history of mankind, and for good reason. It keeps society going. That’s why religion is so heavily vested in the “angelic” woman imagery; e.g., the Virgin Mary. Because if one of the most beautiful things (to man) was revealed to be evil, the very thing that gives every man his life, then existence becomes meaningless.

2 thoughts on “Women Know Exactly What They Want

  1. yeah,alot of eurasian births result in c section.because asian womena re too small to carry white babies. their pelvis is too narrow.


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