Flawed Rationale

Asian woman: I hate Asian men; Asian men are short, ugly, with small penises.

White man: I love Asian women; they throw themselves at me because I am white, and have a large penis.


Option A) Believes mother genuinely “loved” his father – despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Asian women “love” white men (or any other non-Asian man), instead of “loving” Asian men (reasons to be determined elsewhere). Mother tells him to be a “nice guy,” when in fact being a prototypical “nice guy,” respectful, kind, soft-spoken are uniformly “Asian” qualities, and he will experience the same racism spoken by his mother in the first sentence. However, he keeps firmly believing his mother’s lies.

Option B) Looks Asian, and experiences the same racism expressed by his mother in the first sentence. Realizes that his mother was one of those women who had a “preference” for white men, thus engendering large amounts of distrust and low self esteem. Also entertains the idea that his father was a possible racist (very common) and worse yet, might realize that his birth was an accident (Elliot Rodger). Also internalizes the racist , colonialist character of “white hero” impregnating his mother – thus essentially becoming a war baby. Also finds himself looking very little like his father, and has a growing resentment for a man who reminds him of his own supposed inferiority – especially since the amount of racism Hapa son receives from whites gives him the benefit of the doubt that his father was indeed, at very least, a little racist.

The latter case is a complete recipe for disaster. It all depends entirely on the ability of his mother to lie, but looking at it completely objectively in the framework of evolutionary psychology, any intelligent Hapa male will see exactly what the fuck happened.

“Oh, but honey, women just want a nice guy. As long as he’s not that nice, soft-spoken, small dicked Asian patriarchal wife-beating short yellow boy down the street!”

2 thoughts on “Flawed Rationale

  1. So I have been reading your posts lately and relate to them 100%. I’m eurasian as well. My mother asian wanted to marry a white wealthy man and have offspring. To her disappointment she had 3 daughters – not exactly “white” and my father became schizophrenic. My mothers failed dream lives on as resentment with her 3 daughters.


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