Asian Women are “Natural Partners” to White Men

I’m sure many of you have seen this video trending. An Asian American woman is caught cheating on her white husband with another white male – this time a very good looking one, as what can be seen in the dark room in which this was filmed. 

The common held belief all over the internet is that Asian women are a “better choice” than White women for relationships, simply because they don’t cheat, don’t sleep around as much, don’t sleep with black males, or because they are more moral or caring, but mostly because they default to white males. (From a white male perspective, it does seem like a good deal to be chosen by default by another group of females that have absolutely no standards other than that her partner BE WHITE).

Of course, herein lies the problem. White men quickly attack white women that date outside of their race as being whores, sluts, mentally ill, etc. But when an Asian woman does it? She’s moral, an angel, a “natural partner” to a white male.

Then something like this happens. Obviously, it’s out of the blue. Asian women were supposed to be loyal to their man, right? But to white men out there: if she is dating out of her race, and only out of her race, is she with you for your race, and what is to stop her from jumping ship to the next best white guy that comes along? I’ve seen this time, and time, and time again.

“Interracial dating is okay as long as it involves a white male.”

One thought on “Asian Women are “Natural Partners” to White Men

  1. A few years ago I saw a loser white guy on youtube complaining about how unloyal white women are for sleeping with Black guys. yet he made his chinese wife pregnant, claiming that asian women are more loyal (which is why she is dating a white guy like him).
    and on a video about asian men dating white women, his comment was “white girls are the most unloyal women to their race, you are welcome to take those nasty white girls”
    so basically what he says was he hates the white women who are the “race traitors” and sellouts, but he married the same woman who also happened to be a race traitor and sellout, the only difference is that his wife is asian and she dates a white guy. (and that is supposed to makes her loyal).
    I don’t remember the details, he might had a white ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with a black guy or another white guy, but I wasn’t sure. but i’m certain that his first choice would still be a white woman.


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