The AW/WM is the most racist pairing in the world

Any white male who involves himself with an Asian woman that refuses to see Asian men as partners (i.e., as human beings worthy of potential love), is ALSO a racist. 

Ask a white guy what he thinks about white women that date only black men – many of them would view her as a trashy race-traitor*, (as many have confided to me, or I have overhead in my life, despite my anti-racism), so why would any decent, non-racist white male be involved with an Asian woman that hates Asian men? (I would much rather have been born Blasian, because then at least I know that my mother was, if anything, not a filthy, worthless, White supremacist).

A white man in a relationship with one enables racism, and because of this, likely harbors racist views about Asian men himself; if he was respectful of them, he would not allow a potential partner to treat them like shit UNLESS he got off on it. Whereby, any sex they have is based on dominance of the non-present Asian male, and both parties are excited by this racist power-play. They want to rub it in the Asian male’s face: as if dropping Agent Orange on Asian children, nuking an Asian country twice, and engaging in a sixty year media demonization of Asian male wasn’t enough!

To compare this to the other prevalent pairing of black men and white women – where black men “dominate” the white women, it is in actuality a more fair (though probably equally racially charged relationship) system of give and take, where the white women feels inferior to the black male’s sexuality, but superior to his moral character and intelligence (in the most racist cases I’ve seen, as American culture is ripe with this kind of bullshit about how Asians are smart but asexual, while blacks are sexual but dumb), or recognizes his sexuality as being above that expressed in the status quo of whiteness, whereas Asian men are seen as far below.

But a white male with an Asian woman is about the complete destruction and domination of the Asian male – which inevitably leads to a son who internalizes every sliver of this in his very being.

Asian women are the number one genocidal, racist, white-supremacist group of people on the planet.

How do I know that? I’m a Hapa who looks white!

Now, try explaining that to your son. Better get good at lying! There couldn’t be a fairer punishment for my whore of a mother but dying slowly and painfully, her eyes yellow, hands clammy, in extreme agony when she takes a shit, over a period of fourteen years. I never cried at her funeral, and actually have a lasting reputation fourteen years later because of this. But wait! I’m supposed to be a happy, well-adjusted Hapa!

*I don’t believe this. I am just using it as an example of the ingrained racism in our society. To be unaware of this stereotypical way of thinking is to be completely deaf to common discourse. Literally it’s all over the place. 

5 thoughts on “The AW/WM is the most racist pairing in the world

  1. Are you Kidding? “Ask any white guy what he thinks about white women that date only black men – of course he would view her as trash” of course? speaking about racism.


    • That’s the point. Many of them said things to me like that in confidence, assuming I was white. I disagree with the statement. Read it in context next time.


      • Hmm, you edited what you said. Originally it said “Ask any white guy what he thinks about white women that date only black men – of course he would view her as trash” which means, in context, that it is obvious to anyone that a white woman who sleeps with a black man is debasing herself period. Not that some people think that, but that it is so. However, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that it was just a badly phrase sentence and that was not your intent. So thanks for the edit and clarification.

        I am mixed as well, more so than you, and I also share your ambivalence about women of color dating white men. However, I would like to point out that this phenomenon speaks equally of self-hatred as it does about rejecting men of your own race. Further, I understand your anger towards you mother for her choices, however that anger seems disproportionately directed at her, rather than more at your dad who equally rejects white women because he buys into both wrong stereotypes about bitchy white women and submissive Asian women.

        From age 5 to about age 30 I also wanted to die. The underbelly of being of mixed ethnicity and culture is feeling that you do not belong. On top of that I am a TCK, which just added to the sense of otherness. I was able to heal enough to move forward in my life and cope better with the feelings of displacement, I hope you too work through this and come out on the other side. At the risk of sounding trite, I will say that finding a way to forgive your parents is key.

        Lastly, I encourage you to Google the term “Culturally Homeless” it was a concept that help me frame my situation and feel less like a freak and understand what I was feeling was a natural reaction to my life and not a sign of being broken. Actually the section on Identity in the Wikipedia page about TCK has as good of an explanation as any. Here is the link:

        Best of luck

        PS. I agree that a AW/WM is one of the most problematic pairing, equally as disturbing is the BM/WW and close behind is the LW/WM…


      • Thank you for the information. Id like expose, if anything, the hypocrisy and racism of this relationship. With my statement about black men, I was using the common sentiments that I’ve come across from white guys I’ve known, inclusing my own father, who represents the racist white male who is disgusted by the white woman’s sexual freedom and chooses an Asian alternative, even though this same woman is expressing the same traits (expressed differently and in his favor).


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