Detractors Say I’m Fake

After all – one person couldn’t be this fucking conflicted, this fucking crazy.

Obviously – I am. And we are. Eurasians are some of the most at risk demographic on the planet because of the sheer terror of our parentage. My life literally reads so fucking crazily that it’s almost impossible to fathom someone like me even existing; but I do. Any inconsistencies in shit I write is probably just to throw off anyone who wants to identify me or simply because I made a mistake.

Of course, keep doing what you’re doing! Keep popping out those Eurasians! Maybe you can lie to him and tell him that he’s beautiful inside even though he’s still the goddamn chink that you hated so fucking much! The thing is, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you think Eurasians are – you are still demonizing one part of him over the other. It doesn’t matter how smart, how talented, how great you think they are – you are still pitting him against himself, like he’s been upgraded with daddy’s blood! It’s impossible for so many stereotypes, so many conflicting sexual interests, so many power plays, to be condensed into a single individual and not expect him or her to be insane. You may look at a Eurasian and say, gosh, he is attractive because he has white blood; and imagine how that makes a person feel.

What’s worse is that any woman who is mentally ill enough to hate her own race, combined with a white male who is mentally ill enough to fuck and bust a nut in a crazy Asian whore, will obviously lead to some very, very, very ill children. 

So, here are some links to other Hapas who I have never met, and their blogs. It’s worth noting that the first one is the one that influenced me to even write this goddamn thing. Ideally we’re creating silent networks in order to do damage that means the most – to our own families, to our own parents, to the hatred that gave birth to us. Luckily, the damage has been done to my family and they paid the ultimate price and it is in complete and utter shambles. And no, unfortunately for my detractors, I’m non-violent and don’t have any sadistic plans. I gladly don the title crazy though.

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