If You’re a Hapa Male

You can really lie all you want to yourself about your mother. From what I’ve seen – they all fucking hate Asian men. You were just the natural consequence of that – hatred. Nothing more. She didn’t even give them a fucking chance – before they opened their mouths! It was all excuses: too patriarchal, too short, too whatever! Of course you’ll believe your mother’s lies – who wouldn’t?

But if you’re a Hapa who wants to face the music – who wants to ruin his own family, the very best thing you can do is be like me: a fucking complete failure – an Ivy League educated, good looking, mentally ill failure and drain on society living in a third world shithole waiting to die. If anything, I was the basket that the stork dropped, and what a great fucking basket I was – in one fell swoop I killed my own trash whore of a mother via C-section, and ruined an entire family. If only every Asian woman would suffer as she did; but alas, usually these women just find some idiot Asian dude to take them back after they fucked thirty six white cocks, and then pop out another Asian slut to continue the process. It’s like my mother did me, and the world, a huge favor.

Created two gigantic leeches and losers and avoided creating another Asian male to suffer needlessly and an Asian female to service the dregs of White society. B-b-b-b-b-b-ut, I’m supposed to have been the Eurasian future! Time Magazine wrote articles about us ten years ago! Too bad I was fucking ruined as soon as I was old enough to see that my mother and father looked nothing like me.

Thanks mom!

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