The Asian Woman Is Incompatible With her Eurasian Son

“Well, when I have a son, I will teach him to embrace both sides of his heritage.”

He will, by definition and experience, learn what it is like to be an Asian male in America, an experience that neither his father nor mother even stopped to think to CARE about for even a minute when they were having their sadistic, cuckolding relationship, all the while laughing at the unattractiveness of the Asian male. His mother did not care a goddamn thing about heritage; she neither was studying Chinese poetry nor reading Dutch literature. She simply had to suck as many white cocks as she could, and eventually got knocked up by one.

Any son I have will be my son, and I will love him.”

He will also learn, through empirical experience, that his mother was one of those whores who savagely hated Asian men, savagely put down Asian men, and thought White cock was the best. Any trust or faith he has in his mother is whereby undermined. It does not matter how good looking, or how intelligent, or how white he looks – he will still live under the shadow of Asianness and be perpetually aloof from both communities, with only the vapid, shallow lies of a liberal father and a vehemently racist mother to guide him through this world. He is meant to believe that it is merely coincidental that virtually every Asian woman he sees when he leaves his house is shacked up with a white male. Isn’t that why our demographic is so fucked up?

“My son will be beautiful. If he isn’t, he can go to Korea or China, where they love halfsies.

Again, here, the Asian-hating mother tells herself that her son will be beautiful, in comparison to being an Asian male. Whereby, he is beautiful because he is not fully Asian – but less beautiful than a white male. If he is not beautiful, then again he can leech of the parasitical, lesser races (as viewed by his whore mother) and move to an Asian country, as I did (assuming that I would be accepted), whereas I am just viewed as a minority and live a quiet and lonely life waiting to die.

“I will encourage my son to be successful, because Chinese mothers are superior (as per Amy Chua).”

A Eurasian son is the afterthought of an Asian woman whose vagina was lubricated by the sight of a tall, white man. Any success he is pushed for becomes merely a natural consequence of his Asian mother becoming older, realizing that she has to deal with her Hapa offspring, and realizing that her naturally hypergamous and greedy tendencies make her into a very boisterous and pushy mother. Ivy League or bust! Of course, it doesn’t really matter, in the end, because we’re born knowing our entire existence is based on the racial hierarchies enforced by our own parents.

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