Asian Women And White Men Isn’t About Love

The lie is that love is “colorblind.”

Tell that to the Asian man living in America – the quiet, nice guy who was raised to believe that women liked respectful, hardworking guys. And then time after time he is shot down, laughed at by Asian women who “prefer white men.” Tell that to their own children – who observe the world and realize that perhaps there is a trend; perhaps what brought their parents together wasn’t love, but something else.

Asian women discount an entire ethnic group; they say they are too short, too small, too nerdy. Then they hook up with short white men, nerdy white men; anything but Asian. They discount the tall, good looking Asian men that exist. Therefore, it is not about love, but entirely about race. They desire whiteness – whatever it entails, to be associated with it, to be submitted to it, to be fucked by it.

It is an expression of power. We all do it. We’re all so fucking arrogant that we think that we’re entitled to our choices – but we don’t consider, not even for a fucking minute, what it will do to our children. The Asian male may justify, and rationalize it, by saying, oh, it must be about culture. The Asian woman will justify it by pointing out that Asian men are the world’s most patriarchal boogiemen, while ignoring the fact that white men have exterminated, like rats, hundreds of millions of people. 

The Hapa will acknowledge it for what it is: our mothers were fucking no-good rotten WHORES.

But why aren’t these women happy? They know, deep down, that they can never be white. That’s the thing – that’s the cut of it. It cuts them deeply. That’s why these couples never look happy; there is the divide, the knowing reason that what they’re doing is because of something, not for love.

Because they hate Asian men, or aren’t attracted to Asian men, or because White people / culture is better, more attractive; because Asian women will submit to them where the white woman won’t; because white women are too liberated, or won’t pay attention to a white male.

But they know – deep down – that the children, the HAPA, will NEVER be white – not by any immediate definition; if anything, he will be a close approximation, an imitation, like me, someone who can pass but will always be on guard against something he can never understand or be accepted into (for whatever reason). And this bites them, and cuts to the bone. So when the child is born, they rationalize it.

The because becomes a lie that they feed to their child, the child who lives on both sides, who sees things objectively as someone who cannot possibly be as racist as their parents – as someone who avoids both the privilege of being a white male AND the privilege of being an Asian female. He realize his parents were fucking despicable.

7 thoughts on “Asian Women And White Men Isn’t About Love

  1. what a joke.asian men the most patriarchal?White and Arab men are the most patriarchal and created entire slave races in the americas and caliph colonies.

    wiped out whole civilizations and produced half breed spawn .

    From Timor to Haiti.

    read up about anacaona the haitian queen and what the europeans did to her.


    • Anacaona became chief of Xaragua after her brother’s death. Her husband Caonabo, suspected of having organized the attack on La Navidad (a Spanish settlement on northern Hispaniola), was captured by Alonso de Ojeda and shipped to Spain, dying in a shipwreck during the journey – as many other Taino leaders died on Spanish ships away from their native lands. The Taínos, being ill-treated by the conquerors, revolted and made a long war against them.

      During a feast organized by 84 regional chieftains to honor Anacaona, who was friendly to the Spaniards, the Spanish Governor Nicolás de Ovando ordered the meeting house to be set on fire to burn them alive. Similar to what centuries later occurred to Rigoberta Manchu’s family in Guatemala. Cacica Anacaona and her Taíno noblemen were arrested — all accused of conspiracy for resisting occupation and executed.

      Prior to her execution, Anacaona was offered clemency if she would give herself as concubine to one of the Spaniards which was common in the era. Standing with her fellow Tainos in solidarity, the Caribbean indigenous female leader (cacica) chose execution over colluding with her Spanish enemy. Her refusal cementing her legend. In contrast with Aztec La Malinche who became mistress of Spanish Conqueror Hernan Cortes or Native American Pocahontas who married John Rolfe, Anacaona remained rebellious and independent until her violent public death.

      Because Anacaona refused the sexual offer of the Spanish intruders while others were shot, Anacaona was executed by hanging. She was only 29 years old.


  2. Whores are decent and upright human beings who perform the valuable work of sexually servicing random men, including those who are involuntarily single. It is wrong of you to insult them by comparing them to your mother.

    It is a big problem that in today’s Western societies, particulary the US, men are being shamed for satisfying their natural sexual desires by purchasing sexual services. They are therefore dependent on the whims of women and susceptible to blackmail. It is for this reason that so many men have a scarcity mentality and feel forced to marry which causes so many dysfunctional families like yours.

    Men are brainwashed to believe that they need a spouse to be happy but this is not true.


    • This is a throwback to the ascent of modern-society. I think that we are seeing a decline now, and that decline is putting us closer to the true animalistic nature of humanity. Open racism, scrapping for power, and the strongest man gets the spoils, which includes women.

      When it all does crumble, and you have guys running around like Genghis Khan, I doubt that the population will be able to sustain itself. The spouse and the nuclear family worked best for “modern urban society”, but with the decline of this society, the need for a spouse is indeed diminishing. Why take the cow when you can have milk?


      • If only that would happen in my lifetime. I’d just sip my coffee and literally not care as bullets are flying. I think the Eurasian is kind of on the cusp of being the intersection of virtually everything modern and shitty about our fucking world. Feminism, racism, hypergamy, white male desperation, globalism, the collapse of the west, exogamy, media indoctrination; there is literally anything positive about it.

        Thanks for reading though, I appreciate it. At least someone is listening


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