On “Preferences”

I am, as a half-Asian man, supposed to accept that my mother had “preferences.”

I am, as a half-Asian man, to accept that despite everything, our personality does not matter – she absolutely NEEDED a tall, redheaded, blue eyed man in order to fulfill her desires.

Meanwhile, I was also taught that I should look for the qualities of goodness, kindness, honesty, and virtue in girls, rather than their race.

However, it is also okay for my OWN MOTHER and MILLIONS OF ASIAN WOMEN to have “preferences.”

Whereby any personal qualities found in an Asian male are completely ignored immediately – whereby I am also taught by reality (not by lies) that passing myself of as a white man is more valuable than being a decent and honest and kind mixed race man proud of my heritage!

I am supposed to accept with a smile that millions of men live, as I do, on the verge of suicide, feeling unwanted because of something they had no control over – something that I came very close yet avoided because of genetic luck; but I’m supposed to accept it, and accept that my mother worked in tandem with this.

Thanks mom and dad!

One thought on “On “Preferences”

  1. You’re attacking the wrong problem. Many asian men get married with european american women. The problem of your’s is your confidence. Talk to women, it’s no problem, its only plesant.


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