The Asian Woman is the Last Remaining Bastion of White Supremacy

Everywhere you go, particularly if you read online, you will come across complaints from white men how they are not tolerated in the west and have lost their god-given privilege. Whether or not this may or may not be true, it is still commonly accepted even among the less radical white males that Asia and Asian women act as a default to white males.

Where white women see nothing but an average, disenfranchised white male, an Asian woman happily leaps into his arms as a way to define herself against her peers or as a way to elevate her status, or even as a way to enact revenge against a culture she things has wronged her. The reasons are difficult and numerous to grasp, but when I do see a loud mouthed, aggressive, and rude Asian woman who feels entitled to the world, she oftentimes seems to throw herself at white men; usually these women are ugly or disgustingly slutty and many often times wind up married to a clueless white fool or unmarried in their thirties and angrier by the minute. I know several coworkers and family members like this. They had experienced casual sex from crass white men and despite being older, they are unable to either stoop so low as to marry an Asian male or to marry a “nice” white guy, if at all. If anything it would be better if these women did not have any children at all, as the Eurasian son would suffer even more.

It is clear that white men are also aware of the dynamic of white women pairing with black men. Therefore the commentary that asian women are preferable because they don’t sleep with black men is also very common. Whereby the Eurasian becomes the polar alternative of the mulatto, like Obama, born to the white male savior, married to an Asian woman looking to escape from Asian male, backwards patriarchy. When it is found out that an asian woman prefers black men, this is often met with outrage from white men.

7 thoughts on “The Asian Woman is the Last Remaining Bastion of White Supremacy

  1. You’re right that a lot of White guys get pissed when a Black man has success with Asian women, and I agree with many of your observations here given my experiences and observations (especially those online), but to say that Asian women are the last bastion of White supremacy is dead wrong.


    • Hey, good to see you here. Why do you think that it’s a false statement? Out of curiosity. A lot of white nationalists, and guys who feel an unconscious inferiority complex to black men turn to Asian women as a guarantee when white women either ignore them or shoot them down.


      • White supremacy exists in Latin America, and even in the Black community. Whites have media and financial power globally. Asian men often cowtow to White guys in their own countries (and turn with hostility on Black men that may have some sexual success with Asian women). So, Asian women are not the last bastion of White Supremacy. You are right that a lot of WNs turn to Asian women when they cannot get quality White women, just like White women turn to Black men when they cannot get quality White men, and Black men, in a way, are to fat, ugly White girls as Asian women are to lower-tier White guys (that is not to say that all of these pairings have a low-tier partner, based on my observations, but the phenomenon must be noted). I have also noticed that a lot of White guys are pissed to see Black men in Asia, and get even angrier when Black men “encroach upon their territory” of Asian women than they do when Black men date White chicks (maybe the aforementioned phenomenon is part of the reason why).


  2. Have you considered the idea that none of this is about race? have you actually talked to women about any of the things you write about?


  3. I disagree with you on this one. How much of the world’s population is Asian? I’d bet that the majority of the world’s population is Asian, when you include the people of the Indian Subcontinent, parts of Russia, Mongolia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. Based on sheer numbers, they greatly outnumber Europeans and “White” people. So there is no way that Asian women can be the “last Bastion of white supremacy” as you put it. A true white nationalist would not marry an Asian woman, that goes against the whole creed for them. If Asian women did start marrying white men in droves, there wouldn’t be enough white men to make an impact on the Asian population genetically (in the longrun), they would just be absolved into the Asian population and dissappear. This is exactly what White Nationalists are afraid of. Although I don’t think it will ever happen. There is no way that the Asian male will be genocided, because there are simply too many Asians for that to happen. And in the grand scheme of things, there will always be “White” people too. Look at the population of most Asian countries. They are very ethnically homogenous, which means that the majority of Asian women are still marrying Asian men.

    In my town, the majority of Asians marry Asians. I live in a small town that is solidly middle class. Most people, be they Asian, White, Black or Latino, aren’t trying to one-up their race when they marry another race, because they aren’t thinking of matarialism or status when they get married. I think that is what colored your worldview. You grew up in New York City in a wealthy family, so you were exposed to vastly different motivations than I was, growing up. I would say it was the environment itself, rather than Asian women or White men. Most of the people married to someone of another race in my town, just live in very modest homes and have regular middle-class jobs. They aren’t married because of greed or to improve their status, but because they love each other.

    There will always be people that marry because of what they can gain from it, not out of love. People who marry of the same race will sometimes do this for money; however, it can be based on race and other shady ulterior motives having to do with race. That’s too bad. It’s more of a character flaw than anything else.


    • Jealous of what? You’re ignoring the facts for straw man arguments and assumptions about my character but haven’t answered a single question I posed on this website, instead following me like a puppy and posting inane arguments. Tell me – how is a child supposed to be mentally healthy when the parents relationship is racist and based on white supremacy and the superiority (physical and social) of the white male?


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