Asian Men Should Refuse to Have Children

By bringing an Asian woman into this world, you are essentially bringing a toy into the world for white men to fuck, without consequence, and to humiliate millions of Asian men whose only crime was being born Asian. To bring a child into this world, especially a girl, should be a crime, as no matter how well you treat them, you are enabling a white power structure.

The Eurasian is actually a good thing, in this regard. The Eurasian boy either becomes completely insane, or becomes popular with a subset of white women. The Eurasian female becomes a toy for white men, but the girl neither represents the Asian womb, so it is less offensive to the Asian male who is being genocided.

I am actually considering not having children so as to deny an Asian female’s existence into this world, simply so I will not have to be humiliated by having her serve as a sex-toy for white bad boys or otherwise degenerate, racist thugs.

2 thoughts on “Asian Men Should Refuse to Have Children

  1. You’re only saying why Asians shouldn’t have daughters, and only Asians in white majority countries. Asian identity traditionally follows the male line (the unique Sinic style surnames), which is, incidentally, why Eurasians like you are not Asians.

    So have all the daughters you want. You’re not one of us and never will be, you halfbreed freak.


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