Asian Women are Lackeys for Nazis

You could invade Poland again with the amount of Asian women that quite literally worship white men, or go into bed with men that harbor racist views. Let’s face it: even the most liberal whites are oftentimes extremely racist. That includes the lanky, glasses wearing hipster with his Asian girlfriend; the motherfucker knows exactly what’s going on when his Oriental girl slurps his dick like a high teen at an apple bobbing contest at an Arizona county fair – he’s a white man, just like me.

Some quotes from white nationalist / racist white dudes (i.e., a fuckload of them, let’s face it), who get off on wanting to fuck Asian women as an alternative. Frankly, whatever their racist opinions, I don’t hate white men – but let’s expose this dynamic bit by bit to show this interesting cross-section of the WM / AW “phenomenon.” I’ll come back to this post bit by bit to copy and paste whatever I find that hints to this opinion, when I do find it – ranging from simple male-oriented websites to flat out racist, Nazi websites. If you think I made these up, simply do a google search and they will pop up assuming they are not deleted.

Basically, I hate the niggers and the pakis that have infested my country in the UK. But I like East Asian girls. Chinese, Thai, Japanese etc. Their pussies are really tight and they treat guys well, waaaaay better than the average white girl who is a stuckup cow.

How can anyone hate East Asian chicks? Seriously, they’re awesome. Can’t we just say that they’re OK but the nigs and the sand nigs need to be got rid of?

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