America’s Culture of Hatred

I have nothing against white males. In fact I admire them quite a bit, and at a time in my life I actually did try, successfully, to pass as white, just for convenience and because I went through a phase, but I didn’t really look down on other races.

America is a culture of hated. In China or Asia, only a minority of Asian women hate Asian men; women involved with white men are looked down on. Moreover there are instances of black and white women actively seeking Chinese men. This shows that power structures sway women’s dating habits. I won’t go into details but it essentially proves that AW/WW is very much about the hated of Asian men as it is about latching onto the perceived source of masculine power In the West, the white male, which is true. Conversely as power switched to showing black males as dominating physically and even politically with Obama we see a large number of white women and black men.

1) Feminism encourages women to hate the average guy of their own ethnicity. Hence we see complaints from black men about the demands of black women, white men about white women, etc.

2) Women will have insane standards for men within their own race rather than choosing a reliable guy, and instead have virtually no standards for a man outside of it. This is exogamy.

3) American culture creates a habitat of racial hierarchies and reinforces sexual stereotypes that women buy into. Asian women, being opportunist and amoral, also adamantly support these stereotypes.

4) America demonizes white males which causes them to look outward for mates, relying on the status of being white to secure pussy while relying on the innate feminist hatred of other races.

5) America demonizes men, which causes women to visualize patriarchal abuses from men of their own ethnicity while ignoring the patriarchal abuses of other men, which they interpret as being bad ass, of masculine strengths, whereas to humiliate men of their own race.

6) Since this sexual selection almost becomes arbitrary, with the top, most attractive men being completely immune from it (I was immune and part of the reason I saw whatever the fuck I want is because I grew up knowing I could get away with it because I’m “hawt”), with guys like Idris Elba, Hu Bing, Oriole Elcacho, all being immune from feminist antagonism, we have as a result the creation of a large amount of mixed race bastards born from parents with nothing in common but a father’s desperation and a mother’s desire to fuck someone of another race, regardless of his personality. In an ideal world people would commit to each other based on the reliability and character of the parents, but sadly this is no longer the case.

7) On the plus side, due to the fickle and irrational nature of female sexual selection, the supposedly demonic patriarchal Asian male (who sometimes committed the crime of not looking like a male model and is too short) becomes attractive for a feminist white woman, with Lorde being a good example. I would be lying if I said that because this does work to the advantage of asian males and my future son, that I do not actually like it, showing that men will always approve of whatever brings them access to companionship and sex, regardless of how damaging it is to another group.

3 thoughts on “America’s Culture of Hatred

  1. All these ravages of Feminism by the Global Corporate Elites Oligarchic/Neoliberal Luciferians Zionists usurpers Ashkenazi Talmudist Khazars ‘Jews’ (from Cain to Khazaria; the Serpent Bloodline), the Satanic Illuminati Bloodlines, connected to Masons of 33rd degree with other Secret Societies..
    They have brainwashed a lot of people with their servitors & prostitutes in Politics, the Mass Media, at school ect. to divide and conquer. They Run the Main Stream Media, Government, Wars, Financial Business, Banks, Pharmaceutical Companies, the Musical & Film Industry ect. All these bellicose Elites with Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Tavistock Institute etc. Sects in the old castles & mansions Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucians, Knights of Templar, Knights of Columbus, Bohemian Grove who worship Moloch, the Jesuits who are invades by limbs of Satan in Vatican etc. are connect together to enslave the whole Earth, establish their New World Order. All these bellicose Elites with Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Tavistock Institute etc. Sects in the old castles & mansions Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucians, Knights of Templar, Knights of Columbus, Bohemian Grove who worship Moloch, the Jesuits who are invades by limbs of Satan in Vatican etc. are connect together to enslave the whole Earth, establish their New World Order.

    The majority of the population, are too much fascinated and hypnotized by all the stupid reality shows, on the idolatry of insignificant Celebrities & Popstars, also by Sports, the latest technologies etc. These entertainments daze and distract people from the real problems going on, mind control to prevent less blind sheeple rebel or start the revolution, similar like when the Romans entertained the people with the gladiatorial fights, In the meantime, they create a precarious economy for the people tight their belts with their Austerity measures like excuse, hunt the unemployed to enslave the middle class to the profit of small Elites Oligarchic Capitalists Internationalists Luciferians who plunder the money of the workers, people lose their houses by the balance of multinationals corporations & millionaire who continue to enrich themselves to the detriment of the most destitute.
    They support drone strikes, push their agenda & wars, false flag to scare people & to stricter gun control laws, don’t close Guantanamo full of scapegoats & innocents, pass heretic laws (same-sex marriage which leads adoption of children in Third World Countries, Assisted reproductive technology; commodification of the women & child to the benefit of the pedophiles & pedophile networks).
    Destroy the Constitution, the moral values like (gender theory, pro-abortion & pro-choice education project which feed the disregard for life). Lie constantly to the people with mass media, propagagate wars, overthrown Sovereign governments, create & feed tensions between races, militarization of the police, plunder the natural ressources, give toxic vaccins, poison some food, support kidnapping rings for Pedophile/Satanic networks, defame, ruin or incarcerate & murder the dissidents…

    The clash of cultures between Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Natives, Asians ect. in America, rise them them against each other, same in Western Europe, the clash of civilization between Europeans, Arabs and Africans, the Union European which aims to destruct the Nations & identities of Peoples, they have open Europe’s borders to a massive immigration of Africans & Muslims to annoy natives Europeans (Divide and rule).
    They push to the Ethno-religious war between ‘Christians’ (European Nationalists) and Muslims. The Elites want more and more bastards (mixed-race or multiracial) to better control them, that’s why they promote the multiculturalism as much as possible, as a result the humans are more and more acculturated in favor of a culture standardized, generalized, globalised; the New World Order.
    There’s nothing wrong when two persons of different races truly fall in love and reproduce but when it become a propaganda of promote mixing like a model or a ideology of progressive modernity, it’s unhealthy, devious and for accomplish a plan more machiavellian & macabre that the most of people don’t realize the danger and the repercussions in the long term.
    But it seem that their propaganda not working as well as before, this year British people protest refusing to miscegenate and destroy their genetic heritage despite deluge of Race-Mixing Propaganda. More and more Nationalist Groups also emerged in Europe [France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Poland, Russia..].
    The Zionists promote race mixing propaganda (commercials, political speeches, movies, porn ect.) to all races & ethnic-groups in all Western Societies to kill their affiliation to their own people, weaken their solidarity to their own race, divide the people for they are less unified in case of rebellion, these evil minds don’t want see strong white homogeneous nationalist group unified or any other race or ethnic group united, it’s not because you are a nationalist that you are a racist or a nazi, it’s because you’re a patriot for your people & nation, you love your race and for the respect for your ancestors and the future generations.

    They want mixed the European men because they are afraid of the manliness of the Viking, Gaul, Slav, Latin men. Now the modern men is civilised but before it was another story. These paranoid liars see fascists everywhere. In Israel its forbidden to marry a goy, Doublespeak. They have a ton of associations who protest against the mix & marriages with arabs and others ethnic groups and during this time they encourage the mix everywere in the ”White” Countries…
    They don’t have civil unions for everyone, for the mixed marriages the majority of citizens go to Cyprus where there get married in front of a Laic Mayor, their child don’t be bastard too the eyes of the law, but to the eyes of religious law these wedding are invalid or null and void. Hypocrites.
    Some good Orthodox Jews denounce Zionism & Talmudism loudly and clearly, in Israel, there are even some families of good Jews who are recluse in seamy districts who not recognizes the state of Israel, they don’t even have their card of citizen.
    It’s the the Zionists Ashkenazi Talmudist Khazars ‘Jews’ (from Cain to Khazaria; the Serpent Bloodline), these sowers of discord love the Talmud which is a derived-form of ‘Judaism’ forged, modified and created by the Pharisees who have condemned Jesus Christ to the Romans, the Talmud is a Satanic Bible based on the ideology of a illegitimate evil Supremacy with a immunity for kill the Goyim. Their goal is to dominate and conquer the non Jewish ‘Goyim’ (who, according to the Talmud, are less than cattle) at all cost the verses are demonic and brainwash, corrupt many Zionists Jews. The worst of them have been persecuted during all the Middle Ages by Christians because of their evil acts for the demonic Talmud and Kaballah black magic (ritual child murders, necromancy with expropriation of Christian villages etc.) until the end of the World War 2. They have breed & taught evilness since hundreds of years and instigate racial conflicts to Divide-and-Conquer, this synagogue of Satan have rushed peoples to War for their evil plans, more people killing each other more they are satisfied.

    Feminism is just another tool of the manipulative Jews to degenerate and destroy the White, Hispanic, Black Christian family structure and in demonize other patriarchal model (of Middle-East, Africa and Asia like you do reference). They despise the non-Jews especially black people, they want soften black men, broken families, the abandon of women & children ect. Since the 70s, the Patriarcal Society of Western World is in decline and more and more feminised because of the Feminist Propaganda by these Elites aimed at emasculate as many men as possible by using die-hard feminists to bashing the men on the chauvinist/macho attitudes or manly/virile behaviors ect. the result of this, more men feminized, docile or homo, just look all the metrosexual. Also like always to divide & rule (young vs old, women vs men, black vs white, muslim vs christian ect.).
    These Neoliberal Globalist Capitalist Masonic Elites Luciferians deeply Anti-Christians push their Gay Agenda with the homosexual propaganda by their useful idiots Democrats, Feminists ect. to corrupt the youngs, limit the reproduction, destroy families, banalize these practice on the public sphere, propagate the decadence in Society & reverse the moral values, which also allows the total liberation of barriers to the commodification of Big Capital.
    While that some school & soft adults are doing some child future faggots with their gender theory, Muslims Jihadists reinforce child soldiers to make future warriors. So they preach Feminism, Homosexuality and Race Mixing, promote it through mainstream Jew owned media, force it down the throats of the youth, and then cry “Holocaust”! Antisemitism! like a weapon to act like they want in all impunity anytime someone tries to fault their malicious behavior. Because of their manipulations and a long work of propaganda in favor of a supposed culpability of European peoples against other peoples, Etho-masochism exist in some Whites, Sylf-hatred exist also in some Blacks & Asians but for have been the ones oppressed.
    They have so much brainwashed people that many people think that the Europeans are the only ones who are responsible for all genocides, colonisations, wars ect. The humanity history don’t exist since only 600 years. In addition it was a small percentage responsible, the conquerors were the perpetrators but it was in favor of the Imperial Occult Elites in the top of the pyramid who dictated and prepared all these depopulations.. the paesants, workers, the public and the Middle Class are for nothing. In school they teach children only the slavery of blacks by whites and the large majority of slave traders were Jews & Jews converted to Christianism, perpetrators of the African Slavery in the Transatlantic Trade, they owned the shipping companies and were responsible for the slaves auctions, they don’t talk about the Arab Muslim Slave Trade, Oriental Slave Trade, Intra-African Trade or the White Slavery (mainly pagans of Slavic Countries, but also people of Southern Europe) by the Ottomans and Barbary Pirates. They laugh when the blacks who are ill-informed are still blame whites for everything.

    The true feminists are hypocrites or simply dump and manipulated.
    Feminism is a scam, since the emancipation of women, there’s more women who act like men and more effeminate men, all this degeneration and decadence is the cause of the Internationalist; the owner of banks, in this case the Foundation Rockefeller, they have financed this movement, contributed, push and manipulate the women, who will create some Feminist movements, (mainly women from upper middle class) with the speech men women equality, for train and convince women to get out of the house and go work like men. But behind that ‘noble’ fight, the fact was to tax this new half of the population, more consumers = more money for these Globalists, Freemasons, Luciferians etc. while dissolve the family unit in reducing the maximum the parental influence. The other reason was, given that they have more women in the workplace, the children was send to school more younger, to influence and indoctrinate their way of thinking, the neglected kids of both parents who working a lot, some too much, will see the state as their ‘family’, the school as the officials like their families just like the phenomenon of teens join Gangs.
    Since, many broken families and the reversal of moral & fundamental values. If we ask to the young mothers if they would like to stop working to stay home to take care and raise their child, the majority respond yes, but in the capitalist system and the world of consumption, the majority of families need two salary for live decently. The objective of the feminist claims were manipulated at the expend of women who now find themselves to the service of the commodity society, wage labour & Capitalism. We passed the right to work of women to the obligation of women to work for the families can live honorably putting aside the education of children.

    All the Stupid feminists pro-abortion and their pro-choice education project feed the disregard for life. Women who get raped and have abortions, it’s understandable, but the irresponsable sexually active young women who get an abortion four, five times should be ashamed, it’s Immoral. Some sexually active young women get an abortion four, five times, don’t want to take the pill because they don’t want gain weight and of course all the guys who don’t want to wear condoms.
    The Oligarchic Elites are satisfied with all these abortions, it’s just another way to population control. The brainwashed superficials materialistic overconfident women of modern Western societies, doing top-model face every minute who think they can do anything and all they want. The feminists want all the benefits of men but without the responsabilities.
    Today in the Western World too much Manginas think they should all treat women like if they are all princess, but not all women deserve this treatment, when a female act like a fucking degenerate slut, you treat her like the bitch she is. The propaganda of feminazi of today teach that we should respect even women dress like whores. After they wonder why there so many rapes. A woman can hit, harass, yell all the insults to a man, a woman who hit a man benefit by the fact that men have no right to hit women, if the man does not hit back, it’s because he’s don’t want charges, too nice, weak-willed or a brainwashed mangina emasculated. We all know when it’s a man who do this it’s jail automatically. Not counting the divorces where the huge majority of men lose everything ect. The hardcore feminists don’t want equality, they try to emasculate men, they hate us, envious, frustrated that the nature their gave the role of give birth. These embittered bitches need to get fucked; to get laid, they are too much bitter, resentful, and selfish. Fortunately, there’s still real women, sweet gentle and feminine who know their place and their role to accomplish on this Earth.


    • F off, like seriously, you just threw here a lot of shit (do you even know what Zionism is?; masons, neoliberals, gay ‘AGENDA’, feminists — bit paranoid?)
      and your ‘true’ last comment, all I can say “When and where are you burning yourself, so I can come and see it, and I hope you haven’t reproduced?”

      seriously “real women, sweet gentle and feminine”, no true Scotsman fallacy, much?

      “weak-willed or a brainwashed mangina emasculated” a mangina, who’s EMASCULATED, sure, how ORIGINAL!!! lets insult man by equating him to vagina (although, I guess, you’re referring here to vulva, rather than to actual vagina) a.k.a. being a woman;

      “fucking degenerate slut”, “feminazi”, “whores” — such nice choices of words;

      Go back to your MRM/MRAs caves and ROTTEN there, please ( — you see, I even said “please”, how ‘gentle’ and ‘feminine’ of me)

      good bye, F’ing off and dying
      not entirely white, 1/4 european-vietnamese woman;


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