The Unseen Poison of Interracial Relationships

It seems that a lot – no all, but a lot of white guys, when confronted with the topic of Asian women and white men, then really start to explode and go off about the inferiority of Asian men, how Asian men are patriarchal, small, ugly, etc.

These same men, when confronted with a white woman that prefers non-white men (particularly black men), becomes enraged and saying that the woman wants money, or is trash, or mentally ill.

Meanwhile, an Asian woman that deliberately seeks out members of an opposite race is merely fulfilling her desire for the white man, which racists in America, even the liberal ones, think is justifiable simply because they firmly believe in white supremacy. Any fault in Asian and / or black culture is largely because of the genetic inferiority of non-whites, while any fault in white culture is a fluke, or only cultural.

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