Asian Women (like the ones in my family) are Horrible Hypocrites

When I went back to the US last year and I was with my wife carrying heavy luggage to our hotel in Chinatown, where I grew up, a young Chinese man stopped my wife and asked if he could help her carry her suitcase down from the train station. I was too far ahead but noticed this, and tried to hide that I was with her because I didn’t want him to be jealous. She is a sweet looking woman who harbors zero racial intolerance and has objected when I tested her in the past by calling Asian men undesirable.

When I married my wife I married her as someone who identified strongly as Chinese (since people always tried to peg my ethnicity as being some kind of off white, and I definitely was not a WASP and felt distant from white culture and it’s superficialities) but now I realize that when people, especially Asian people, look at me, they see in my blood an Asian woman giving herself to a white man, birthing me. They look at me and my wife like I am a conquerer.

Asian women say that Asian men are controlling and patriarchal. How is that possible? The same women who say this never even had an experience with Asian men because they shoot them down before these men open their mouths, just based on their appearance. How the FUCK can I live with this? The Eurasian men that live with this either can’t possibly fathom that their mother was sadistic and racist and white worshipping – how could ANYONE fathom this about their own mother? To do so would be to deny their own existence. But I do.

White men are the ones who come to Asia, screaming and shouting about how all Asian women throw themselves at them, and how easy Asian pussy is just for being white. They feel ENTITLED to Asian women because they KNOW Asian women will fuck them just for being white. They feel entitled to everything, and when white women won’t give it to them, Asian women will.

And Asian men are the evil ones?


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