Asian Women Directly Support White Patriarchy and White Supremacy

Who is the number one dissident when it comes to white patriarchy? White women – they realize that the true extent of white supremacy is endless, and that white privilege is a tangible thing against which they wish to fight. Most of the liberal movements and anti-racist movements in the US were supported and even spearheaded by white women. They realize that white men pretty much receive everything easily by virtue of being white; that white men are and feel entitled to everything, from money, to status, to sex, by virtue of being white. White women are much more open to the concept of diluting the white race to remove lingering traces of white supremacy – and white men hate this.

White men, knowing that white women feel this way, turn to Asian women, who support white patriarchy by giving their vaginas to white males for no other reason than that the white man is white.

8 thoughts on “Asian Women Directly Support White Patriarchy and White Supremacy

  1. I find this article to be so true. I know a young Asian woman who is married to a white guy he’s basically a passive racist. He jokes/blows off every black issue and makes really questionably racially insensitive comments about blacks but leaves it up to her to rant and rave angrily and unsolicited about black people. However, she secretly expresses that her own parents received a lot of the same racism from whites that many blacks face. Yet in order to feel as though she’s an equally accepted part of white society she just goes alone with the “everything about black people is negative narrative, and always makes a point to say she never wanted an Asian or Black man” She talks as thought black stereotypes are all true without question and get’s offended when she’s corrected. Its sad she constantly looks down on others and doesn’t even get that she offends her black friends. We always say she will be quickly reminded by her husband and his white southern family the minute she crosses them that she’s an “other” to them as well. Just recently they let her know. Its really sad.


      • Its so sad but true and they have boys. I often wondered how she viewed her sons and how they would view themselves as they grew up. I try to be the voice of sanity and reason and try to educate her, i’ll keep trying.


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