Asian Women Don’t Belong to Anyone… Except White Men

And white men know this. White men know for a fact that it’s easy for them to get an Asian woman.

Of course, Asian women claim Asian men are controlling and harass them for dating white men; Asian men are offended. They claim that they don’t owe Asian men anything. They certainly seem to owe white men everything! The same white men that bully Asian men! Why is it always white men? And tall ones? Not black men or Indian men? Answer the question.

Well, after all, you are conveniently reinforcing the stereotypes that Asian men are the least desirable, while every other race sticks to their own, 50% of Asian women “prefer” white men; would you not be offended?

3 thoughts on “Asian Women Don’t Belong to Anyone… Except White Men

  1. Well, could not help commenting your blog once more, as you are not quite right with your assumptions, that Eurasian men are complete shit. That is not just true. I can not speak on behalf of Asian women, maybe they praise white men, as well as many Asian men praise white women, at least I’ve heard that the white features are the ideal of beauty in China and other places in East-Asia. But I can talk on my own behalf. I’m a white female and I find most of the Eurasian males more attractive than pure white or Asian males. Most of the ones I’ve come across are handsome, aside from a few exceptions. Then again most of the fully Asian males are not that handsome, aside from few exception. And finally,
    thinking about white men, about 50% of them are handsome and 50% are not. Sounds great, doesn’t it, for an Eurasian male? Well, I do not know if I’m the only female who feels like this, but I doubt most of the other (white) women find someone being Eurasian such a big turn-off. It’s more like the attitude of these Eurasian males that’s the turn-off, that they think they are not attractive or handsome, and lack confidence as men.

    I’m off now, and I sincerely wish you won’t commit suicide you are talking about. But that you are actually talking about it metaphorically only.


    • It doesn’t matter how attractive they are; Eurasians are a deliberate attempt to remove one gene from the gene pool and upgrade into another. An intelligent Eurasian knows that he is and will always be considered an upgrade by none other than his own mother and father, rather than being viewed as a human being.

      Try living your life being told “you’re attractive for an Asian,” having people examine your features relative to whites and Asians, and recognizing you as “obviously being the result of an Asian woman and a white man.”

      Then there are the societal expectations that Hapas are some kind of superior genetic ubermench, combine that with the horrible views and selfishness and racism of our parents – most Hapas wind up dead in a ditch or acting out in horrible ways. The ones that don’t are either good looking enough to not give a shit, or firmly believe their parent’s lies.

      For every good looking Hapa there are as many if not more ugly or average ones. Think about how they feel being the result of this horrible, deceitful racist relationship.


      • I agree that WM/AF relationships are mostly racist in their nature, or at least based on wrong values, like the male part wanting to have a submissive, “easy” companion. It is true, what your say, that “For every good looking Hapa there are as many if not more ugly or average ones”, but that is something that applies to everyone, also the whites. There’s nothing that different in the so called Hapas, compared to other groups like whites or Asians. It’s just part of the (American) population, mostly WM/AF couples, or white males with inferiority complex, who are trying to claim Asians or Eurasians are somehow inferior. It’s nothing but an easy way for many white males, to upgrade themselves by degrading men of other ethnic groups. And as that is the case, their opinion does not count, not in the sense it should be taken personally or allowed to affect someone’s self esteem. These white men are pure losers, nothing else.

        And things are changing quite a bit, and will be changing. It’s not the whites anymore, who are the ruling “race” in this world, or at least they won’t be that for long. Already now the emphasis of well being and technological advancement is shifting from Europe and USA to the East and South. Along with this, it will be happening soon, that people from these areas will be considered the ideal fo beauty, instead of the whites.


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