AW/WM is an ILLEGITIMATE relationship


Hey you, Hapa. Reading this. You feel happy? You feel comfortable being a person of color? Guess what. Your mother, your own mother, laughed and turned down nice Asian men for a white man. No amount of money or kindness could make an Asian man attractive to her. She deliberately sought to exterminate you. YOU.

Now try to look at your mother the same way. I don’t care if you don’t think it’s true. Of course she wouldn’t tell you. You see the average Asian man out there? What do you think it’s like being told over and over and over that he’s not worthy of reproducing?

If anyone is out there listening, I am going to kill myself. I cannot do it anymore. I cannot live with my parent’s choices.

I want to die and I will take my own life. I’m glad to see that no Asian women care at all.

With my writing I will expose every last one of you and publicly broadcast my suicide so that people think of me when they see one of these couples. I believe that there might be God.

9 thoughts on “AW/WM is an ILLEGITIMATE relationship

  1. Alright listen. Please don’t go end your life from something this stupidly insignificant.

    My issues with your topic of choice are:

    1. This is all untrue. (Yeah, I said it.)

    Why is this untrue? Because most Asian women in their countries STICK with their own kind. This is statistically proven and goes true for just about every country in the world, not just Asians. Now I know you hear stupid shit from white men saying stupider shit like “Japanese/Chinese/Asian girls are easy,” but a lot of these girls aren’t too serious about their white lovers. Some of them are manipulative and a lot may want a trophy boyfriend/husband, language partner, a free ticket to the boyfriend/husband’s home country, simply a new relationship experience, or any reason that haven’t been mentioned yet. Sometimes you might come upon stories where white men actually regret their relationship with Asian women after marriage due to his own naïveté of these women.

    Reality check: This does not discount that yes, there are some women who feel racially inferior therefore feels the NEED to marry a white man, but does that mean AW/WM relationships are ALL like this? No, and you keep overlooking it too.

    2. This is biased alone to white favor.

    The blogs you’ve posted are very biased on white favoritism. You automatically and very often “admit” that Asian men are inferior by saying that Asian women would rather hop onto a white bandwagon. You do know that there are plenty of AM/AW couples too, right? And did you know that (even if it’s not as often) there are also AM/WW relationships too? Wow!

    3. Stop your self-pitying inferiority issues. It’s not cute and frankly, it’s getting old.

    Your self-pitying and inferiority issues run rampant. I don’t particularly care for what you want to delude yourself into thinking but don’t you dare drag and label other “hapas” to your own problems. They live as themselves and they are their own people and should be judged not by the reasons their parents did to make them into this world, but by what THEIR life choices are and what their moral stands are. I’ve seen and met “hapas” and they’re happy and proud of their dual (or more) ancestry, and whatever YOU rudely assume about their mothers won’t ever change that.

    Reality check: It’s their life, y’know? They decide on what their lives are, not how you see them as.

    Wrapping this issue up with a big fat bow on top:

    It’s okay if you don’t agree with your choices. I don’t always agree with what my parents do either. As much as I love my mom and dad, sometimes I wish she didn’t marry my dad because he’s an emotionally neglectful father. And incase if you’re wondering, they are both Chinese, born and raised in Hong Kong. (AM/AW)

    Personally as an Asian female myself, I love Asian men (if I were to go to specifics, it would be especially Japanese men). I would prefer them over a white man of equal standing and personality hands down. (Oh look, an Asian woman who actually would pass up a white man! Dear god, is she insane?!) Although it’s my preference, I won’t let my preference cloud and refrain me from dating other men from other races.

    I don’t hate on people who date or marry other ethnicities because 1. it’s none of my business, 2. it’s downright cute to me, and 3. I promote a more diverse culture where hopefully people would just shut up about this whole “issue”. Honestly, as long as it’s not an unhealthy relationship and it makes both parties happy, whatever floats your boat.

    Final reality check: I don’t know how your life has been or how neglectful your own parent(s) have to be for you to end up feeling inferior and suicidal. If you think doing drastic and cowardly things like suicide will change someone’s mind, you’ve got another thing coming. If I showed this to my successful, older cousin whose married to an equally successful white man with two beautiful Eurasian boys, they would both laugh at the ridiculousness of this fiasco. You might not be happy with who you are, but you have to accept it and move on because no amount of bitching about your ethnic background could ever change that. Your ethnicity is a part of your cultural identity, but it doesn’t have to be everything about you. So chin up, LIVE, and be proud of who you are because you’re a part of two influential and diverse cultures.


    • It is immoral of me to accept that my parent’s relationship was based on race. White boys do not have to think about that. Eurasians boys don’t think about it because their mothers lie to them and tell them that they picked their father for his character, but there are millions of shorter white men, millions of black men, asian men, going through life looking to be loved. Why is the white father always tall and blue eyed?

      I know for a fact that I am privileged for my appearance. I know this because I have never been treated poorly for being Asian by women. Knowing this reality that I lucked out on a fluke while my brother will die a virgin makes me feel guilty. I am not better than Asian men and I refuse to be part of a family based around this dynamic.

      Suicide is not cowardly. Pretending that the world and its obvious patterns of sexual selection doesn’t exist and shooing the horrible desperation of millions of men while I go through life coasting by on my height and looks is cowardly. We created this amoral world of sexual selection and party lifestyles and everything else so suicide is an amoral choice as well.

      I will stand up against the evils of that relationship until I am dead, and maybe the highly visible death of one good looking, intelligent, Ivy League educated 混血 would do way more damage than a stupid fucking blog like this one.


  2. Hey man why don’t you think about why you exist and what your purpose in life is instead of how you want to satisfy your urges/hormones. you didn’t choose to be born Asian, it don’t matter what your born as bro, racism is from the devil, he was the first creature to be racist as he believed he was better than our father Adam (Peace be upon him). So, my advice to you really is that this life you have in this world is a test from Allah (God) so you would worship him and not this world, be it women, money anything other than god himself. So I pray to the almighty Allah that you are guided to the correct path just as I have been brother.

    PS: you should check out some Islamic videos on youtube by sheikh Mufti Menk, as he is very good at giving Islamic Lectures. May God be with you.


    • Thank you, I really appreciate these kind words. I still kind of believe in God and believe that all of this evil will be rewarded with damnation. Even if it means my own mother is in hell, I do not fear hell, and I do not feel sorry.


    • What are you then white or black? Besides, black men are seen as masculine, and they get all the bitches. All the pimps are black, while the mere thought of an Asian man being a pimp or any sort of sex symbol, is unfathomable.


      • I’m White (thank god) but I’m saying that Black men get rejected based on race to ESPECIALLY by Asian women and I admit you’re right they are just as racist as KKK members. But overall I think if white fathers had to chose between a black guy or an Asian guy marrying his daughter the asian guy would win hands down.

        Also how many asian men do you see get shot by police on the news?


  3. asian women + white men are not numerous, not weirder than the other couples :
    – asian men + white women
    – asian women + black men
    – asian men + black women
    – asian women + asian women
    There are a lot of ugly people, a lot of psychopathes, 98 % of them are not eurasians, nor the white man who lives with an asian woman.


  4. Im a white man married to an asian woman we have been married 44 years we have 2 daughters one a teacher the a nurse they are happy being very much in love with my wife we do have are ups and downs but. All couples have that


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