The reason many Asian males are still happy

Their mothers tell them to be a “nice guy” and eventually at age 30, a nice Asian or white girl will come along after insulting Asian men her whole life and try to seduce him for the stability of his paycheck.

Luckily, my mother acted on her instincts first and found out about the poor paycheck later. This is very common among AF/WM marriages; the girls fuck the tall white man, then find out he’s an entitled, racist, conservative masquerading as a liberal, and that he earns less than an Asian male. Divorce. Happened to my cousins four years after her marriage. Happened to my own father; it seems that the pattern of white men marrying Asian women belongs to white men unable to attain a white woman because of lack of money, looks, etc; and turn to Asian women to leverage his whiteness against her commitment. Many Asian women get fed up after they achieve their goal of reproducing with a white male whom they deem superior, whereafter money becomes their secondary goal.

Of course Asian men would never admit it because they fear the misogyny label. I don’t. I know exactly what’s going on in these marriages.

AW/WM is a SHAM.

By the way, if you claim that I am mentally ill, you’re reinforcing the point. I AM mentally ill – the offspring from AW/WM are very often mentally unstable. There are many more blogs out there saying the exact same thing I am saying.

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