Why AW/WM marriages end in constant fighting / divorce

One of my cousins, an Asian woman, is getting divorced from her husband. He is a large, blonde male (the ideal white partner) but he is a school teacher. I recall going to their wedding four years ago.

The same thing happened with my mother; she married a tall white male, but the marriage deteriorated as she found out his earning power was low. The infatuation / lust she had when young for the white male was replaced with the grim reality that a white male chasing Asian females is probably a fucking loser. (There, I said it). Meanwhile, my other family members that married Asian are all rich, thirty years later. And I mean fucking filthy rich.

This is a common pattern and I expect many Hapas to relate. The marriage starts out with lust, followed by overwhelming realization that it was a mistake. So these women either go back to Asian men before they hit thirty or try to remarry an Asian male.


2 thoughts on “Why AW/WM marriages end in constant fighting / divorce

  1. The solution is very simple, and i will do it when i plan to have my children with an asian woman.
    If our baby is boy, kill it before it’s even born through abortion.

    If the baby is girl… awesome. Jackpot. She will be beautiful, healthy, racially-aware eurasian princess unmatched with her beauty.

    Only the boys are the problem… this is just a real warning to the fellow white men. Kill your sons, when the time is right, don’t hesitate.


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