The Fundamental Flaws in the Asian Woman / White Man + Eurasian Existence


  • White men are privileged in society (meaning they have zero problems leveraging their race in securing sex and a partner; my father was approached by my mother – a rarity in the popular conceptions of romance).
  • Asian women are privileged in society (meaning they have zero problems leveraging their race in securing sex and a partner)
  • Eurasian men are not privileged in society and are expected to accept their parents relationship, which in turn constantly reminds them of how poorly they – and their Asian male counterparts – are treated and unprivileged in society. E.g., I have been turned down several times for being Asian; and due to this I can no longer trust or respect my mother for her decision because the pain I experienced was the exact same pain she visited on Asian men in the past. 
  • Moreover;
  • Asian women prefer white men (for whatever reason, appearance, status, integration).
  • The Eurasian child is not white and is expected to default to the authority of a white male and an Asian woman that deliberately sought out a white partner with the expressed belief that whiteness was superior, and had the almost-guaranteed capacity (i.e., a vagina) to secure it.
  • In essence, the Eurasian child is expected to submit to and accept white supremacy via his mother; in being born he is already evidence that a full-Asian child is unworthy of existing and that it is only because of his white father that he is permitted to exist. He is also expected to tolerate blatant racism on his mother’s actions – the same racism that he will experience daily and not have the condolence that “at least my mother isn’t the same way.” Because she was.

My goal is to ruin the lives of every group of parents that was selfish enough to enter into a relationship based on race. It doesn’t matter if this happens in twenty years; words and ideas will continue to exist. It doesn’t matter how much you lie to your children, eventually the truth comes out and the reality strikes as it did me and as it did with hundreds of other Eurasians who read what I write. I am only an extreme example but I firmly believe that the same poison of my parents relationship exists in every single couple out there. The day will come when your own child looks at you and is no longer able to trust nor respect you; why exactly would a man of color respect parents who had absolutely no respect for men of color? Good luck with your parenting!

I am a Eurasian and I say FUCK YOU to the people who created me.

The Harsh Evolutionary Truths of White Men and Asian Women; and Why I can Never Respect My Parents

I cannot respect my father for the following reason:

Not only was he so completely blind to realize that my mother’s “love” for him was based on his race, but also his arrogance on insisting on bringing me into the world as the son of a woman who valued him, and me, for our race. I don’t buy the “better life” argument since if anything, being Eurasian, or any kind of Asian male, in the West, is borderline absolute hell – which my father wouldn’t know anything about since he reaped the benefit of Asian pussy. What’s even worse is having a mother like the ones above: a white worshipping one who is / was CLEARLY insane with delusions of elevating her status / having “white” babies / sucking and fucking white cock, and having a FATHER who dismissed her bad behavior because of his desperation to have a woman – ANY woman – in his life.

I obviously cannot respect my mother for the reason that she deliberately sought out a white male, excluding virtually every Asian male from her dating pool – which essentially proves that personality doesn’t really mean anything.

If anything, the Asian female’s lust for the white male is essentially proof that personality means very little in this world – and that the astounding rate at which they marry and procreate outside of their gene pool (at a rate at least 6 or 7 times that of white or any other race) proves that there is little convincing me, or any other Hapa, that personality or character means jack shit.

Whether or not white men can ever be keenly aware of this – who knows, but when pussy is thrown in their face, they will blindly ignore harsh inequalities in the natural world from which humanity is very much not excluded.

The simple fact that Asian women have enormous reproductive success in Western countries versus the low success rate of Asian men proves for a fact that Asian women are privileged and valued much more than Asian men – which indicates their very low moral quality in trying to make up excuses of “patriarchy” (like foot binding, which was long outlawed before the Jim Crow laws, or even racial segregation in white countries was outlawed!). The very fact that Asian women go to such lengths to humiliate, denigrate and exclude Asian men from the things that come so naturally them means that they are in fact IMMORAL, and the fact that white men are also complicit in this (knowingly or unknowingly) means that White men, like my father, are also unworthy of my love, or trust.

Even more, I don’t need to mention the frightening implications of white-worship instilled onto a FUCKING CHILD that by no means – in this world, or the next – could EVER be white. It’s practically asking to breed serial killers like Elliot Rodger or Matthew De Grood.

I thereby condemn both my own mother and father. 

Sociology and interracial relationships


One of my favorite places in the city I live in, in China, is a very nice, quiet, extremely high end, wealthy and luxurious mall; it’s one of several billon dollar developments in and around the city. It is far, far, far nicer than any mall I have been to in the US, objectively speaking, because of it’s overall quality and cleanliness and luxury. I will post pictures if I can find them (attached is what I managed of the basement floor, which hardly conveys the insanely staggering quality of the place). I think the mall is representative of the new wealth than China has found its way into, as opposed to the polluted, patriarchal cesspool that whites seek to portray modern China as.

I then started to think: what motivates this country? Pride? The hope for a better, more glamorous life? The hope for love?

Sometimes I wonder, if female Chinese nationals exclusively dated white men at the astronomical rates that American Asian women did, whereby telling Asian men that they’re worthless on a genetic level, regardless of their ability to earn money or build exquisite malls like this – would they still bother?

I learned early on in my life to deny that I was Asian because it was a death sentence for my love life; and without a love life, what the fuck would be the point of even making an effort to do the bare minimum (ala the Japanese herbivore men) as opposed to building a laudable urban environment fueled by burning desire and every last engineer and brick layer’s happiness in the arms of his wife?

I can’t, as a whitish male, for a second not feel guilty for how much easier my life has been because of my appearance. And I have no respect, NO RESPECT for women that have lower standards for a man of another race, nor do I have respect for the man who gets involved with these women for the sake of easy pussy – this includes my own parents. If anything I feel at best a slight sense of shame, at worst, a resounding disgust that makes me turn their wedding pictures around when I see them.

I ask you this: what exactly will the Chinese men do once their women realize they’d all rather sleep with white men at the same rate American asian women do? What kind of terror would run through the streets? What kind of massive social upheaval would that bring? There’s been a slate of attacks on foreigners recently and I admit I feel no sympathy for them knowing what I know. None at all.

That’s a question for any “innocent” white male out there with his “loyal” asian wife / girlfriend / whatever. What exactly would happen? Maybe you think it’s funny that “asian women are obsessed with you,” and that you’re “entitled to asian pussy,” but what exactly would happen if you continue to rub it in their faces – and your own sons’ faces?

Sometimes Deranged White Supremacists Describe It Best!

I found this cartoon on a web forum (don’t ask which one)


It’s surprisingly accurate; my father never shut up about black males growing up and I gradually realized it was because of some kind of perpetual fear of them and their sexual prowess that made him love my mother. After all, Asian women are well known for “disliking” black men – since in the minds of white males – it’s a clear sign of insanity when a white woman likes a black male. But when an Asian woman loves a white man – she’s doing her doggone god-given right! (Go on ANY PORN WEBSITE and search for Japanese women and black men – the videos have extremely low ratings).

“White power! White power! White power!” – said the Asian woman!

What’s even funnier is that my dad looks exactly like that guy: glasses, red hair, thin, tall build, and my mother had that exact same haircut and 5’2-5’3″ height. 

The Myth of Being the Eurasian Bridge Between East and West

A few years ago there was an article on the new generation of Eurasians that were to be the purported bridge between Occident and Orient, but that turned out to just be another fantasy engineered by white fetishists / liberal-racists (I use this term to describe white males who pretend to be liberal but are completely unaware of their privilege). A fantasy of what? Of some kind of innate quality – some magical truth – that deep down is just a peripheral sugar coating of the result of their racist-love.

Being Eurasian has had zero to no benefit to me as a person. Being Eurasian in America I was constantly perceived by other groups as being something I was not; I was called white boy by blacks, Russian by Russians, Asian by whites, and white by Asians – which hurt even more since asian people were the ones who raised me and I held dearest to myself.

What’s worse is that for the largest portion of my life while I was adamantly proud of being Chinese and used it as my “hood pass” growing up in urban areas, it took me a very long time to realize that I had coasted by on my white appearance despite being so proud of not being fully white. Can you imagine the psychosis inducing horror of knowing that you’re valued more by society because I’m white-r?

What about in Asia? There is no privilege for me here because I’m Eurasian. I feel resentment from others knowing my mother chose a white man; I get looks from girls who think I’m a foreigner looking for a fling; I attract the worst kinds of women. I get mistaken for an ethnic minority, I am reduced to nothing but a lower status teacher, or worse, a non-Han, non European minority, and without my father’s blue eyes I don’t receive the white-god affection Asians (my own mother included) lavish on white males.

What kind of bridge would I ever be? Around Asians am I supposed to represent some kind of success; other than their women throwing themselves at white men? Around whites I’m viewed as some ambiguous ethnic other – something that will never quite fit the Anglo mold.

The Magical Eurasian is just a socially engineered lie peddled by Asian women and their White husbands who want to pretend that their kids will represent some new colorblind utopia; when if the world were indeed colorblind these pairings wouldn’t be so fucking predictable in the first place. Give me a break from the lies.

Asian Men


I think, at this point, if you haven’t noticed that the traditional model of doing well in school, being a nice guy, and pursuing a career and family is getting you no where, you’re pretty much screwed. This has to do with the “nice guy” model that women (not only Asian women) are very averse to.

The thing is, these women ultimately go on to either find a white guy to get them pregnant, thus created dysfunctional Eurasian children, or find a clueless Asian guy once they hit 28 or 30 years old to support them in their lifestyles. If they do find a white guy, usually it isn’t an exciting, bad boy white guy (these guys would want hot white women to marry), but more of a steady, reliable type that they aren’t attracted to, but the white guy assumes he’s getting an “angel” out of marrying a woman of Oriental extraction. (In my case it was the FOB woman throwing herself – literally – at a tall, red haired, blue eyed white man in one of her classes, and the marriage dissolving and ultimately leading to her death because the guy wasn’t making as much paper as her Asian counterparts were, particularly her brothers who are all very wealthy bankers / businessmen now, married to Chinese women. We were lower-middle class, on the border of being poor, as opposed to being centimillionaires like my extended family).

In both cases, the children are screwed. If the child is Asian, there is absolutely no way it can’t occur to him that his mother was also a whore for white cock when she was young. In the case of the white father – it’s probably pretty obvious at that point. In that way, I’d rather be the latter.

Don’t be clueless.

What Happens When Women Like This Have Sons?

Answer the question honestly, with objectivity and without your cultural bias; what happens when women who harbors views like this has a male child? What lengths will she go to to cover up her past? Would a Eurasian child not see this behavior and thus develop a negative personality as a result?

What message does that send her children?

“Oh, your problem is you can’t get laid.”

My problem is that I have a vicious, racist, petty monster for a mother and a opportunist father and that I live a life constant instability, distrust, and nihilism based on the brutal evolutionary-based existentialism I face as a reasonably intelligent man.

I could look be dating a Victoria’s Secret model and still tell you that these women make terrible, terrible mothers; and mine was so adamant about having a white man that it literally cost her her life and the love of one of her children (my brother, not so much).

The minute my mother and her sisters dropped the ball on my support was the minute I was treated as an Asian male too. So, good luck having a son who doesn’t have issues.


I Plan to Libel and Expose Prominent Asian Women in the Media

I will not stop writing until I expose the hypocrisy of the Asian woman and white man until every Asian figurehead in the media answers to what she did. I denounce the Asian woman and white male relationship as being built on poison, power, racism and sadism that ebbs down to the child.

This includes but is not limited to: Esther Ko, Amy Chua, Deanna Fei, Phoenix Tso, Grace Hwang Lynch, Louise Hung, and even the older ones who are on the verge of death, like the one who wrote the Joy Luck Club (can’t even remember her name).

I may actually reveal my real identity if it suits me. I am Ivy League educated, from a VERY prominent Chinese American family and I will stop at absolutely nothing to expose the hypocrisy of these relationships.

Why don’t I take my white privileged life and shut the hell up, you ask? Because my white privilege (see the featured post) gives me the power to speak out. Because my children will be born into a world in which they will SUFFER due to the hypocritical and poisonous nature of the Asian woman and her white master.

Oh and sorry to burst your bubble but I’m non-violent. An extremely obsessed person, but non violent. My aim is humiliation and destruction of the AW/WM relationship and family on the basis that it is an illegitimate relationship other than in a minority of cases.

Why won’t Asian women just admit that Asian men are unattractive?

It would be easier, wouldn’t it, than coming up with a million conflicting reasons why they cannot bear to be with one, but can bear to be with dozens of white men. It’s merely selective bias.

My belief is that they don’t this out of some unconscious guilt, that they truly do feel sorry for the Asian men they are discarding, and because, when the time came they could use the Asian nice guy as her backup marriage plan. But why not just cut to the chase and let them know that their existence is essentially meaningless?

Japan, as man know, is facing a demographic crisis. I often wondered if this was because men realized that a white guy could do what a Japanese man only dreamed of after decades of hard work, except he could do it in half an hour.

I wonder what the Eurasian feels like knowing he was the direct fallout from this holocaust of evolution. The myth of the successful, happy Eurasian is just that: a myth. I sincerely doubt there are any Eurasians out there right down to Daniel Henney who hasn’t thought about this.