Why do Asian women and white men never look happy?

I have noticed that oftentimes when seeing an Asian woman and a white man, she rarely looks happy. This can be observed with the general appearance of the woman of her interactions with her husband or lover. Also on inspecting some old photographs taken over the course of my life, it was interesting to read the deterioration of the body language between my mother and father.

What started as photographs in which my father leaned in towards my mother, she seemed ambivalent at best to him, as if he were an accessory. After this point, later and later she seemed to not appear in any photos with him, and if he was there, he would be distant, both physically never appearing next to my mother and just drifting off vacantly, such as staring at the ceiling. This was noticeable enough for me seeing these photographs given to me on New Years Day, that I couldn’t say it was coincidental.

This happens with frequency. There are numerous semi celebrities (attention whores) on Weibo who are married to foreigners but rarely appear in photographs with them. The child is often the centerpiece but sometimes just an accessory to the mother’s attention seeking.

Now, I am specifically referring to westernized Asian women with white men; not only are they for the most part more unattractive, but look perpetually angry. Why would this be? I venture that this has several reasons.

1) The woman has an ideal for a white male, and feels deserving of a Prince Charming, who by most definitions is white. However because of either her inability to win a high value white male, or because she equates whiteness with status, she eventually realized that the vision of her lover differs very much from the reality of being with a white male of average of below average status. Hence the high divorce rate or the complete indifference she has towards him. Going back to the photos of my mother and father, in contrast my uncle and aunts who have been married for thirty years actually held hands walking back from our New Years dinner. This kind of genuine affection was missing from and is totally absent from my parents and other asian women and white male couples.

2) The woman had an ideal for an Asian male and was rejected because of her unattractiveness. This is another option but probably frequent in only a certain number of cases.

3) The woman views White males as exotic and an alternative to asian men but realizes that these superficial differences account for little, and finds out that she is now stuck with the run offs from white society and that she has little recourse in turning back to asian men at that point. (Probably most common)

4) The woman was simply a fetishist and her high partner count has made her unattractive to anything but the most naive white men, and given that she is drawn by a perceived domineering masculinity of whiteness, resents the “nice guy” qualities of the white male that has the stomach to marry her. She is torn between her lust for white men and the world’s perception of her as being a stereotypical white-worshipping asian woman; this internalized conflict ultimately destroys her. (E.g., my cousin)

5) The woman is a proclaimed feminist rebelling against what she perceives as an Asian male patriarchy, but finds out, once the high wears off, that white men use her as an easy, promiscuous default alternative to even more feminist white women, this making her a direct accessory to white male patriarchy. (E.g., Jenny An)

6) In a small number of cases, the woman legitimately hates herself; going so far as to color her hair blonde and wear colored contacts (my mother). Undoubtedly it dawns on her that she can never actually be white – hence she becomes (or always has been) extremely unhappy. (My mother, to an extent along with combined factors above)

7) However in some cases the Asian woman looks happy; this seems to be the case in places like Thailand, from where I am writing this. This, of course, results from the literal industry of exchanging money for affection, but more often than not, according to what I’ve heard, these marriages are incredibly unhealthy because the women can barely speak English and involves a literal transaction of money in exchange for sex. However despite this, the reasoning of wanting to ensure a better life is still healthier than wanting to birth a child based on bizarre notions of white supremacy and other sick psycho-social reasons that revolve around the race of the male partner.

5 thoughts on “Why do Asian women and white men never look happy?

  1. I’m an EA male but from the opposite combination, I look mostly Asian but Asians don’t even regard me as one theirs. You get what you put in in life, if you look for failure around you, that’s what you’ll find, I’m not patronizing as I’m not very experienced with women myself not even with Asians because of various childhood trauma: grew up poor, in an isolated single-parent household with an histrionic White mother but the truth is that there have been multiple women who have hinted at being interested in me. These days a large minority of Asian males date non-Asian females, it’s particularly true in California or Europe. You have to realize the world is vast, race is merely a pseudo-scientific social construct, not too long ago Black men were considered undesirable, these days they’re more so than Whites, your value as a human being weighs far more heavily than your ethnicity. Sure some women will reject you based on your ethnicity but most will look past that if you have the goods. I know when you’re depressed it feels like the world is hopeless but your thoughts are not reality, they’re just thoughts, they’re contingent. You might be interested in Buddhist wisdom on the fleetingness of the physical world and acceptance. Don’t lose hope, it’s tough for everyone including for white males who have increasingly no place in their own societies due to the seismic changes brought about by feminism.


    • Black men are still undesirable by most decent-looking women (especially in Asia), and what little “cool” factor that we had is ebbing away by the second. Sorry, I had to correct that. Other than that, you made valid points that I can cosign,


      • Only desirable through stereotypical characters made from media and black celebrities give them a little boost. They skin color is symbol of masculinity from scientists. While fairness is feminine as fragile and lovely. There’s blog online talk about fiction of attraction. They’re acceptable into white society and half honorary white card give them the freedom to screw low class white women(temporary).
        These white women and men seen them as walking BBC aka human didlo into sex tourism (YouTube:Rent a Dreads), cuckold and other Mandingo sexual acts. It’s almost like male version of WMAF.
        These IR isn’t based on love but fiction characteristic made by old propaganda as business and war tactic.
        It sadden my heart to see aftermath on these ugly things fall onto the mix children with no clue about evil of the world.
        It no difference then white male going into the placage balls seeking for quadroon girls aka high yellow girl as living sex doll. The power of Asian men is going strong into economic and unlimited resources from Africa for survival. Of course. You would see soft war aka racial whitening going hard into IR world for information connection.


      • The sickness and cruelty of human beings can be seen in broad fucking daylight looking at human mating patterns. Interracial couples have zero concern for other people, even their own children. People outside of their frame of reference (i.e., Asian men, even Eurasian men) are objects of hatred for them who might as well be dead. They have zero concern if the Asian male is a good person or not – they just want the cock. In a way, doesn’t that make them complicit in genocide?


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