Being a Hapa Guy, Interpersonal Relationships

Involves the following:
1) Acknowledging that ones own mother allowed herself to be “colonized”*; and that it was intentional without thought to the mental state of the child. Hence her own self interests came first, rather than love for her child. If anything, the child was even an afterthought (accidental pregnancy). Aside from or in addition to looking like neither parent, this causes a huge strain between son and parents.

2) Being rejected from both sides. Being around white people fills the Hapa with resentment and reminds him of his own “inferiority” in the eyes of the western zeitgeist. Asians will reject the Hapa depending on how Asian or non-Asian he looks, or will be resented by Asian men for representing their emasculation. Moreover, by definition and observation, the best quality Asian women will harbor no favoritism for white men and instead will prefer Asian men (similarly to how white women and every other race prefers their own men). Whereby in my experience the amount of white women who do not harbor a distaste for Asian men, even almost non visible in my case, is limited.

Therefore the Hapa must place blame on his parents for not considering the ramifications of their actions. If he does not, he merely allows one of the world’s most terrible and gross injustices to persist. In this way I do believe my mother’s death and family’s destruction was a suitable punishment and cause directly by their mixed race status.

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