Asian Women love Money

This is a stereotype that comes up frequently.

It’s fair to say that Asian women are fairly hypergamous – not all, but some, just like many white women are as well, but with white women being largely physically hypergamous (I.e, stringent height requirements).

In my travels I have noticed that the very pretty Asian women do not like white men, and instead favor either attractive Asian men or rich Asian men. This probably is a result of white men in Asia having lower standing economically or socially. However, because of the physical characteristics of white men (prominent brow ridges, sharp features, height, mass), there are a number of women that favor this – being more pronounced in western countries where women seem to desire large and dominant men; I.e., the jock or bouncer. This is probably a subconscious backlash against western culture where men are too soft and PC – but that’s a discussion for another time.

However – I do believe that Asian females are unique in that they possess both a physical or a financial hypergamous quality, but if they overlap, this is almost always disastrous. Meaning that when she is young, the Asian woman will fuck white men exclusively (for whatever reason, status, attraction, dominance) but when she hits her late 20’s or 30’s suddenly freaks out because her white partner displays much less earning power than the Asian nerds or good boys she shunned. At this point the relationship deteriorates or implodes – and oftentimes because of her attitude or promiscuity she is at this point invisible to any decent Asian men. This happened to my mother and my father’s idealism about a god-sent Asian angel drove her to hating him for not making enough money – but after she had her kids and fulfilled her genetic lust. Happened to my cousin one year after her child was born to her teacher husband, a large blond. I’m sure there are thousands of other similar cases that they’d hate to admit.

I wonder how common this is. I do find it funny that this happens as some sort of natural karma. My entire Chinese family is rich as fuck and only the women that married white are middle class or lower middle class. But my mom really needed that white dick – she needed it so bad it cost her her happiness, the financial stability of her children, and her life. As for creating a better life for her children, she managed to quite literally destroy us both in virtually every way imaginable; the bottom line is that any sane person would realize that creating biracial children is something that they shouldn’t do – frankly because neither parent has any experience being biracial.

So, for an Asian man reading this – never take back one of these women. NEVER. There are enough women exclusive to Asian men that you can afford to allow tragedies like mine to unfold. It doesn’t have anything to do with patriarchy of feminism, just simple economics. And it sucks for us Eurasians but I would rather be an Asian male with a woman who loves and supports me despite my race than with a woman that fucks me because of it. And at the end of the day nature corrects itself even in the cruelest ways – such as creating nagging Asian spinsters or simply killing women like my mother.

5 thoughts on “Asian Women love Money

  1. >I would rather be an Asian male with a woman who loves and supports me despite my race than with a woman that fucks me because of it.

    Here here.

    >So, for an Asian man reading this – never take back one of these women. NEVER.

    It was an instant turn-off/deal-breaker for me when I found out a few Asian women’s white-only (up until early 30s) dating history.


  2. This is interesting, cause my 30 year old cousin turned down a wealthy Asian restaurateur. Instead she got knocked up by a lanky pasty white bum, they’re now both leeched off her mother who works minimum wages.


  3. Any Asian man who is dumb enough to take one of those white men leftovers deserve everything bad coming at him. Those women will ruin you. If you run into these kind of women, just run as far as you can.


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