“Why Do I only like white guys?”

This is an attempt to draw asian women here when they plug that question into Google.

Well, it doesn’t matter why.

But what matters is that you’re going to have a child one day and he’s not going to be white. And even if he looks white he will resent you and have severe mental issues. That doesn’t need any more explaining than what I’ve written about dozens of times on this website.

It also means that now you like them, but you will eventually crawl back to Asian guys once the white men dump you because they don’t want a half-gook son. And that means that no decent self respecting Asian male is going to take you, and if he does, you’re going to have to lie to your Asian son that you too did not like white cock when you were young.

You lose then. Sit on that and think it through.

5 thoughts on ““Why Do I only like white guys?”

  1. Very true. And Asian men born and raised in Western countries like Canada and the United States are going to smell the bullshit coming Asian American women who elicit this sentiment and won’t marry you either! Win-win.


  2. If you are an Asian man and you take back one of those whitewashed Asian women, you are completely disrespecting yourself. Before you date one, make sure you check out her history. Never ever settle for someone else’s used up garbage. My experience with Asian women with this white only mentality is they are simply damaged goods. It is much easier dating Asian women who are proud of their heritage vs. trying to change these women that simply have been brainwashed that white is right. Like the author said, they will simply destroy you and your future children with that sick mentality.


    • Except the majority of attractive Asian women like Asian men and all of these women are pro pornstars. Meanwhile the Internet is filled with white women in homemade videos with black males.

      My picture is on the blog, say again that I’m a full Asian male.


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