Asian Women Hate Asian Men until their sons are born: Re, Deanna Fei, Grace Hwang Lynch

Deanna Fei, Grace Hwang Lynch

These women are all well known for advocating for Asian men – but only after their Hapa sons come out looking Asian.

In the time period before they had children – they hated and avoided Asian men, going so far as to get impregnated by non-Asian men.

Once the child was born looking Asian (which is funny, because the uglier and more Oriental the Asian woman looks, the more she wants a white male), she suddenly becomes an advocate for Asian men. She had better become great at lying.

See, the thing is, this inspires me. I am Ivy League educated, clearly insane and possessed with an indelible obsession, have the resources and the time – and if I do one thing before I die, it’s going to expose these women (and men) for exactly what they are: monsters.

Look for my book soon. If anything, only a Eurasian could publish a book in a matter of weeks, but I’m going to fucking do it and I’m going to name every traitorous Asian woman in it. They’d better hope their kids don’t read it.


One thought on “Asian Women Hate Asian Men until their sons are born: Re, Deanna Fei, Grace Hwang Lynch

  1. I doubt if the American Government will allow you to publish your book. the joy luck club is a crabby book, if it wasn’t meant to degrading asian male, then the book won’t be popular. the american goverment paid to make it popular because the goverment is trying to making more asian women to hate their male counterpart.
    There was a guy on youtube claimed that his father worked for the US government his entire life trying to convince China that white is prettier.
    So if I were you, I would publish the book in Europe, or in some other countries where the American government cannot interfere. And after it gets popular then all the Americans will be able to know and read it


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