“I’m a White man and I’m innocent in all of this.”


I agree, you probably ARE innocent in all of this, in your decision to impregnate your Asian wife / girlfriend, or whatever. After all, pussy is pussy, right? And you got a loving wife / girlfriend out of it as well.

Now, you might ask yourself the question: why did my wife choose me, a White guy? The more innocent and naive among you would say, well, it’s because love is colorblind. If so – then she would have equally had a chance with Hispanic, black, Indian, Native American, or Asian men, but in actuality she wound up with a White male – and in all likelihood a tall and blue eyed one. Coincidental? Did it ever occur to you that your natural privilege of having the physiognomy (I’m not talking about culture, since culture is bullshit) of being tall, fair skinned, and blue eyed, led to a permanent elevation of your value (both in the framework of the lingering effects of a millennium-long period of Western global domination) as well as in a physical aspect? (I.e., height, straight, symmetrical features and physical robustness are all universally desired traits among males).

The less innocent among you will say – well, these Asian men had better stop being so bitter and learn to improve themselves to compete with the white man; it’s only natural that the Asian woman throws herself at me. Herein you are demonstrating that you are A) both completely incapable of realizing the existence of people who are not tall and white (you’re a solipsist) and B) incapable of raising a child that is not tall and white.

What exactly are you going to tell your Asian son? Son, stop complaining, just learn to alter your physical features and hair texture to be more like mine?

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