The Myth of Being the Eurasian Bridge Between East and West

A few years ago there was an article on the new generation of Eurasians that were to be the purported bridge between Occident and Orient, but that turned out to just be another fantasy engineered by white fetishists / liberal-racists (I use this term to describe white males who pretend to be liberal but are completely unaware of their privilege). A fantasy of what? Of some kind of innate quality – some magical truth – that deep down is just a peripheral sugar coating of the result of their racist-love.

Being Eurasian has had zero to no benefit to me as a person. Being Eurasian in America I was constantly perceived by other groups as being something I was not; I was called white boy by blacks, Russian by Russians, Asian by whites, and white by Asians – which hurt even more since asian people were the ones who raised me and I held dearest to myself.

What’s worse is that for the largest portion of my life while I was adamantly proud of being Chinese and used it as my “hood pass” growing up in urban areas, it took me a very long time to realize that I had coasted by on my white appearance despite being so proud of not being fully white. Can you imagine the psychosis inducing horror of knowing that you’re valued more by society because I’m white-r?

What about in Asia? There is no privilege for me here because I’m Eurasian. I feel resentment from others knowing my mother chose a white man; I get looks from girls who think I’m a foreigner looking for a fling; I attract the worst kinds of women. I get mistaken for an ethnic minority, I am reduced to nothing but a lower status teacher, or worse, a non-Han, non European minority, and without my father’s blue eyes I don’t receive the white-god affection Asians (my own mother included) lavish on white males.

What kind of bridge would I ever be? Around Asians am I supposed to represent some kind of success; other than their women throwing themselves at white men? Around whites I’m viewed as some ambiguous ethnic other – something that will never quite fit the Anglo mold.

The Magical Eurasian is just a socially engineered lie peddled by Asian women and their White husbands who want to pretend that their kids will represent some new colorblind utopia; when if the world were indeed colorblind these pairings wouldn’t be so fucking predictable in the first place. Give me a break from the lies.

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