Sociology and interracial relationships


One of my favorite places in the city I live in, in China, is a very nice, quiet, extremely high end, wealthy and luxurious mall; it’s one of several billon dollar developments in and around the city. It is far, far, far nicer than any mall I have been to in the US, objectively speaking, because of it’s overall quality and cleanliness and luxury. I will post pictures if I can find them (attached is what I managed of the basement floor, which hardly conveys the insanely staggering quality of the place). I think the mall is representative of the new wealth than China has found its way into, as opposed to the polluted, patriarchal cesspool that whites seek to portray modern China as.

I then started to think: what motivates this country? Pride? The hope for a better, more glamorous life? The hope for love?

Sometimes I wonder, if female Chinese nationals exclusively dated white men at the astronomical rates that American Asian women did, whereby telling Asian men that they’re worthless on a genetic level, regardless of their ability to earn money or build exquisite malls like this – would they still bother?

I learned early on in my life to deny that I was Asian because it was a death sentence for my love life; and without a love life, what the fuck would be the point of even making an effort to do the bare minimum (ala the Japanese herbivore men) as opposed to building a laudable urban environment fueled by burning desire and every last engineer and brick layer’s happiness in the arms of his wife?

I can’t, as a whitish male, for a second not feel guilty for how much easier my life has been because of my appearance. And I have no respect, NO RESPECT for women that have lower standards for a man of another race, nor do I have respect for the man who gets involved with these women for the sake of easy pussy – this includes my own parents. If anything I feel at best a slight sense of shame, at worst, a resounding disgust that makes me turn their wedding pictures around when I see them.

I ask you this: what exactly will the Chinese men do once their women realize they’d all rather sleep with white men at the same rate American asian women do? What kind of terror would run through the streets? What kind of massive social upheaval would that bring? There’s been a slate of attacks on foreigners recently and I admit I feel no sympathy for them knowing what I know. None at all.

That’s a question for any “innocent” white male out there with his “loyal” asian wife / girlfriend / whatever. What exactly would happen? Maybe you think it’s funny that “asian women are obsessed with you,” and that you’re “entitled to asian pussy,” but what exactly would happen if you continue to rub it in their faces – and your own sons’ faces?

One thought on “Sociology and interracial relationships

  1. West despises mainland China because it did not fall in line like S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong had done. Don’t mistake tolerance for acceptance and aloofness for submissiveness. When push comes to shove, we will do same as Mao had done and kick the barbarians out when they misbehave. The only difference: the technology/military gap is much smaller this time. In time, they will become indistinguishable.

    “All warfare is based on deception… Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.” – Sun Zi

    You seem like a receptive individual. It is a pity that you are raised in a household of faux Chinese culture. You were fed Kung Pao chicken and were told it was Shanghaiese cuisine.


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