Sometimes Deranged White Supremacists Describe It Best!

I found this cartoon on a web forum (don’t ask which one)


It’s surprisingly accurate; my father never shut up about black males growing up and I gradually realized it was because of some kind of perpetual fear of them and their sexual prowess that made him love my mother. After all, Asian women are well known for “disliking” black men – since in the minds of white males – it’s a clear sign of insanity when a white woman likes a black male. But when an Asian woman loves a white man – she’s doing her doggone god-given right! (Go on ANY PORN WEBSITE and search for Japanese women and black men – the videos have extremely low ratings).

“White power! White power! White power!” – said the Asian woman!

What’s even funnier is that my dad looks exactly like that guy: glasses, red hair, thin, tall build, and my mother had that exact same haircut and 5’2-5’3″ height. 

13 thoughts on “Sometimes Deranged White Supremacists Describe It Best!

    • Yeah, I’ve heard about that. Seen a lot of Wyatt Mann cartoons in my day too.

      To the OP: You’re right about Asian women not liking Black men, and also non-Black men getting angrier when Black men hook up with them than they do when we hook up with their own women. Encountered this a lot during my travels in China and Japan, as well as here in America and online.


  1. I think I’m starting to understand how you came out all fucked up. I’ve known plenty of Hapa men who didn’t have these problems, but you seem to have nothing *but* problems.

    I think the issue is that you were raised by racists, and they passed their racism onto you. Every time you get around a woman, you can’t contain your fucked up ideas, and you scare her away. Maybe someday you’ll figure this shit out, and settle down with someone who loves you. But first, you’ll have to realize what everyone else at least pretends to acknowledge:

    You are not your race, and your race is not you.


    • But when is the AW/WM NOT racist? If it wasn’t racist, it wouldn’t happen so commonly. That’s the point.

      It’s not colorblind; if it were it wouldn’t be so predictable.


      • The final comment is a logical fallacy. Just because some fraction of AW/WM couplings are based on racism does not mean they all are based on racism. Best of luck with your life, thank you for giving me a warning sign for what can occur if I misraise my children.
        WM in an WMAF pairing.


      • And how exactly are you so sure that yours is not based on racism? How keenly aware of your own privilege prevents you from seeing the racism that Asian males endure, and your own future sons will endure?

        I’m telling you this as someone who passes as white in society – I admit I am privileged and I admit that it has made my life easier in love and in virtually every other general aspect of my life. Regardless, I still discount any relationship where the white male refuses to acknowledge his own privilege and the effect this has on his partner’s view of him as being racist. In this regard I would be very wary of both my wife and the women who engage in this relationship.

        By the way, in your next comment, you clearly seem to acknowledge some kind of awareness of the “inferiority” of certain groups as opposed to others. Do you view yourself as superior to Asian men? Think deeply and answer the question as honestly as you can.


      • My wife was FOB from another country who had dated exclusively within her country previously (or so I’m told!) so she doesn’t fall into the “only dating white guys” paradigm you’ve written about so repetitively. It may be that she has a “racist preference” but preferences are not directly observable in individuals and I do not intend to interrogate my wife to appease you.

        “How keenly aware of your own privilege prevents you from seeing the racism that Asian males endure, and your own future sons will endure?”

        Increasing my “awareness” from its current levels is unlikely to have positive material impact on the well-being of either myself, my wife or my children; my only comment on this point is that I have been involved in some minor amount of activism to change my University’s poorly thought out admissions policy. I suspect that getting my kids jacked and/or teaching them a bit of game will help mitigate some disadvantages they might encounter no matter what the world looks like in fifteen years.

        White privilege is a bit of a loaded term and in my life it has been a fairly reliable marker of mental illness. Are the whites in South Africa, on the verge of suffering a genocide, privileged? How about the Eastern Euro of the Ottomans? The Spanish slaves? So-called privilege is heterogenous in space and time and frankly, I don’t think its a moral duty to attack it wherever it is found. Most people who find this to be a moral duty seem to expend gratuitous amounts of energy for little result; where they do have results, it seems that they strike against most people’s idea of justice (as in the recent Michael Brown case).

        “Do you view yourself as superior to Asian men? Think deeply and answer the question as honestly as you can.”

        This is a silly question. For any quantifiable physical attribute, there almost certainly exists some Asian who is ‘superior’ to me in that dimension. Likewise, there exists some Asian who is ‘inferior’. To the extent that I expend resources being bitter about my ranking in the totem pole I impair my attempts to climb that pole.

        When I was an undergraduate at an elite institution which will not be named I was surrounded by Asians; the admissions policy meant that the average asian at these institutions was smarter than me. Was I “inferior then?” There were certainly several Asians (and at least one Hapa I might add) who were particularly fearsome in mathematics and who I recall being, frankly, jealous of at least in this regard.

        Things changed a little bit in graduate school because of the more meritocratic acceptance policy and my own intellectual development/maturing, but in general I think Asians are fine and that Chinese/Japanese and more recently Korean civilization are something to be proud of.

        I suspect that you wound up the wrong world and that may be why you are the way you are. Perhaps you should have stayed and/or should consider moving to academia or more academic business settings (finance/tech/think tank)?


  2. There are a lot of ugly couples, but when they are ugly white women + ugly white men, the media doesn’t want to notice that.
    But when it is about ugly asian women + ugly white men, the media notice these couples.
    But when it is about a submissive asian woman + a white man, the media notice this couple. Whereas there are a lot of submissive white women in the world, but the media doesn’t want to notice that.
    (I live in France with a white man)


  3. This mess begins with mudsharking whore white women and it ends with mudsharking whore white women. I don’t care who these bitches fuck, nor do I fault the black man because women are the ones who choose their sex partners, however once they go black we’re not taking the cum dumpsters back.


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