32 thoughts on “Asian woman with half Asian son has choice words about Asian men…how is this kind of thing ignored?

  1. Do you feel bad when you watch the news or read in the paper about “Asian wife murdered by White husband” what comes to mind because this happens often


  2. The woman is retarded and uninformed. There are PLENTY of metro sexual males in Europe. It got nothing to do with race why some men wear makeup. There is nothing wrong with it FYI.

    LOL at whites being alpha male. It is so retarded. If she wants stereotypical males with strength, she should be hanging with a black guy. I guess when it comes down to it, she is yet another result of white media brainwashing that has been going on for the last few hundred years.

    Make no mistake, the dominance of white men (thanks to guns) for the last few hundred years will be over soon. It won’t be long before China and Asian men go back to the top just like they have been for thousands of years before last few hundred years. Things will change after few years of constant brainwashing.

    On the topic about Asian wives murdered by white men, why should any Asian male care? Those women asked for it and they got what they deserved. What do they do to traitors during wars? Those white washed Asian women aren’t much different than traitors.


  3. Also some white men may be pretending to be Asian women online. Yes, some of them ARE that insecure.

    There is nothing wrong with Asian men. Or Asian passing hapas.


  4. I thought your post was interesting and this is coming from a black man. All you touched on is and has been messing up the black race for centuries and it’s “Self Hate”. So in a way I do understand where you’re coming from. Lastly everybody is born on this earth for a reason and nobodys a mistake so it doesn’t matter how you got on this earth. All it matters is where you’re going.


    • I know exactly where I’m going and I’m going to bring everyone down with me.

      I’m already dead as the blog title implies. I want to sow nothing but doubt, sadness and loneliness to the same couples that made me feel the same way. This isn’t an advocation of violence. Merely an admission of truth. And truth is the ultimate killjoy.


    • @Gabriel A. Day, I’ve noticed lately that there’s more black women actively seeking white men, especially in “liberal” enclaves such as Manhattan, Boston, and SF. Most of these women are highly educated, white collar professionals who attended prestigious schools (Ivy or the like). These women, like many Asian women, also tend to shit on black men by calling them all players, unemployed, abusive, etc. and almost embarrassingly throw themselves at any v-neck sweater-wearing white man, especially ones that are pre-approved by their predominantly white, educated, social circle. The funny thing is as soon as any racially-charged incident occurs that all go off on Twitter or Facebook (not necessarily take to the streets, of course) on white privilege and white supremacy, etc. etc. while emphasizing how proud they are of being black. Of course, on the side they all want babies that look as white as possible.

      Soon more black men will understand what Asian men have been dealing with years and years.


      • My bad, what I really meant to say was “These women, like many Asian women do to Asian men, tend to shit on black men…”


      • Save your sympathy for Black men! They have been doing what Asian women have been doing for decades. They date out much more than black women do and the majority of biracial children of black descent are from white women/black men pairings!

        Not only that, plenty of black men exclusivity prefer dating non-black women and tell anyone who will listen about how awful the feel black women are based on stereotypes to justify why don’t date inside their race.


      • What happens when a black female child is born from a white woman/black man pairing? Will the black guy hate his daughter?


      • Gris–what you say may be true, but I’ve yet to meet a black guy who put down black women. However, I’ve met PLENTY of Asian women who’ve been very quick to denigrate and talk shit about Asian men without provocation.


    • @Gabriel A. Day

      You did hit the nail on the head in regards to self-hate. There’s so much of it within the Asian and Asian-American population it’s disgusting. And in all honesty, Asian women are the worst offenders of any gender and race. Just as how some of the biggest gay-bashing homophobes are closeted homosexuals, those Asian women who constantly bash on Asian men without provocation are just doing it to mask their own insecurities and self-hate about being Asian.


  5. Michael is wrong. China doesn’t rule the world. China’s economy hangs on a European and American thread. All the factory’s and business in China are owned by foreign (white) businesses and interests. China economical growth is the product of these businesses employing the Chinese for pennies an hour. The minute EU and the US decide to pull out of China the entire Chinese market will crash and China knows this good and well, That’s why they fear on stepping on anyone toes… The only people that profit from the Chinese economical growth are the high elites while the rest of the population lives in harsh conditions forced to work in shitty work environments for inhumanly long hours. China on its own doesn’t have any exports and resources that can sustain the economy other than the factories that put together the electronics and knick-knacks that were invented, designed and employed from Europe and US.


    • You mean polack, you kraut. That biatch is crazy, the chink equivalent of a redneck. Call her yellow trash, if you will. She wants white strength, yet mated with a polack, quite low on the totem pole of white strength. What an idiot.


  6. I am probably in the minority but I am a white woman and I only like mongoloid men. Not only do they look handsome to me, with their soft lovely yellow skin and their wonderful, cute eyes, but they have an attractive body odour and they are less physically violent. Those who call mongoloid men feminine have no understanding of what true masculinity is. Asian men are good providers, they are responsible, they are logical and quick thinkers and they offer stability. Asian men work hard and they care about their education. If a woman wants to settle down and have children, then that is what they should be looking for. A man who works hard and cares about his education and is reliable is in my opinion, a truly masculine man. Because to me, ,masculinity is about responsibility and reliability. I am not saying that white men cannot be good at these things, or black men for that matter, but Asian men seem especially so and they are very physically attractive to me. For the record, I am also a submissive in my relationships, and asian men make very good, responsible doms. I love asian men.


    • ^ ALERT: White girl with Asian male fetish.

      You “love” Asian men, huh? Sure you do, girl. Most White females who say such insipid words toward Asian men either have a fetish or “ulterior motives” (i.e., gold-digging) or both.

      Desperate, “bottom-feeding” (and oblivious) Asian men would definitely go for a lowlife White female like you, but no self-respecting Asian man EVER will.


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