The Harsh Evolutionary Truths of White Men and Asian Women; and Why I can Never Respect My Parents

I cannot respect my father for the following reason:

Not only was he so completely blind to realize that my mother’s “love” for him was based on his race, but also his arrogance on insisting on bringing me into the world as the son of a woman who valued him, and me, for our race. I don’t buy the “better life” argument since if anything, being Eurasian, or any kind of Asian male, in the West, is borderline absolute hell – which my father wouldn’t know anything about since he reaped the benefit of Asian pussy. What’s even worse is having a mother like the ones above: a white worshipping one who is / was CLEARLY insane with delusions of elevating her status / having “white” babies / sucking and fucking white cock, and having a FATHER who dismissed her bad behavior because of his desperation to have a woman – ANY woman – in his life.

I obviously cannot respect my mother for the reason that she deliberately sought out a white male, excluding virtually every Asian male from her dating pool – which essentially proves that personality doesn’t really mean anything.

If anything, the Asian female’s lust for the white male is essentially proof that personality means very little in this world – and that the astounding rate at which they marry and procreate outside of their gene pool (at a rate at least 6 or 7 times that of white or any other race) proves that there is little convincing me, or any other Hapa, that personality or character means jack shit.

Whether or not white men can ever be keenly aware of this – who knows, but when pussy is thrown in their face, they will blindly ignore harsh inequalities in the natural world from which humanity is very much not excluded.

The simple fact that Asian women have enormous reproductive success in Western countries versus the low success rate of Asian men proves for a fact that Asian women are privileged and valued much more than Asian men – which indicates their very low moral quality in trying to make up excuses of “patriarchy” (like foot binding, which was long outlawed before the Jim Crow laws, or even racial segregation in white countries was outlawed!). The very fact that Asian women go to such lengths to humiliate, denigrate and exclude Asian men from the things that come so naturally them means that they are in fact IMMORAL, and the fact that white men are also complicit in this (knowingly or unknowingly) means that White men, like my father, are also unworthy of my love, or trust.

Even more, I don’t need to mention the frightening implications of white-worship instilled onto a FUCKING CHILD that by no means – in this world, or the next – could EVER be white. It’s practically asking to breed serial killers like Elliot Rodger or Matthew De Grood.

I thereby condemn both my own mother and father. 

One thought on “The Harsh Evolutionary Truths of White Men and Asian Women; and Why I can Never Respect My Parents

  1. In this post, you haven’t taken into account differences in populations sizes among potential partners certain areas of countries like the US, Canada, and Australia. I haven’t read your whole site to see if you have mentioned this before, but I’d be interested as to what you would find if you compared who asian women tended to be in relationships with in Hawaii where there are many asian men in comparison to the number of white men in that state to asian women in a state like say Missouri where there are many fewer asian men compared to white men in the state.

    It seems not taking into account this factor of difference in population sizes might be a significant flaw in your ideas about why asian women are in relationships with white men to the degree they are in the countries I mentioned .


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