The Fundamental Flaws in the Asian Woman / White Man + Eurasian Existence


  • White men are privileged in society (meaning they have zero problems leveraging their race in securing sex and a partner; my father was approached by my mother – a rarity in the popular conceptions of romance).
  • Asian women are privileged in society (meaning they have zero problems leveraging their race in securing sex and a partner)
  • Eurasian men are not privileged in society and are expected to accept their parents relationship, which in turn constantly reminds them of how poorly they – and their Asian male counterparts – are treated and unprivileged in society. E.g., I have been turned down several times for being Asian; and due to this I can no longer trust or respect my mother for her decision because the pain I experienced was the exact same pain she visited on Asian men in the past. 
  • Moreover;
  • Asian women prefer white men (for whatever reason, appearance, status, integration).
  • The Eurasian child is not white and is expected to default to the authority of a white male and an Asian woman that deliberately sought out a white partner with the expressed belief that whiteness was superior, and had the almost-guaranteed capacity (i.e., a vagina) to secure it.
  • In essence, the Eurasian child is expected to submit to and accept white supremacy via his mother; in being born he is already evidence that a full-Asian child is unworthy of existing and that it is only because of his white father that he is permitted to exist. He is also expected to tolerate blatant racism on his mother’s actions – the same racism that he will experience daily and not have the condolence that “at least my mother isn’t the same way.” Because she was.

My goal is to ruin the lives of every group of parents that was selfish enough to enter into a relationship based on race. It doesn’t matter if this happens in twenty years; words and ideas will continue to exist. It doesn’t matter how much you lie to your children, eventually the truth comes out and the reality strikes as it did me and as it did with hundreds of other Eurasians who read what I write. I am only an extreme example but I firmly believe that the same poison of my parents relationship exists in every single couple out there. The day will come when your own child looks at you and is no longer able to trust nor respect you; why exactly would a man of color respect parents who had absolutely no respect for men of color? Good luck with your parenting!

I am a Eurasian and I say FUCK YOU to the people who created me.

2 thoughts on “The Fundamental Flaws in the Asian Woman / White Man + Eurasian Existence

  1. I can definitely relate to that, even though I am a quadroon, son of a White father and mulatta mother. My mother hates herself so bad she deliberately married my father in order to ‘better the race’ as they say in Latin America. She deep down considers me superior to her and inferior to my dad in a racial sense. It is a completely miserable experience to be mixed race when you have parents who just had you to fulfill their pathetic racial desires and fetishes. I wished I hadn’t been born sometimes.


  2. My question is: why blame white men exclusively for liking Asian women? Almost all groups of men now prefer Asian women to all other groups. And Asian women often have so many of the characteristics that men find attractive, both physically and emotionally.

    As far as why/how white men end up with Asian women, you must realize that it’s not the men who make that happen. It’s true that many (probably a majority) of the white men who end up with Asian women are beta males with confidence issues who are not particularly good at making themselves attractive to women (I include myself in this group). These men are simply following a path of least resistance when they pair up with Asian women – who they love and appreciate so much because without those Asian women they would likely end up either alone or with some fat, angry white woman. Can you really fault the white men who pair up with Asian women?

    Maybe your problem isn’t that you’re half white… It’s that you’re half beta male who didn’t know how to make himself attractive to wild, “alpha”-chasing white women (just like me). It’s hard for us. I didn’t get much attention from girls in college, either. When a beautiful Asian women responded positively to my attention, I went for it and never looked back. Can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t do the same? We all need the love of a woman.


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