You Know the Best Thing about Being A Hapa (Asian feminists please respond)

Knowing that if I looked Asian like my brother; I’d have gotten bullied worse than people thinking I’m a Russian thug.

Knowing that if I got bullied I could expect my own mother would be blowing and rewarding my own bullies while I’m putting a gun to my head. Thanks parents! What do you say to that, Asian feminists?

The more I learn about Chinese culture, the more I surround myself with everyday people who care about me, who never once abused me for not looking like them, who fed me and gave me a roof over my head, the more I realize what monsters racists and people like my own mother and women in my family are.

The more I realize that I had been free of racism my entire life – yet my very own brother was not – makes me instantly lose virtually any lingering respect not only for her – but every other woman in my family that was once dear to me. This happened literally within days of coming to this realization.

Or maybe I should just be proud to be Asian? Or which is it? Proud to not be fully Asian? Proud that my own brother faces discrimination while I coast by in life?

Proud that people whom I could otherwise look like get painted why a wide brush while people who look like me (non-Asian) get a pass from virtually all generalizations about the controlling nature of Asian men? I’m expected to sit here, knowing my 6’2″ white father is a monumental racist and conservative while I’m expected to believe and accept that’s very single asian man I’ve met, the ones who took care of me when I was deathly ill and alone in Beijing, the ones who earn four hundred dollars a month and live four to a room while I can make several times that just by virtue of showing up with my white last name?

I’m supposed to believe and accept that women in my own family adopted white last names, were married to or are married to white males, all tall, of course, and that I need to accept that this is because of some severe cultural flaw in Asian society, but only Asian men, the same men with whom I share minor superficial features?

I’m supposed to merely accept, while my adoptive family in Beijing are making dumplings right in front of me, all of then with smiles and concern for each other, who took care of me and gave me a roof over my head when there wasn’t a single person who ever gave a damn about me, when I was on the brink of suicide, and ESPECIALLY not my brother, and would definitely have given less a damn about me had I been born with oriental eyes?

As a mixed race person who looks predominantly white – I say right now that there are levels of privilege in society. White males have amazing privilege, as I have experienced and written about before. Guess who has next? It used to be white women – until they went off on their own and made enemies with the white global male powers; so now it’s Asian women, sidled up with the white male “patriarchy” as if it’s a default.

Asian women are privileged. They don’t get called gook and chink on the street. My brother did. My friends and my family did. But I never did. But my children will. From a Hapa: you’re all filthy liars. All of you. Maybe you can convince yourself you’re doing some kind of good. But your children will pay for your sins.

It’s quite simple, as I’ve reiterated over, and over, and over again: a non-white male, in western society, will be demeaned almost constantly for his race – and this includes your very own child. He will then try to either hide or take pride in his heritage – but he will find it next to impossible to take pride in his heritage when his own mother sought to demean it and destroy it by proxy of a white male. And you wonder why Hapas are so troubled?

I have yet to find even a single WORD coming from Asian women about the realities of their Eurasian sons, only until after they have children and come to terms with the realities and fruition of their terrible actions, and out of some perverse kind of guilt try to redact what they did by imposing their own views on Hapas. But nobody can be a Hapa but a Hapa – and to be a Hapa is to form your own opinions of your parents; and by going outside and viewing the reality of race relations in the West it’s virtually impossible to form a positive opinion of an Asian woman and a white male, including our own parents.

I Will Legitimately Stop Writing If:

Someone can provide an HONEST and COMPLETE answer to the following question:

How are Eurasian males supposed to develop positive identity under the framework of White male fathers impregnating and creating – via the Asian female womb – a Eurasian male who is expected to be proud of being both Asian and White but ONLY under the conditions that his Asian side was subverted through white maleness (and a tall one, at that?)

Unless you’re too stupid to really understand the question.

Oh, gee, if an Asian male points out the interracial dating disparity, he gets considered a racist.

But a Hapa male is held up as being the epitome of intelligence yet you honestly don’t think for a minute that he can look around at all his Hapa friends and realize that Asian males – the same Asian side that he’s supposed to be proud of – are priced out of the market? That the same negative experiences he has as a half-asian male (“I don’t really like Asian guys, sorry”) don’t apply to the personal preferences of his own mother?

You think an Asian male doesn’t internalize the repeated racial taunts delivered from white society and from the Asian women that seek validating through white men?

An Asian male gets called a racist for pointing out that women seem to prefer height and light features – but a Eurasian child can talk among his other Eurasian friends and is too stupid to realize that nearly all of them half tall, light featured fathers, half of whom are social conservatives and white nationalists?

I will legitimately shut this site down tomorrow if a single Asian woman or white male can provide a valid plan of raising their children with a healthy mindset under the duress of the mother being a racist, white supremacist Asian woman, and the father being a white male who tolerates and enables her behavior.

Go kiss your mothers, Eurasian dipshits

Particularly the ones who look Asian. Is it any wonder why Eurasians born from White males and Asian women dominate the charts when it comes to mental illness?

How is a Eurasian son supposed to take pride in his heritage when that same very heritage was routinely insulted and ostracized by his mother and Asian women like her in the present day?

(Oh, but not all Asian women – but enough to this is such a common trope with such a frequency that it is surprising to even ME when a British, American, Australian or Canadian-Asian woman has anything positive to say about Asian men – until her son is born). “Oh, but it’s not about the race, it’s about the culture” – which is why the white guy is almost always tall. I’m writing this as a Eurasian who looks predominantly white – and here I am, against the great liberal movement instilled on me against White Supremacy (taught to me for four years at my university), unable to take pride in my Asian heritage because I know for a FACT that it’s a dead-end to a love life (I went nearly a decade denying I was Asian).

I am not Asian, per se, but I am not white – and I take absolutely no pride in claiming either as that would merely imply that my parents, and by extent, white supremacy won. Obviously, most men “love” their mothers – their mothers love them too, since the process of childbirth forms an unconditional bond. But this love is merely the result of biological bonding and to deny the very fact that our own mothers spent decades spitting the most vile vitriol is enough to undo that bond.

It doesn’t make sense that a Eurasian child can be healthy when he is expected to be raised under the banner of Asian female submission to (and deliberate selection) of white masculinity (i.e., tall, fair skinned white men). He’s a man of color born to a woman who spread her legs for a white man. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AND IT WILL NEVER MAKE SENSE. The internet is filled with blogs (Grace Hwang Lynch, Deanna Fei, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun) written by Asian women who express anything from pangs of guilt to slight concerns about: A) How their sons either will be received in the white western community that Asian women spread their legs so easily for acceptance into. B) How their sons feel emotionally distant. So, what, are we supposed to go thanking our white daddy for impregnating our Asian mothers and making us whiter? Is that supposed to make us healthy?

Question for the Reader: How can A Eurasian Male Ever Be Mentally Sound?

For every single instance that a white man laughs and humiliates an Asian man – a Eurasian man will hear it.

For every single instance that an Asian woman says horrible things about Asian men – a Eurasian man will hear it.

Ultimately these pairings will have children. Given the proliferation of these racist couplings, even against the number of couples that aren’t racist – it’s not even worth the benefit of the doubt to look on my parents fondly anymore.

I’d like someone out there to give me a genuinely reasonable and logically sound argument as to how and why a Eurasian son is supposed to develop healthy self esteem against the backdrop of extreme racism and the Asian women (and possibly his own mother) that support it. In all likelihood there is a 90% chance that the woman with white men were the exact same women who were extremely cruel, racist, and hostile to Asian men. What exactly is the Eurasian son supposed to be happy about? That his own mother literally jumped through hoops to be integrated into white society – to ignore virtually everything Asian about herself and the people around her – to treat Asian men like absolute shit, and to spit on her own culture? Just go outside – go outside in any major Western country and look at how Asian women act – THESE ARE YOUR FUTURE MOTHERS – THESE WERE OUR MOTHERS.

There are numerous cases of Asian women leaping the cause of Asian issues – but only after their sons are born. (Re: Deanna Fei).

If, by some off chance, there were a God and a devil, and by some off chance, I was whisked back in time to a point that I heard my mother say some awful things about Asian men (which she did) – and either God or the devil asked me if she deserved to burn for an eternity in hell – I would say yes. 

Rest in Peace Wilkes McDermitt

On February 8th, Wilkes McDermitt, a London based food blogger killed himself. Not by coincidence he was never married, and Asian.

His list of reasons? The majority of Asian women were with white men and were making excuses about it. He also mentions the prevalence of Eurasians.

Eurasians: this was your mother. It’s going to take men killing themselves to get the truth about sexual selection out there into the world – but you are able to face your mother even though she clearly had a preference for white men; yet you and I are both not white.

I look white – and I look Asian. Many people look at me and can immediately tell that I am Asian aside from my large eyes. I am with my Chinese wife BECAUSE I was rejected by women for being Asian.

However, if I KNEW that she had a preference for white men – I would immediately leave her and just be single for the rest of my life.

Your FATHER – in knowing that YOUR MOTHER had a preference for white men – was selfish enough to ignore the existence of Asian men (which you may or may not look like), and therefore it’s up to you to judge whether or not this man is worthy of your care and attention.

“Proud” Hapas


Proud of what?

Proud of being white? Or proud of being Asian?

You’re so proud of being Asian yet your own mother had to avoid Asian men like they were poison? How can you be proud of being Asian and Asian culture, when there wasn’t even a single Asian male that was considered good enough to produce your life?

Don’t get me started on “there were just more white men around;” Asian women are deliberately ignoring Asian men, who by natural law exist in equal numbers, even in Asian countries, to pair up with white men.

40% of all Asian women deliberately exclude Asian men. Yet as the sons of these women, we’re to take pride in this?

There is very little that could convince me otherwise; maybe if there weren’t millions upon millions of them I would think it was a coincidence… but there are. And maybe if I wasn’t turned down by Asian women with regards to my Asian heritage – I would have faith that indeed, my own mother and women in my family, were all just coincidences. 

“But you get turned down because of your personality.”

Contrary to what people believe, I became like this out of anger at treated poorly, whereas until I was in my early 20’s I was well liked, popular, thousands of friends on Facebook, tall, good looking (women have approached me and stared at me on the street or subway, even while walking with their children), until it became self-evident to me, through observation, careful study of online dating patterns, and personal experience, that Asian blood is problematic.

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Asian Women Don’t “Love” (Actually they do – they love money and status)

Remember when I said that I would expose Asian women for what they really were?

There are several semi-visible “progressive” Asian women out there who are vocal in the media and on the internet about the experiences of “mixed race children,” although these women are all uniformly married to white men, and only white men; there is little about Blasians, half-Indian / half-Asian children, half-Hispanic children (unless the guy looks Caucasian), and almost all of the products of these relationships are from Caucasian fathers (even Jewish, which itself represents status and wealth).

How about this one? Here is a woman in Brooklyn named Jenna Park who works as a relatively well known (for all I know) designer and is ironically founder of the “Mixed Race Project,” which like many other Asian women, only became a post-30’s job after she realized that there were consequences to her hatred and that she couldn’t actually turn herself white via association with white men.

Similar to my story, when she was young she married and got pregnant by a tall white guy (it had to be a white guy). My mother, fresh off the boat, literally threw herself at my 6’2″ father and eventually they got married; but several years later she began to savagely hate him, abuse him, call him worthless and even summon the law on him, all out of a sheer hatred for his inability to make money and his general meekness and conservatism, which not by coincidence, are all characteristics of a man who would marry a self-hating and racist Asian woman. (I.e., women who reward a man’s whiteness and nothing else). Another one of my cousins only recently started pushing for a divorce less than four years after marrying her husband – who also is tall but extremely meek, and lacking in lucrative employment (being only a tutor).

Lo and behold, some years after Jenna’s internal Asian hypergamy kicked in and she realized that he wasn’t making enough money. Asian women and people are renowned both among themselves and the larger world for being quite obsessed with money, and any Asian person would attest that this obsession is almost at a genetic level, to the point that it repeatedly resurfaces in international news. It would be funny if it didn’t have such a resemblance to my parent’s own marriage; she had her fun, but now, being an Asian woman, she becomes genetically wired to get money. Which her husband wasn’t providing. Asian women are well known even in China for wanting a house, car and a hu kou (i.e., residency status in a decent city like Beijing or Shanghai). Now, instead of living in the luxury of Beijing or Seoul or even in Manhattan, she’s stuck in a sexless marriage in an overpriced tenement walk-up in Brooklyn.

Literally – almost word for word – this kind of reality surfaces, almost mirroring the experiences of my parents – when they’re young, they want white guys (for whatever reason, lust, superficial status, whiter kids)  – but when they get older – the fantasy of who these men really are breaks down and they realize what could have been; and in my case, what could have been was a centi-millionaire lifestyle like my Chinese relatives, and their healthy, well adjusted children all have. How many other stories like this go untold – stories where the woman only values one thing – race and height – at the expense of EVERYTHING – including the own mental and physical prosperity of her own children?

These people are monsters, MONSTERS, and you should point your fingers at them whenever you see them.

What’s more, she’s the creator of the bullshit afterthought Mixed Race Project; she also admits that when she was young she was a white-washed (read: only dated White men) woman who was able to find a partner because of her privilege of being part of a desirable ethnic gender group. I’m also guessing she was extremely cruel to Asian men, even though she lived in Brooklyn, which is minority white. Yet she still married a white male!

Eurasians: This Was Your Mother

Look closely at this. Eventually this woman is going to have children.

If there wasn’t a market for this – if enough people didn’t believe it, then Esther Ku wouldn’t be on stage saying this kind of thing. Now look at the comments – there are enough white men there both agreeing with her, and white knighting her, meaning that White men – like your, and my father – are fully aware of the stereotypes, support them, agree with what she is saying, and still engage in relationships with Asian woman.

The thing is – you can say, “my parents weren’t like that.” But given the fact that 99% of Asian woman and White male relationships are like this – are you willing to give them the benefit of the doubt? In the twenty or so years since you were born – you don’t think that at some point down the line your parents got rid of their racist attitudes and realized that they had to pretend that they never acted like this?  Even still – by engaging in their relationship and not actively speaking out against this kind of thing, they are simply reaffirming this kind of shit.

For what it’s worth, you, and I, are better off not giving them the benefit of the doubt. I sincerely feel sorry for any Eurasian man that is able to respect his parents. If my mother were still alive I would tell her to fuck off and die.

Eurasian Mental Illness in Motion: Example number 1, Maggie Lieu

Maggie Lieu, a British PhD student was featured in an article in The Mirror and the Express in which she claims she wants to give birth to the first children on Mars. Now, aside from how ludicrous this is, not only because the way she expresses her thoughts borders on fantastical lunacy (as she is nothing more than a student, and sought out publicity in a newspaper merely by expressing some insane rumination rather than giving any scientifically sound discussion), but because she’ll be in her mid-30’s by the time that even happens (making for more autistic* children) – she is very clearly intent on having kids with a white man.

She said: “Being the first mother on the planet would be an honour and privilege.

“It’s inevitable that humans will have children on Mars and if I could be the first I would love it.

Combined with an article in which she has four nearly identical pictures (all heavily made-up and in dim lighting), she also exhibits the very common extreme sense of solipsism and entitlement that my mother had, and is found among faux-Asian celebrities such as Feng Jie, and Xia Xue. Coincidentally, last night while having dinner with my mother’s brother (from Hong Kong), he told me that he regrets having made my mother so competitive, since combined with her natural narcissism this caused her to not only seek a white male as a means of elevating her status – but ignoring her own ambitions in other ways, simply relying on his whiteness, rather than becoming successful female executives like her sisters (who I won’t name).

I know Asian women that dye their hair – but not to this extent. My mother was one. They literally want to, and think they are white, or if not so, that they have a good chance to be white via insemination by white penis, due to the privilege of having an Asian neotenous face and a vagina – while her male counterpart would not have such privilege (such as in my Eurasian brother’s case).

What makes it even worse is that the more “ugly” the woman imagines herself to be against the framework of white standards of beauty – the higher her chance of creating a child who looks more Asian (since “Asianness” is considered ugly in western standards), who will therein inherit and internalize both the mother’s mental illness, her depression, and most importantly her looks that are passed on.

Xia Xue, aka Wendy Feng, after her many surgeries. She looked very different in her younger days and a simple Google search reveals this. Here we see the leering, beta white engineer who is proud to have found an Asian princess who worships him for his whiteness, rather than his (lack of) looks, or his character.

Now, I just know there’s some white guy out there who feels disgusted with white women and feels like this noble, enterprising, intelligent (a PhD student, of course! Who cares about children and family, what’s more! And in space! A science fiction nerd’s dream girl!) Asian woman would be a good fit for bearing his children. After all – her only qualifications are that you are white.

Now, you tell me. A clearly insane, self hating Asian woman and a desperate white male delusional enough to excuse her clearly vile behavior because even that is better than a white woman who feels she doesn’t owe white nerds anything – what the fuck kind of child is going to come out of this?

Let me end this by dispelling rumors that I am anti-white. The purpose of this blog is to expose the issues that commonly plague Eurasian children, and mostly to warn white men of the actual repercussions of having Eurasian children, despite the pleasures of having sex with clearly mentally ill Asian women.

It simply does not make sense for white males to disparage white women for being “liberated”, promiscuous, or disloyal, when they laud up Asian women as being some kind of amazing alternative, yet who exhibit virtually all of the negative qualities of White women, only worse because it bears a deadly racial element that leads to the creation of people like Elliot Rodger, who Asian women are accountable for on the whole.

Hey Maggie, if you read this – you call yourself a scientist; why not give a scientific explanation for why you dye your hair blonde and only have sex with white men? You know how genes work – don’t you? You. Simply. Can’t. Escape. Them.

Your. Child. Will. Be. Asian. But he will know that you tried your damnedest to breed it out.

“My Parents Weren’t Like That”

Of course they weren’t.

Why the FUCK would they tell you if they were? What if your mother dyed her hair blonde when she was 22, deliberately dated a tall* white guy (“oh, but it’s not about the appearance, honey), devised a million myriad excuses why Asian men were unworthy of her attention (yet virtually every white man was), and your father passively turned a blind eye simply because he was infatuated with the feeling of ejaculating in her vagina?

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