Eurasian Mental Illness in Motion: Example number 1, Maggie Lieu

Maggie Lieu, a British PhD student was featured in an article in The Mirror and the Express in which she claims she wants to give birth to the first children on Mars. Now, aside from how ludicrous this is, not only because the way she expresses her thoughts borders on fantastical lunacy (as she is nothing more than a student, and sought out publicity in a newspaper merely by expressing some insane rumination rather than giving any scientifically sound discussion), but because she’ll be in her mid-30’s by the time that even happens (making for more autistic* children) – she is very clearly intent on having kids with a white man.

She said: “Being the first mother on the planet would be an honour and privilege.

“It’s inevitable that humans will have children on Mars and if I could be the first I would love it.

Combined with an article in which she has four nearly identical pictures (all heavily made-up and in dim lighting), she also exhibits the very common extreme sense of solipsism and entitlement that my mother had, and is found among faux-Asian celebrities such as Feng Jie, and Xia Xue. Coincidentally, last night while having dinner with my mother’s brother (from Hong Kong), he told me that he regrets having made my mother so competitive, since combined with her natural narcissism this caused her to not only seek a white male as a means of elevating her status – but ignoring her own ambitions in other ways, simply relying on his whiteness, rather than becoming successful female executives like her sisters (who I won’t name).

I know Asian women that dye their hair – but not to this extent. My mother was one. They literally want to, and think they are white, or if not so, that they have a good chance to be white via insemination by white penis, due to the privilege of having an Asian neotenous face and a vagina – while her male counterpart would not have such privilege (such as in my Eurasian brother’s case).

What makes it even worse is that the more “ugly” the woman imagines herself to be against the framework of white standards of beauty – the higher her chance of creating a child who looks more Asian (since “Asianness” is considered ugly in western standards), who will therein inherit and internalize both the mother’s mental illness, her depression, and most importantly her looks that are passed on.

Xia Xue, aka Wendy Feng, after her many surgeries. She looked very different in her younger days and a simple Google search reveals this. Here we see the leering, beta white engineer who is proud to have found an Asian princess who worships him for his whiteness, rather than his (lack of) looks, or his character.

Now, I just know there’s some white guy out there who feels disgusted with white women and feels like this noble, enterprising, intelligent (a PhD student, of course! Who cares about children and family, what’s more! And in space! A science fiction nerd’s dream girl!) Asian woman would be a good fit for bearing his children. After all – her only qualifications are that you are white.

Now, you tell me. A clearly insane, self hating Asian woman and a desperate white male delusional enough to excuse her clearly vile behavior because even that is better than a white woman who feels she doesn’t owe white nerds anything – what the fuck kind of child is going to come out of this?

Let me end this by dispelling rumors that I am anti-white. The purpose of this blog is to expose the issues that commonly plague Eurasian children, and mostly to warn white men of the actual repercussions of having Eurasian children, despite the pleasures of having sex with clearly mentally ill Asian women.

It simply does not make sense for white males to disparage white women for being “liberated”, promiscuous, or disloyal, when they laud up Asian women as being some kind of amazing alternative, yet who exhibit virtually all of the negative qualities of White women, only worse because it bears a deadly racial element that leads to the creation of people like Elliot Rodger, who Asian women are accountable for on the whole.

Hey Maggie, if you read this – you call yourself a scientist; why not give a scientific explanation for why you dye your hair blonde and only have sex with white men? You know how genes work – don’t you? You. Simply. Can’t. Escape. Them.

Your. Child. Will. Be. Asian. But he will know that you tried your damnedest to breed it out.

15 thoughts on “Eurasian Mental Illness in Motion: Example number 1, Maggie Lieu

  1. Here where I live I am beginning to see more yellow cabs who suffer that ultimate delusion in that by having blond hair they could pass themselves as a cracker. I remember that this delusion was in a couple of years ago and now unfortunately it is back.

    One could only hope that the dye corrodes their skulls.


  2. Sounds like you’ve been listening to your libtard college professors a little too much. If you listen to your libtard professors and let them brainwash you then you will end up thinking white men control everything and have no interests beyond oppressing people. The majority of white men do not sit around and lament that women don’t worship them for their race, and those who think like that aren’t interested in marrying into other races.

    The fact is, feminism is a serious problem for white men who don’t want to date interracially. Feminism has nothing to do with “equality.” What it’s about is bucking traditional female roles, establishing women as a privileged class, and giving men unconditional disrespect. A lot of white women rebel against traditional female roles and behaviors just because something is traditional. Feminism is the main reason why the white birthrate is below replenishment level.

    I’m married interracially, but not to an Asian woman. That being said, if I had cared enough I still could have found a white woman who would have worked for me, but I didn’t care enough to because racial purity wasn’t really at the top of my priority list. If I was a white/Asian hybrid, I could still have gotten a white woman or an Asian woman, or whatever else I might have wanted. Women are attracted to men who either have power/wealth, or who exude strength on some level. You exude weakness.


    • Legit, I understand that white men suffer too, but to somehow just reinforce the suffering of people of color by taking advantage of another groups’ “feminists” while escaping your own is disastrous for the kids.


      • I think you’re placing too much importance on racial purity. A lot of the people who self identify as white in the US are often part Native American, and some are part Jewish. My best friend has a mother who is mostly white, but also part Jewish, and a father who is mostly black but part Native American. He sometimes got flak from black and white growing up, but most people he got along with. Today he’s like a non-criminal mafioso. When I go to visit him, he has friends that greet him in just about every store and restaurant. When we’re driving down the street people honk at him. He didn’t let the circumstances of his existence own him, he owned the circumstances and mastered them. I have another friend who is half Chinese on his dad’s side, and on his mom’s side he’s white and Middle Eastern. He just identifies as Asian because he looks more Asian and likes all things Asian.

        Also worth noting that race isn’t the only form of collective identity available. There’s also religion and political ideology. Even something like being a Star Trek fan is a group identity that you could adhere to.

        Coming to me, I would never touch a feminist, of any race, again. My wife is from India, and she has no concept of feminism. She cooks, cleans, and on top of that plays videogames with me. When my friends come over she also cooks for them and serves them tea. That’s not because I’m white, it’s because that’s the normal behavior in her culture. White women also used to be like that before the advent of feminism. White women from western countries are tough to be with for anyone. Usually they lose their virginity at a young age, and on top of that they don’t like to cook or clean, and are often unfaithful. Not all are like this, but many are, which is one reason why white men are willing to consider other options. Maybe (and probably) you had them treat you in a nasty way, but they also treat us in a nasty way as well. Women who buy into feminism, which is a gynocentric supremacist ideology, are going to be tougher to handle because they have an entitlement mentality. If you want to make inroads with women, you have to approach them from a position of strength rather than submission.

        Your identity as an individual, is more important than things you can’t help, like your race.

        I really think that if I were put into your body, I could still find a woman, and a fairly attractive one as well.

        Realistically, women care about power more than they care about looks and racial purity (which only has subjective value). When you’re a kid the main manifestation of power is physical strength, which is why the women gravitate more toward the jocks in high school. In the adult world it’s money. If you don’t have money physical strength helps, but you can project power by being assertive rather than submissive, and in fact you need to. A lot of guys abase themselves in front of women and try to go along with the feminist narrative, and then wonder why they don’t respect them. If you treat them like a queen all the time then they will treat you like a serf.


    • As I would say, most asian women who insisting on dating non-asian men because of feminism. And a lot of white men are taking advantage of the asian feminism.
      Feminism is all about hatred towards their own race of men. white feminists hate white male, while asian feminists hate asian male, and black feminists hate black male. etc.


  3. She is sexy what is the problem?
    I mean she gets a baby and I get a hot bitch?
    She might have racist ideas, that doesnt mean that I have them.
    I dont care if the kid is asian or not, it has half my DNA anyway.
    Does she wants a relationship and is she a good home
    I wouldnt care if she is fucking retarded if she is sexy and a homewife.


    • LOL. Understanding what’s happening isn’t your real strength is it? Haven’t you been reading his blog? The kids in those situations are fucked when an loser brainwashed Asian women marries an equally dumb white man whose only redeeming quality is white skin color due to relentless promotion of white supremacy in the white Hollywood media. Do you understand that or not?


  4. asian women + white men are not more numerous, not weirder than the others :
    – asian women + black men
    – asian men + white women
    – asian men + black women
    – white men + black women
    – white men + white women
    – etc…
    There are a lot of ugly people, plenty of psychopathes, but 98 % of them are not eurasians, and most of them are not white men who live with an asian woman.


  5. Out of the last we’ll say 100 spree killers like Elliot Rogers, 2 have been eurasian, one black male and one white female.

    Wouldn’t that indicate that just being pure white is far more likely to cause psychological disorders than being Eurasian?


  6. Hapa Haole,
    You are stereotyping. You need to get out more.
    American Asians that do not have an Asian accent are frequently not accepted by their mainland counterparts that are also here in the States. Some Asian men/women marry others that are not from the same country of origin of their parents/grandparents/great-grandparents. Some men/women fall in love while in college/another country/ or any other shared experience. As previously mentioned people you may think are white could be genetically related to many parts of the world. There are areas of the country were being mixed is not that big a deal. There is still a cast system in the USA no matter how subtle. Anyone one can play that game to marry up not just Asian women.
    You need to take possession of your own life and stop the self-hatred.
    Welcome to the Melting Pot.


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