Question for the Reader: How can A Eurasian Male Ever Be Mentally Sound?

For every single instance that a white man laughs and humiliates an Asian man – a Eurasian man will hear it.

For every single instance that an Asian woman says horrible things about Asian men – a Eurasian man will hear it.

Ultimately these pairings will have children. Given the proliferation of these racist couplings, even against the number of couples that aren’t racist – it’s not even worth the benefit of the doubt to look on my parents fondly anymore.

I’d like someone out there to give me a genuinely reasonable and logically sound argument as to how and why a Eurasian son is supposed to develop healthy self esteem against the backdrop of extreme racism and the Asian women (and possibly his own mother) that support it. In all likelihood there is a 90% chance that the woman with white men were the exact same women who were extremely cruel, racist, and hostile to Asian men. What exactly is the Eurasian son supposed to be happy about? That his own mother literally jumped through hoops to be integrated into white society – to ignore virtually everything Asian about herself and the people around her – to treat Asian men like absolute shit, and to spit on her own culture? Just go outside – go outside in any major Western country and look at how Asian women act – THESE ARE YOUR FUTURE MOTHERS – THESE WERE OUR MOTHERS.

There are numerous cases of Asian women leaping the cause of Asian issues – but only after their sons are born. (Re: Deanna Fei).

If, by some off chance, there were a God and a devil, and by some off chance, I was whisked back in time to a point that I heard my mother say some awful things about Asian men (which she did) – and either God or the devil asked me if she deserved to burn for an eternity in hell – I would say yes. 

2 thoughts on “Question for the Reader: How can A Eurasian Male Ever Be Mentally Sound?

  1. Don’t forget the role that a lot of our white racist fathers played in this–who dominated our asian moms and us. Many of them didn’t see us as their full sons, because we looked too asian. And they treated as submissive servants, just like our moms.


  2. Wow. I really appreciate you writing this piece. I didn’t think about how the social conditioning of Asian guys as not sexual affected mixed race folks. Damn. Heavy stuff.


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