Go kiss your mothers, Eurasian dipshits

Particularly the ones who look Asian. Is it any wonder why Eurasians born from White males and Asian women dominate the charts when it comes to mental illness?

How is a Eurasian son supposed to take pride in his heritage when that same very heritage was routinely insulted and ostracized by his mother and Asian women like her in the present day?

(Oh, but not all Asian women – but enough to this is such a common trope with such a frequency that it is surprising to even ME when a British, American, Australian or Canadian-Asian woman has anything positive to say about Asian men – until her son is born). “Oh, but it’s not about the race, it’s about the culture” – which is why the white guy is almost always tall. I’m writing this as a Eurasian who looks predominantly white – and here I am, against the great liberal movement instilled on me against White Supremacy (taught to me for four years at my university), unable to take pride in my Asian heritage because I know for a FACT that it’s a dead-end to a love life (I went nearly a decade denying I was Asian).

I am not Asian, per se, but I am not white – and I take absolutely no pride in claiming either as that would merely imply that my parents, and by extent, white supremacy won. Obviously, most men “love” their mothers – their mothers love them too, since the process of childbirth forms an unconditional bond. But this love is merely the result of biological bonding and to deny the very fact that our own mothers spent decades spitting the most vile vitriol is enough to undo that bond.

It doesn’t make sense that a Eurasian child can be healthy when he is expected to be raised under the banner of Asian female submission to (and deliberate selection) of white masculinity (i.e., tall, fair skinned white men). He’s a man of color born to a woman who spread her legs for a white man. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AND IT WILL NEVER MAKE SENSE. The internet is filled with blogs (Grace Hwang Lynch, Deanna Fei, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun) written by Asian women who express anything from pangs of guilt to slight concerns about: A) How their sons either will be received in the white western community that Asian women spread their legs so easily for acceptance into. B) How their sons feel emotionally distant. So, what, are we supposed to go thanking our white daddy for impregnating our Asian mothers and making us whiter? Is that supposed to make us healthy?

12 thoughts on “Go kiss your mothers, Eurasian dipshits

  1. Some Asian women who prefer White men are very open and honest about why they think White men are superior and Asian men inferior. This is what one Chinese girl says–her 5 reasons–and she has two Eurasian sons (it’s a little lengthy, but worth quoting in length):

    “1. The D: “Yep, I said it, Asian guys are very small down there compared to the average White guy. I’ve never came from just an Asian guy’s dick alone, and they typically don’t last very long. I usually have to spend a lot of time rubbing my clit after they’re done to finish. Why do you think in Japanese porn all the guys spend almost all the screen time using vibrators and toys to get the girls to cum? Simple, Asian guys just don’t have the equipment or stamina to make a girl cum with his dick alone. If you actually pay attention you’d realize without all that toy bullshit the Japanese guy only fucks for like 5 minute before unloading his two drops of cum.
    In fact, I’ve never experienced a vaginal orgasm until I got together with my first White guy and I’ve been hooked ever since. I didn’t know there were so many parts of my anatomy that could be stimulated before getting with a white guy. Just penetration alone I can feel clitoral and perineal stimulation. And the orgasm, its like a multiple continual orgasm, even without rubbing my clit. White guys are usually surprised how much we cum because they usually consider themselves average in bed. I guess we really are tighter down there from years of trying to adapt to those tiny dicklets.

    2. COLOR. I refuse to go down on an Asian guy, one because they already don’t last long enough as it is, the second is an Asian dick just looks gross. The dark pubic hair and purple glans is just so nasty looking. Where as the White guy’s just look way more cleaner with its pink head and gleaming blond pubes…just thinking about it makes me drool.

    3. Muscle. No matter how much an Asian guy works out he will still look scrawny as hell next to a White guy, yeah sure you can show me the one in a million Asian guy that has a White guy’s body and be like “Not all Asian guys are scrawny” but why go for a one in a million when I could just go for a White guy?

    4. Betas-. Asian guys in local clubs and bars watch girls like me get banged by the white guys in the public restrooms ALL THE TIME and all they do is watch and bitch about it on the internet. One of my white lovers after banging me in the restroom without the door closed, came out doing a masturbating gesture to all the Asian guys and said something along the lines of “I’ve fucked the shit out all your asian girls that my dick hurts” and how “all you asian guys are a bunch of fucking suckers” and walked out of the club perfectly unscathed. I want a dominant man that has the balls to do shit that kind of shit, and the fact that my white guy can do that to a bunch little Asian boys and get away with it just makes me want to get fucked by him some more (which we did)
    Clubs all over the world let the girls in to attract paying male customers,
    only in Asia will there be clubs that let White MEN in for free to attract paying (Asian) female customers, because beta Asian boys can’t approach a girl if his life depends on it. Asian girls are so sick of our own guys we’d rather pay to get fucked by a white guy then have some Asian guy buy us drinks. There’s a reason locals clubs let White men in for free and charge the local Asian boys extra to go in.

    5. Yeah call it whatever you want, “Western sperm chaser”, ”sexual selection” or whatever, but i just find mixed White babies so damn beautiful. Two of my single Asian lady friends actually import foreign sperm to get impregnate themselves! (One was Greek the other some EUropean country i dun remember). So you guys are spreading your genes all the way to Asia without even being here, while Asia’s population birthrate continues to decline. ”

    I think these are these are alot of the reasons we suspect our moms had. I think as Eurasian sons, we can accept this reality, and be a lot like our Asian moms (straight male Asian cuckolds, or gay/bi Asian male subs to dom White men) or reject it and be really angry and miserable. I’ve pretty much accepted it. I think you’ve rejected It.


      • Well, in my lifetime I have only been with two Asian girls and that was in my teens and none of them despises Asians like this whore does. Talk about INFERIORITY complex! Actually whores don’t even talk like that, but only low-life disgruntled Asian hags do. If you really need a White dude to treat and bang you like a whore in bathroom stalls, what make you think you’re of quality? How will it end, he’s going to sweep you up and ride along sunset? No, he’s gonna dump your ass to rot in the bathroom stall. Any men can do that it is just a matter of being a gentleman. Would I do that to a woman? No. Would I treat a whore that way? Probably.

        My current girl is Persian — or Iranian/American (whitest complexion with the greenest eyes). She resembled girls like Minka Kelly and Katie Lee of Top Chef. Before that I have been in relationships with mostly non-Asians, one of which was a Georgia peach of French origin; the most down-to-earth southern belle anyone can ask for, then with subsequent Latin women from both Latin America and Mexican-Americans. I can honestly say that none has ever complained about any of the b.s. like the way this ch!nk has described – non whatsoever.
        I’ve been together and lived with my current girl for more than a decade now and all I can say is this: every time when we go out, if an Asian woman (ones like this whiner) she’ll usually try to turn the blind eye, or try some stupid ‘typical’ Asian-bitch move to try and ruin things. At the end, they become the ass-clown and my girlfriend knew exactly how they are and their intentions, because she has seen far too many, including at her workplace.

        They attempt to discredit and belittle Asian men for their bitterness based on these factors:
        1.) They have never been with a REAL Asian man, geeky Asian guys but not real Asian men,
        2.) or been dumped by nothing but Asian men.
        Reason? They are very unattractive on the outside, demanding, which makes them even more uglier and extremely unattractive on the inside.

        Bump into me in public again and I will make you turn left – with a blind eye.


  2. All depends on how you are raised,if the parents have a healthy mindset about race,then their mixed kids would be okay.
    I’m full asian married to a south asian hapa. Which makes my son 1/4 white. In our household we don’t say things or do things that look down on the white and asian race.i dont want my son to feel ashamed of being mixed,because there is nothing shameful about being mixed.if people hate you beacuse you are mixed, than its really their problem,not yours.
    I’m asian and i’m not ashame of being asian.my husband is anglo indian (east indian and white),and he is not ashamed of being mixed.
    It is sad that your parents have these mindset .people should never be ashamed of their races.your race is your race,you can’t help it,even if you want too.
    Please don’t kill yourself.
    There are lots of hapa children in my neighborhood,born from asian women/white men relationships. Most of the hapa children seems happy…
    I do wonder why there is not alot of asian men/white women realtionships vs asian women /white men relationships sometimes.


    • I think you know why there are more Asian women married to white men. Just like all other Asian women, you are afraid to admit it for fear of touching on some uncomfortable truths.


      • I agree, a lot of asian women deny that their relationship with white male is not based on love, but the fact is that deep down inside they do love their supremecy, and they love it when they go out with a non-asian guy to feel superior


  3. I have been reading this blog for a while now and I just couldn’t ignore this topic and couldn’t agree anymore what the writer thought about AFWM relationship.

    I would like to give my insight on Asian women from different part of Asia as well. If I were a white guy and I had to choose an Asian woman to marry with, I will probably only go for Japanese and Thai girl. I would really doubt to marry a girl from China or of Chinese decency.

    Japanese and Thai girl are less likely to be taught about white supremacy. Japan is already a strong country and no need to idolize most western countries. Thailand is the only Asia country which never been dominated by other western countries, so I believe they at least won’t see white people as goddess.

    I would have taken more cautious if I have to deal with a Chinese girl in order to know her motives. These girls are mostly gold-digger and see getting a white guy as boyfriend a trophy. In general, most girls will attract to guys with more wealth the same reason guys attract to young and beautiful girls. But, in Chinese culture, being rich and successful is overrated and the only important thing in a Chinese life. Thus, a Chinese woman will most likely to raise a child who is mentally weak and being materialistic.

    In fact, the whole China is forged with those values. Chinese are strong and smart of course but I doubt they value life as much as the rest of the world. They use bad oil in foods; make the fake eggs even for their own race.

    I had worked in some environments where I had the chance to deal with interracial couple. Many times, I had to deal with those bad behave Chinese women who thought they are more superior than the rest of us because they are married to white guys. This phenomenon is less prominent when the couple is of Asian male and white female though.

    I also like to view pages built by Asian female to show off their relationship with Non-asian guys. Well, of course I believe there are true love in there but it almost encourage more and more Asian girls to look for a non-asian bf blindly just because that looks more cool and make you superior to others. Also, I have seen an Asian woman posted about a picture of her mixed daughter and lamented that she doesn’t look as cute as the other mixed race girl.

    I really don’t care who they married to and how many babies they want to make but those mentality need to be changed and babies are not some weapon you use to show off for their “feeling more superior” sake.
    I am a Chinese so I don’t really hate Chinese. It is kind of sad to see your own race becoming more deteriorated. I am not sure if the writer’s mum is Chinese too but it seems he hate only Asian women but not the Asian values or Asian idolization toward white people. My bottom line is actually that I hope the whole Asia would spend more effort in protecting their own heritage and culture instead of trying to mold themselves into another USA or overly idolize western countries.


    • I have to disagree with you, because a lot of Japanese women and Thai women are also white worshippers, the american propaganda tried half a centry to brainwash them into thinking that white is pretter. Japan (being a defeated country) is actually worse than China, and Thailand and Philipines are the worst of all, a lot of europeans go to thailand to find cheap women (even some lady boys, which is disgusting) because they can’t get any girls in their own country.
      All asian countries have this problem, not just China


    • “My bottom line is actually that I hope the whole Asia would spend more effort in protecting their own heritage and culture instead of trying to mold themselves into another USA or overly idolize western countries.”

      Words of wisdom right there. Wrong about Japan, though, they are notorious for self-hating and undergoing cosmetic surgery to look more “white”. Honestly as a full Asian man, all this insecurity about their own looks is a big turn off. Ironically their attempts to get away from their own selves to look prettier make them look even uglier. I want nothing to do with insecure cunts who had a face lift. I hope this epidemic subsides soon before it corrupts most of our women and genuine women with a real face are hard to find.


  4. Very good read. I really enjoyed it and have no fears or worries of what these Asian women do and of their motives are because at the end, only honesty and true love wins – which I seldom find in WM/AF relationships but only pure denial. They know it and the vast majority knows it.


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