I Will Legitimately Stop Writing If:

Someone can provide an HONEST and COMPLETE answer to the following question:

How are Eurasian males supposed to develop positive identity under the framework of White male fathers impregnating and creating – via the Asian female womb – a Eurasian male who is expected to be proud of being both Asian and White but ONLY under the conditions that his Asian side was subverted through white maleness (and a tall one, at that?)

Unless you’re too stupid to really understand the question.

Oh, gee, if an Asian male points out the interracial dating disparity, he gets considered a racist.

But a Hapa male is held up as being the epitome of intelligence yet you honestly don’t think for a minute that he can look around at all his Hapa friends and realize that Asian males – the same Asian side that he’s supposed to be proud of – are priced out of the market? That the same negative experiences he has as a half-asian male (“I don’t really like Asian guys, sorry”) don’t apply to the personal preferences of his own mother?

You think an Asian male doesn’t internalize the repeated racial taunts delivered from white society and from the Asian women that seek validating through white men?

An Asian male gets called a racist for pointing out that women seem to prefer height and light features – but a Eurasian child can talk among his other Eurasian friends and is too stupid to realize that nearly all of them half tall, light featured fathers, half of whom are social conservatives and white nationalists?

I will legitimately shut this site down tomorrow if a single Asian woman or white male can provide a valid plan of raising their children with a healthy mindset under the duress of the mother being a racist, white supremacist Asian woman, and the father being a white male who tolerates and enables her behavior.

10 thoughts on “I Will Legitimately Stop Writing If:

  1. how can a hapa guy hope to be emotionally healthy when his own parents relationship and even his own existence as a hapa man is a living constant reminder of his inferiority in society’s eyes??


  2. Fuck no. Better that this abomination be condemned by the consequence of it.

    Besides, where else could one go to see how low these cunts are. It’s not as if there any 100% Asian blogs that speak this truth.


  3. Yea, I don’t think a hapa boy of a white father and asian mom can grow up without feeling inferior as a male and as an asian. I figure you can either accept it and come to terms with it, or be miserable and angry.


  4. Hi LFD, I like your drawings. I think it’s cute. 😀

    I also read ALL of your blog post. Am I a happa? No. I’m just a curious Asian male who is curious of why there are so mentaly ill hapas, especially Elliot Rodger, Matthew Grood, the half White, white Asian teen that killed herself because she’s bullied, or the really, really rich hapa girl who did facial abuse porn as her first porn scene (lawl)

    So from my limited understanding, hapa problems stems from this:

    1. Not having enough white privilege, even ought hapas are half white. So hapas can smell and taste white privilege, but they really never get accepted into the white society. They feel that because they’re half asian, they’re looked down upon by the white race.

    This means getting rejected by white women. Hapa want the white pussy but can’t get it because white women want the white guys or the big black dicks (lol), Asians might also be discrimminated in some jobs too.

    1a. Related to point one, the hapa feels an inferior complex. The hapa turns out to be an Asian looking male, and they see themselves as weak because the white man conquered their Mother, and impregnate her.

    This is similar to the reaction when an Asian guy sees a white guy, Asian woman couple, or a white guy seeing a black guy, white woman couple. It angers us becaues it’s part of human nature.

    2. Racism. As a hapa, you get rejected from both races. You may also experience racist because no white privilege. As a white person you will rarely get called a cracka but as an Asian it’s not too far fetched to be called a chink or gook, or be the receiving end of a small dick joke, or that you smell like moth balls, or something racist like that. So because a hapa get “asian men feels” without being fully Asians themselves.

    It’s a very bad and weird feeling, to be a hapa. I think if someone is full Asian, they’re more happy. For some reason, Hapas keep complaining that being an Asian men sucks. I can assure you that some Asian men LOVE being Asian. I think it’s becaue hapas, feeling that they’re half white, don’t get full white privilege, so they rage against how being Asian sucks. (if this makes any sense)

    Anyways, as one users elegantly put it, “Yea, I don’t think a hapa of a white father and asian mom can grow up without feeling inferior as a male and as an asian. I figure you can either accept it and come to terms with it, or be miserable and angry.”

    The best option is probably to move on, just let go of your detachment to you race, and as an individual, live you life happily, instead of having child hood tramua of your beta white dad and white worship Asian mother … just forget about them and live your own life.

    Probably the first step is stop posting in this blog.

    BUT, you can spread awareness of HAPA problems by writing it on your blog. So I think it’s good that you keep writing on this blog, perhaps post a video series or something.

    Anyways, enough of the rambling.

    Thank you for posting in this blog, keep it up. 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment. I think asian men don’t suffer from mental illness as a whole or if they do it is at a smaller rate than occurs in Hapas; hybrid vigor is a documented thing which explains why some Hapas are freakishly large when both parents are short (like Jon Skywalker or Julian Kang), and in the natural world occurs with Ligers, the largest documented cats which surpass both lions and tigers in size. However hybrid vigor is expressed by “open minded” people as being only a positive thing, failing to mention that Ligers, for example, are born sterile or have shorter life expectancies. Hybrid Eurasians (many that I know personally as well) suffer from mental issues, none being as strong as mine, but to an extent we all feel similarly. Hybrid vigor, in this case, can lead to an exacerbation of both the mental issues of father and mother – and in the case of Eurasians, oftentimes it is their mental illness that brought them together in the first place.

      Anyways keep up the good work. The Asian men in my family I admire very much for their strength and wealth and I think this is part of the reason why I have grown to hate women like this so much, including women in my own family.

      I consider what I’m doing as exposing racism, nothing more and nothing less.


      • As an Asian man, I love both my Asian mom and Asian dad.
        Like (Asian-looking I suppose) hapas, Asian men experience the societal imbalance against Asian men, but unlike hapas, we don’t see it manifested at home, which is probably a good thing!


  5. Dear LFD,

    in light of your article which I stumbled upon, I decided that I should let you know the perspective of a white male of breeding age with a love for Asian women.

    First of all, I was always worried how my potential kids would grow up and try to address their identity need. However, I never thought it could lead to situations as serious as your own. First of all, I’m dearly sorry to read what society has done to you and how your family has affected your self image.
    In light of personal events that I have been though I have given more thought to the idea of my own kids and how they’d experience the culture and identity clash. If I were your father, I’d try to let you know the following and hopefully you’d believe all of this too if I were to tell it to you every single day.

    Son, you should know that your mother and I love you beyond reason. You are my flesh and blood and nothing in this whole world makes me prouder than that. You are who you are, half European and half Asian. This means you can be the best of both worlds if you seek it out, but it also comes at a toll. No one will truly accept you in their racial circles for who you are, because you are not exactly like them. But just know that none of that matters. With hindsight in mind, no one cares about your skin color or where you’re from. People that do are often immature and quite insecure as well. You are where you live. So if you live in the USA, you’re American. If you live in Holland, you’re Dutch. If you live in Italy you’re Italian etc. The people whom will take you as you are, are your true friends and you should cherish such relations. You may get mocked in school for being a little different but that goes away at some point.
    What matters is that you’re a man, a real man that people can look up to and admire. You have the power to do great things in your life and both me and your mother will make sure you’ll have all the necessary tools to achieve your goals, however big or small. It is this love that we have for you that makes you so valuable to us and makes every effort we do so much worth it.
    In my life I have learned that for every key, there is a lock. You will try many locks, and you will find out that very few locks can be unlocked by your key. But the ones you do open, open up complete new worlds that makes the unlocked locks look so irrelevant. In life in general, you will fail more often than you’ll succeed. But every success is worth all the effort despite all the obstacles and failures.
    Race is such a silly thing to worry about. The sooner you’ll realize that, the sooner you will understand why I married your mom and why we decided to have you in our life.
    I just want you to know that no matter what, regardless of how you’ll end up in life or whom you’ll end up with, you will always be my son and I will always love you with all my heart.
    Much love,


  6. Asian kids that say that white girls are “out of the market” and that white women never love asians… Have you been to Korea lately? Full of white chicks with “yellow fever.” I’m 5’7 full Korean and I have a white girlfriend. Hit the gym, stop being a scrawny pussy, and change your attitude for fuck’s sakes


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