“Yellow Fever” Doesn’t Exist

Just go on any dating website, Eurasian men, and see how many Asian women are looking for white men. Go take a walk down the street, and look how many Asian women are hanging off of white men; how many are hanging off of you? These women will be future mothers – to Eurasian men, like you, and like me.

Now, go downstairs to wherever your mom is, and look her in the eye knowing she only thought white men, and white lives, and a white child, was worthy of existing on this earth.

Now go look at your dad, and know that he tolerated your mother’s blatant racism because it meant he could get laid – making him a racist himself. Apathy or at least ambivalence about racism isn’t equivalent to racism – but it’s pretty fucking close.

You, Eurasian son, were born of an Asian woman who deliberately sought out a white male on the condition that only whiteness was worthy of going out with, having sex with – nay – reproducing with. Asian patriarchy? Culture? Is that what it is now?

Now go be proud of being a Eurasian.

3 thoughts on ““Yellow Fever” Doesn’t Exist

  1. I would hate to have an Asian mother like that; her husband and ex-boyfriends being all white. But what if you had photo proof that she has Asian exes too?


  2. lets say that the mother had ex-asian-boyfriends, she will be complaining that they are too wimpy, too nice, mama’s-boys, etc.. Or too cheap for not spending enough money on them.


  3. It’s true. Asians, not only Asian women. But even Asian immigrant men are like this. They want to be white. It’s not just Asian women that are to blame for all this bullshit, but their parents. They’re the ones perpetuating it. Are they entirely innocent from this? Of course not! My parents told me that I have to marry white, because all they want is status seeking bullshit. If that isn’t self-hatred, I don’t know what is? Are they proud of being Chinese or are they proud of wanting to be white? After how they told me, I came to the conclusion that white worship is the main thing that is rotting Asian society from the inside out. But the difference is that I know that Asian society itself is already corrupted by white worship. I can no longer respect my parents after the blatant disregard they have for their heritage/culture/etc.


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