Asian Women Don’t Love (They Love Money and Status)


I don’t believe there are innocent Asian woman + White male couples; after opening my eyes to the harshness that these women conduct themselves – I no longer take pride in being born from a woman like this and I would rather to have never been at all; if the majority of them are disgustingly racist, why exactly should I give my mother, or anyone else who says “I’m not like that” – the benefit of the doubt; especially when their partners are all the same? White, white, white (and tall). And that’s merely breeching the whole litany of issues of being born a man of color to a woman who submitted herself to the virtual representation of endemic power on this sick planet we live on.

Remember when I said that I would expose Asian women for what they really were?

There are several semi-visible “progressive” Asian women out there who are vocal in the media and on the internet about the experiences of “mixed race children,” although these women are all uniformly married to white men, and only white men; there is little about Blasians, half-Indian / half-Asian children, half-Hispanic children (unless the guy looks Caucasian), and almost all of the products of these relationships are from Caucasian fathers (even Jewish, which itself represents status and wealth).

How about this one? Here is a woman in Brooklyn named Jenna Park who works as a relatively well known (for all I know) designer and is ironically founder of the “Mixed Race Project,” which like many other Asian women, only became a post-30’s job after she realized that there were consequences to her hatred and that she couldn’t actually turn herself white via association with white men.

Similar to my story, when she was young she married and got pregnant by a tall white guy (it had to be a white guy). My mother, fresh off the boat, literally threw herself at my 6’2″ father and eventually they got married; but several years later she began to savagely hate him, abuse him, call him worthless and even summon the law on him, all out of a sheer hatred for his inability to make money and his general meekness and conservatism, which not by coincidence, are all characteristics of a man who would marry a self-hating and racist Asian woman. (I.e., women who reward a man’s whiteness and nothing else). Another one of my cousins only recently started pushing for a divorce less than four years after marrying her husband – who also is tall but extremely meek, and lacking in lucrative employment (being only a tutor).

Lo and behold, some years after Jenna’s internal Asian hypergamy kicked in and she realized that he wasn’t making enough money. Asian women and people are renowned both among themselves and the larger world for being quite obsessed with money, and any Asian person would attest that this obsession is almost at a genetic level, to the point that it repeatedly resurfaces in international news. It would be funny if it didn’t have such a resemblance to my parent’s own marriage; she had her fun, but now, being an Asian woman, she becomes genetically wired to get money. Which her husband wasn’t providing. Asian women are well known even in China for wanting a house, car and a hu kou (i.e., residency status in a decent city like Beijing or Shanghai). Now, instead of living in the luxury of Beijing or Seoul or even in Manhattan, she’s stuck in a sexless marriage in an overpriced tenement walk-up in Brooklyn.


Literally – almost word for word – this kind of reality surfaces, almost mirroring the experiences of my parents – when they’re young, they want white guys (for whatever reason, lust, superficial status, whiter kids)  – but when they get older – the fantasy of who these men really are breaks down and they realize what could have been; and in my case, what could have been was a centi-millionaire lifestyle like my Chinese relatives, and their healthy, well adjusted children all have. How many other stories like this go untold – stories where the woman only values one thing – race and height – at the expense of EVERYTHING – including the own mental and physical prosperity of her own children?

9fb797a8a87dcb9b522a7d1f3f4fb01bThese people are monsters, MONSTERS, and you should point your fingers at them whenever you see them.

What’s more, she’s the creator of the bullshit afterthought Mixed Race Project; she also admits that when she was young she was a white-washed (read: only dated White men) woman who was able to find a partner because of her privilege of being part of a desirable ethnic gender group. I’m also guessing she was extremely cruel to Asian men, even though she lived in Brooklyn, which is minority white. Yet she still married a white male!

Here’s the question: Should these monsters be forgiven for being racists when they were younger – or should they wait until after they have kids to realize that the privileges they had as an Asian woman and white man actually had consequences? 

59 thoughts on “Asian Women Don’t Love (They Love Money and Status)

  1. In my wife and my relation ship it must be love as when we married I didn’t have any money and she knew this also she doesn’t hate Asian men or her Asian culture so I will call bull on these stories.I would say maybe in some cases it might be true but you can say some Asian women are gold diggers take the Japanese movie star that is 70 something and his wife is 40 something younger than him


  2. asian women + white men are not more numerous, not weirder than the others :
    – asian women + black men
    – asian men + white women
    – asian men + black women
    – white men + black women
    – white men + white women
    – etc…
    Thare are a lot of ugly people, plenty of psychopathes, but 98 % of them are not eurasians, and most of them are not white men who live with an asian woman.


    • af/wm are the number one interracial couples read the stats and af/bm are the least amd the worst.look at any black man dont even look human their kids look like retards you must be a white women with a black man


  3. Err, it’s not the genes, it’s the culture. People born and/or raised in Asian cultures do not have Christian values. Granted, the West has for the most part apostasied from the faith; nevertheless the culture is still permeated with Christian values. One of those values it that life consists of more than material goods.

    That is why in Asian societies people tend to worship money and status more than people do in Western societies. You can explain a lot of things by analyzing a society’s culture–which are beliefs and practices of day to day life. For example in some countries people think that the poor deserve to be poor because of reincarnation and karma.


    • Dude, get out of your fantasy world and get a taste of the real world. You are probably still living with mommy or daddy. If not, your parents might still be giving your adult azz an allowance. Try living on your own and supporting yourself with your own money. I guarantee your ideas will change. Hard work will get you money and respect. Idiotic rhetoric will get you no where. Do us all a favor and quiting providing the lip service.


  4. I completely agree….. EVERY Asian women I have ever known is OBSESSED with status and money. They can be awesome smart, fun and cool but these bitches are money grubbing whores. They will throw anyone and everything under the bus for $$$$$$. Do not be fooled by the whole Hello Kitty. we are “submissive” schitck. They are A LOT like cats – loyal to no one but themselves. They will claw your face off in a hot minute when you’re not expecting it. lol.


  5. Are you fucking serious. You, my dude, are fucked in the head. After the war, my Japanese grandmother came to America to be with my white grandfather. She came from a wealthy and honorable family and he was a middle class guy from Kentucky. They had 5 (FIVE) kids together. He died at the young age of 48 because of heart problems and she never remarried nor saw another man before she passed. Its sad that you hate yourself that much that you are trying to blame an entire gender of a specific race for your own insecurities. Get a grip and go see a psychiatrist.


    • A lot of people say that about asianwomen with white men I’m married to an Okinawan woman have been for 44 years if she was looking for money she picked the wrong white man want think it is love


    • LOL all these people with their personal essays trying to disprove what is a huge phenomenon throughout society. As if one Japanese woman not remarrying in her late 40s somehow disproves the undeniable overall character of the most common interracial pairing in the world. Literally millions of WMAW couples that fit EWs description EXACTLY, but MY DUDE my grandmammy never remarried!! That all I know about her because she was used as a white man’s comfort woman and we didn’t even speak the same language!! So honoburu!! Get a grip!! Fuckity fuck fuck!!


  6. I agree with almost everything you said. Asian women are prostituting themselves in one way or another all over the Western world. Alas, as in every other sexual transaction, the blame should be spread equally between the little Whore who would go with whichever White guy that gave her the time of day, the pimp – the country, the parents, the wars – and [more importantly] the John: the man who takes her home and uses her fear, or need, or weakness to make her do whatever he wants.

    A couple of months back, me [a black woman] and my boyfriend [a liberal white man] were discussing what a black man should say to a white guy who called him “n++++r” – an equally offensive word that describes them to a “t”. And it occurred to me [didn’t tell this to my boyfriend] “Pedo” would work nicely. Because I think there is an element of pedophilia in White men’s fascination with Asian women. And 90% of them are thus fascinated,


  7. A lot of you guys need to work on your reading comprehension. I read a few comments providing anecdotal evidence about Asian women choosing white men despite the man having no money. That is not an argument against the author’s article, that is admission of the very argument he is making. You are backing up what he is saying. The article says that Asian women worship white men for their race, completely looking past any flaws in a relationship with them. And to the guy who said black people look like regards, you are still helping the author who says all of these white men dating Asian women are racists. Great work on your contributions to this blog, everyone.


    • Exactly. There are VERY FEW arguments against this blog, even from Hapas themselves, that don’t inadvertently reaffirm one of the following points

      – Asian women are obsessed with white losers
      – Asian women have incredibly low standards
      – White men who like Asian women are in a breed of their own
      – White racists love Asian women
      – Hapas are arrogant stuck up, confused, closeted miserable people


      • There are still plenty of white women who want to piss off their parents. They’ll shack up with Asians and Blacks.


      • I’m white married to an asian and I call bull on all you have to say I don’t believe you have ever been around any afwm couples I don’t even think even know any asianwomen


  8. To Tomusnr- I respect your view but since you are involved with an Asian woman, your opinion may be biased. I’m not challenging you but only making an observation on your observation. A re-observation if you will


  9. Under the “About This Blog” section, the blogger mentions he’s not against interracial and it’s clear he doesn’t hate every WM/AF couple in existence. He’s only pointing out a negative trend that is unfortunately pretty common in a number of WM/AF pairings.

    Pretty much every WM or AF that comes here trying to prove the blog wrong, has something she/he is trying to cover up. If you guys weren’t guilty of the behaviors mentioned here, then you wouldn’t be so defensive.


  10. Cherry picking things to support your ridiculous agenda.

    Focus on bettering yourself and maybe you’ll star enjoying life a little.


  11. Don’t take this wrong, but you might be going overboard on the characterization of Asian woman as soulless devils. Kind of reminded me of Tommy Sotomayor talking about black women as “BT-1000s.” This, for example:


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