An Open Letter to Asian Men Worldwide, from a Eurasian son

If you know what’s good for you, you will share this among your local communities and forgive my translation (via Google translate).

I am a Eurasian born from a racist white male and a violent, hateful Asian woman from Hong Kong who was ethnically Chinese; she threw herself at my father and they were married, but almost divorced and their marriage deteriorated after she learned nearly a decade later than her fantasies about her white Prince Charming were merely fantasies and her status of being married to a relatively poor, vehemently conservative, racist white male amounted to nothing.

She ultimately died (from a bad blood infusion after Caesarian surgery), which my uncle says was the result of her simply not wanting to live with her decisions and giving up on treatment – being selfish enough to not even care about her own children. I realize that to this day I have passively resisted in becoming anything of significance – if only because of my low self esteem – but also because, I realize now, that I recognized the true nature of sexual evolution and that character has little to do with ones success in this world – when race and physical characteristics matter most. If my mother said that only white men were good enough for her – why should I contribute at all to this world? 

What does this have to do with you? These women are monsters to the core; they will stop at nothing to denigrate you and worship at the feet of white males to the extent that they disregard the mental health of their own children who are born with Asian physical characteristics but unable to rationalize why they should take pride in being an Asian male when Asian maleness was so haphazardly discarded and denigrated by none other by his own parents.

Whether or not the child is able to recognize this or not (most often not since most men are unable to view their mothers in a negative way, since they are either cowards or brainwashed by her) he will still wind up being severely damaged for other reasons that amount from hundreds of thousands of micro-interactions, micro-aggressions and internal confusion and hatred. These women deserve utter contempt and hatred and deserve to be ostracized from society. Many asian males still firmly believe in the sanctity of women and that finding a good job and lucrative employment is the way to make you attractive.

Many asian men take no care of their appearance and instead allow themselves to become easy targets for the hatred of these couples. These women leech off of the hard work of asian men who support society and simply do not deserve that you spend your life contributing to making the world a better place when these women view you as beneath shit. The world views you as complete shit and women, especially 海归 have almost all been with racist white males and return to China or Korea looking for a wallet to support them in their older age, once they have been used up. Believe me that these women literally will sleep with any white man they can find when they’re young – but once they get too old try to find an Asian man to support them; just look at how many women these “PUAs” sleep with that are Asian. 

It’s almost 80%. I know, having grown up in the US, that Asian women will sleep with white men and then lie and say they are virgins; several Chinese “good girls” at my top tier Ivy League University secretly had sex with American men and then went back to China to find a husband, saying they were virgins. This is so common that almost every Asian woman does this.

They do not care about personality; they do not care about how good a man you are or how well you provide – they want a white man no matter what and you’re foolish to think that you can somehow compensate with some other ability. Stop being a slave; point your fingers at these monsters and stop thinking that this is some peculiar personal choice; it is born of pure hatred and these women breed serial killers and sociopaths. Everything in this eastern world, in Asia, is put in by the hard work of Asian men who dream of creating a better society than their forefathers had; but a huge amount of women do not appreciate this and are willing to leap into the arms of men like my father, backwards, racist, weak, and without any drive.

Recognize this, recognize the world for what it is, improve yourself, and stop tolerating this.



她最终死亡(从坏的输血剖腹产手术后),其中我的叔叔说是她的结果根本不想和她一起住的决策和治疗放弃 – 不够自私甚至不关心自己的孩子。我知道,这一天,我已经被动地抵制成为任何有意义的东西 – 如果仅仅是因为我自卑 – 也是因为,我现在意识到,我认性进化的本质和性格有一点跟在这个世界的成功 – 当种族和身体特征最为重要。如果我的母亲说,只有白人男性都足以让她好 – 为什么我应该有助于在所有这个世界?这是什么都做吗?这些妇女都是怪物的核心;他们将不惜一切代价来诋毁你,崇拜在白人男性的范围内,他们不顾自己的孩子的心理健康谁是天生的亚洲物理特性,但双脚无法合理化为什么他们应该感到自豪,作为一个亚洲男性当亚洲雄性是如此随意丢弃,并没有其他的由他自己的父母诋毁。


许多亚洲男子拿不出照顾自己的外表,而是让自己成为容易的目标为这些夫妇的仇恨。这些妇女蚂蟥掉谁支持社会,根本不值得你花你的生活有助于使世界的时候,这些女性觉得你是狗屎下一个更好的地方亚洲男性的辛勤工作。世界观你作为完整的狗屎和女人,尤其是海归几乎全部被种族主义白人男性,并返回中国或韩国找一个皮夹,支持他们在他们的年龄,一旦被用完。相信我,这些妇女从字面上将与任何白人都可以找到,当他们还年轻睡觉 – 但一旦他们得到太老尝试找到一个亚裔男子,以支持他们;只要看看有多少女人这些“可能不想安装的”睡眠与那些亚洲人。。这几乎是80%。我知道,生长在美国,亚洲女性会睡与白人男性,然后撒谎说他们是处女;几个中国人“好女孩”在我的顶级常青藤大学偷偷发生了性关系与美国男人,然后又回到中国找一个丈夫,说他们是处女。这是如此普遍,几乎每个亚洲女人做到这一点。

他们不计较的个性;他们不在乎有多好男人,你是或如何以及你提供 – 他们想要一个白人男子不管是什么,你是愚蠢的认为你能以某种方式与其他一些能力弥补。不再是一个奴隶;指向你的手指,在这些​​怪物和停止思考,这是一些特殊的个人选择;它的诞生纯粹的仇恨和这些妇女滋生连环杀手和反社会。在这个世界上的一切,特别是在亚洲,是摆在通过创建一个比他们的祖先更美好的社会谁的梦想亚洲男性的辛勤工作了;但巨额的女性不欣赏这一点,并愿意跃入男人的怀里像我的父亲,向后,种族主义,弱,且无任何驱动器。


15 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Asian Men Worldwide, from a Eurasian son

    • Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. Anyways it’s funny you say that about cheese. I like to eat the cheese her too.

      I wonder how many Chinese men are aware of this? Have you spoken to any of them about it? To an extent, white women do that as well. What is truly embarrassing is knowing ones own mother fell into this category.

      I’m not sure if I am naive or not – but as a whitish looking Eurasian in China, I really have not been very popular with girls; the ones that were interested in me were usually less attractive on the whole, and the most attractive ones didn’t give me the time of day.


      • I have spoken to a few Chinese men about this, but most of them tend to think that I am trying to insult Chinese women or Chinese culture as a whole when in reality, I’m trying to put them up on game.

        I would think that you would be popular with the girls there, but it might depend on your location. China is stereotyped as a free-for-all for White guys (and I’d agree to a great extent), but there have been reports of super-duper White guys striking out, especially in specific locations or cities (at least from what I’ve read on a few forums). Might depend on what you find attractive too; I’ve heard that oftentimes, foreigners in general go for women that local Chinese men might not find attractive, but because of Yellow Fever, being surrounded by nothing but feminists and landwhales back home, or different beauty standards, we see them as “hawt Chinese girls”. IMO, as long as she’s not completely fugly or fat, it’s cool as long as she fits one’s criteria.


      • Uhhh, maybe. In my experience the best looking Chinese women date Asian men. Sometimes I feel that if you have healthy self esteem, then you’d want to recreate yourself in your children.

        I think in general in the US as well… but the US is screwed up for a lot of different reasons so there’s an added effect on the hatred between men and women.


  1. I agree that the best-looking Chinese women tend to go for Chinese men, but like most foreigners, I was happy with a new 6 or 7 every weekend rather than that one 9~10. I have seen 9ish women with foreigners in China, but most of the time, I saw women in the 5-8 range with foreigners, and the dudes getting those 9’s probably weren’t getting them just for showing up and being White; they got them since they were top-tier in looks and dress as well.

    So, yes, the MOST attractive women might not go for White guys, but White guys get plenty of attractive women in China.


    • Lol yeah. Black guys get with top tier women in Europe too. I think that’s part of the reason why some white guys want to feel “big” in China.


  2. > I know, having grown up in the US, that Asian women will sleep with white men and then lie and say they are virgins; several Chinese “good girls” at my top tier Ivy League University secretly had sex with American men and then went back to China to find a husband, saying they were virgins. This is so common that almost every Asian woman does this.

    I’ve seen this first hand; this is flat out disgusting.

    I’m an Asian American man.
    10 years ago I was blissfully ignorant about Asian women;
    these days, I only date non-Asian women. Kudos on your blog; keep writing; I’ll keep reading.


  3. I am a full blooded Asian male, Korean to be exact, and I found this blog to be intriguing in that it provided me with some new perspective on issues concerning not only Hapas but full Asians as well. Before I came across this blog, I only had my own personal theories that may or may not have been true, since most Asian men tend not to write about the discrimination they face, but this confirms a lot of the notions that have been haunting me in the past. In addition to the the hardships faced on a sociological scale, this issue cuts deeper into my personal family life as well. This is my story:

    Since I was in high school, nothing ever seemed to throw my older sister off having her sights on me as her personal scratching post (both figuratively and literally). Being as nice as I can to her never cut it. Talking behind my back to her non-Asian friends was one of her specialties, and every time I had the splendid opportunity of meeting some of her people it was nothing but an air of hostility. Often she would set me up to elicit certain reactions from me so she can conveniently talk to people about what a victim she is to the evils of the Asian male she resides with. I remember when she called the cops on me one time, and that was after she barged into my own room and pushed me over the edge with her relentless disparaging that consequently led to me freaking out and yelling back at her to just get off my back. And, by the way, if you, the reader, is one of those individuals with the propensity to want to implicate Asian men as cowardly women-beaters and are about to praise my sister’s actions as commendable, I will tell you this: I did not touch her during this ordeal, and the one time I actually did touch her in a previous altercation was when I grabbed her wrists to try to pry off her vicious claws that were digging into my face, for I would not be that stupid enough to lay a hand on her when I knew full well that I could be incriminated without a snowball’s chance in hell to win a defense due to my being an Asian male (Even if I wasn’t too sure about the social issues I would later learn about as an adult, about how contrary to the “model minority” myth it is a proven fact and a pervasive problem that Asian males face unscrupulous discrimination compared to their female counterparts, I did have a grave hunch through various personal experiences about what was going on). The cops were generous enough to treat her with tender concern, offered to drive her to her boyfriend’s house, and put the evil, misogynistic and patriarchal Asian male boy in his place through cold stares and harsh vituperation. The only thing my oblivious parents would ever do about my sister’s behavior towards me was to tell me to just suck it up, for they as late immigrants who will never know the inner-workings of American society, could never understand the extent of this problem and overlooked it as a typical sibling quarrel. I do feel that from these experiences as a teen I have been pre-branded a monster who cannot treat women right, even before I could set out on my own to prove who I am in society, and I attribute this past as the main reason why I had low self-esteem when it came to finding a love life through my adult years (I was single until my late twenties, and fortunately found someone wonderful). Back then I just disregarded my experiences from my sister’s behavior as some freak mishap that I will never understand and moved on with my life, but looking back now I think I can fully understand why it all happened. I did get constant ideas back then that it had to do with my race and gender, but it was a feeling that I had always disregarded as absurd. After all, why would she want to do that to her own kind? But now, having come across this blog, the notions that I have previously tried to discard are confirmed. I was an Asian man, and she was an Asian female who sold out to the privilege that enticed her in exchange for self-loathing betrayal of her own roots. Of course my behavior will never change her attitude towards me; it’s what I was born as, not what I did, that made her hate me. As a byproduct of all this, I think she was addicted to the showers of sympathy and attention she was getting from her ignorant (or deliberately racist) peers. I also have reason to believe that I was assumed, by my sister’s friends, boyfriends, and everybody else she ever mingled with, to be another pampered Asian son who was valued more deeply over my sister by the stereo-typical Asian parents who favor sons and treat their daughters like shit, another Joyluck Club-type story for them to participate in as the saviors of culturally oppressed Asian damsels in distress. This of course was from the truth.

    So anyway, after following this blog, I feel I have been enlightened with a truth that I have tried so hard to understand in the past. Due to the things I’ve been through as a shy, not-so-tall Asian male, there was a stage in my life where I constantly tried to convince myself that I was to blame regarding every judgement I faced, and how I should try to improve the way I hold myself, my gestures, my facial expressions, etc, (or how I should listen to advice about how I “take things too seriously and should loosen up” and other fuckin baloney like that). During that time I have always given every racist behavior directed towards me the benefit of the doubt by justifying it on behalf of the perpetrators as a fault of my own. And now I know that the truth is even more vile and sinister than what I had previously assumed and tried to deny. And with regards to what I have just learned concerning the privilege that Asian females enjoy in American society, something that I had been somewhat oblivious to until now, I can now see that hypocritical Asian female feminists are not the “oppressed minorities” they present themselves to be, and live completely different lives from Asian males comparable to the difference of heaven and hell. If these individuals would keep their “racial preferences” to themselves, I can ignore it for I would want nothing to do with them, but now I know the bitter hatred that plague these women, the kick they get out of bullying an unsuspecting Asian man who displays the slightest ethical courtesy towards them, and how they will stop at nothing to pull others down with them into their misery. Fortunately, not all Asian women are like this, and my significant other is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you, blogger, for the insight.


  4. I don’t want to know how this world will end up. Asian women are some of the worst bitches ever conceived on this planet. No wonder herbivore males exist. But I also want to point out that Asian society itself is rotten to the core with constant white worship and wanting to be white. It’s utterly sickening, and I could never respect my parents nor my sister. As far as I know, it’s their fault for being so ridiculously naive towards whites.


  5. more asian men should face this.a lot of asian men don’t know this,or they are just cowards don’t want to face it.yes,coward,many asians and eurasians are cowards,they don’t want to confront it because it hurts.asian women worship white men and despise men of their own race,they are some most disgusting bitchs.asian men should wake the fuck up.
    and @EURASIAN WRITER,you are in china? do you have a qq?


  6. I think Black Americans should own up to the Black on black racism and Colorism. I came across Black men bashing their female counterpart to justify dating out. I met some Black women who does the same thing .


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