The Ongoing Eurasian Civil War

Hapas and their troubles is something the world is really mum about. The question is why?

My theory is that it’s because the modern narrative wants to believe that all mixed race children are just fine; moreover the modern narrative despite being liberal is white dominated and Asian females parlay just fine into this narrative as a convenient alternative to white women, while at the same time remaining evidence of non-racism (like a token black guy).

Yours truly sparked a rather heated debate on Reddit last night – and since then have been repeatedly insulted, having questioned my mental health, calling me violent, even going so far as to say that I am going to join ISIS (re: closeted Islamophobia and racism masquerading, once again, as part of the liberal, American agenda).

Notwithstanding the criticism – I am intense, I am passionate, and I am outspoken – oftentimes which gets maligned by the powers that be as being mentally ill (is this the first time this has happened, Galileo?); but why is it that talking about Eurasian issues gets met with such hostility? I didn’t say a single thing that would indicate a propensity towards violence – yet people are legitimately trembling in their boots because I have the audacity to challenge the status quo.

It’s a lose-lose trying to argue about Eurasian issues; for one, people are terrified of being called insane (like I have been) for pointing out these issues. At the same time, people like Elliot, the dozens of Eurasian pornstars, the spate of Eurasians in the news recently, existed almost specifically because of the ugliness of their parents. Is it so far fetched to assume that being Eurasian actually has an effect on the psyche of an individual?

On Reddit, /r/Whasians was created last night as an alternative to /r/Hapas after I went on the defensive (against dozens of people) about the dangers that Eurasians face as being born from racist (or racist-tolerant) parents.

On /r/Whasians, they have already started to ban any dissenting talk that goes against the liberal myth of equality, and the mod, of course is a white nationalist’s son (or daughter?) fully embracing the party line, having little idea of what life is like for Asians outside of his / her comfortable, Northern Massachusetts suburban paradise; conveniently I imagine she or he is only attracted to whites (blacks, Asians, Indians and Hispanics need not apply).

Keep in mind that in the defense of /r/Hapas, one of our frequent poster is a Eurasian woman; and we all know how much Redditor’s value the opinion of women – which I agree with – because Eurasian WOMEN suffer in ways, and are more willing to acknowledge the racist aspects of their father (having taken advantage of white privilege and Asian white-worship) to create a life.


The biggest difference between Hapas and Whasians?

/r/Whasians believe:

  • A) There is very little to say about the imbalance of power between Asians and whites, and that the historical pairing between White men and women of color is not problematic because of its implications of superiority, conquest, and colonization. Not once in my entire life have I ever considered calling myself Whasian – because of the nonsensical nature of the word, and because it ignores the ugly history of Hapas written by people like Kip Fulbeck. Hapas and Eurasians is the PROPER word, having been defined long, long, long before our time as being the pairing of colonists and local women.
  • B) That being Eurasian equates to being White WITH Asian (i.e., “I’m White! But I have a bit of Asian), rather than a blend of the two races that acknowledges the racism that the Asian side faces versus the privilege that the white side brings.
  • C) That Eurasians should defer to whites; accept their place in the world as being the honest progression of mankind wherein, and only wherein, the Asianness is subjugated by the Whiteness; hence the justification of “racial preferences” – which is the single largest flaw in the modern liberal argument that exists in 2015 (i.e., personality is everything – but ones race can also make him or her less attractive; classic Double-Think).
  • D) Only through casual viewing, it seems that most /r/Whasians seem to ride on the coattails of their white fathers, and have virtually no problem with the historical implications and the denigration of the Asian male; I suspect the majority of Whasians either are fully Americanized, have little contact with their mother’s culture, and / or masquerade as liberals while embracing the white-supremacist American lie that “white is right” (i.e., see that many of them are “only attracted” to white women). In a way, Whasians who embrace whiteness have more in common with Elliot Rodger than the Eurasians who seek to explore their non-white culture and embrace it (as have I).


In short, Whasians legitimately buy into the lie of American equality, fail to recognize the inequalities suffered by Asians to the current day, are entirely disconnected from their cultures, and continue to support the myth that there is little of consequence to history and the reaffirmation of inferiority that infects something as very minor as human interrelations.

3 thoughts on “The Ongoing Eurasian Civil War

  1. I didn’t really think of the WMAF thing as a big deal until now. After reading through a bunch of these posts online and seeing the problems that Eurasians have, not only mentally, but in society as well. The only thing I have to say is how many more Elliot Rodgers’ have to happen before people recognize this as a serious issue?


  2. I Agree with you on almost everything you said. I have experience enough asian women (especially the asian feminsts) who think that I’m inferior than them.
    most of the time, they’d go for white guys
    However, it’s not just white guys, those self-hating asian women would date anyone other than asian, including blacks, and even muslims (even tho muslim men are the most partriachic men on earth, those asian feminists does not care about women’s right at all, they only care about how they get back at their asian male counterparts, and they claim that muslims respect women better)
    I’ve seen a lot of Chinese girls dating black guys and talked about how shitty asian guys are.

    So I think the No.1 quality they are looking for is not being white, is being non-asian. That’s the only thing I disagree with you on.


  3. asian women + white men are not more numerous, not weirder than the others :
    – asian women + black men
    – asian men + white women
    – asian men + black women
    – white men + black women
    – etc…
    Thare are a lot of ugly people, plenty of psychopathes, but 98 % of them are not eurasians, and most of them are not white men who live with an asian woman.


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