Our Parents lacked Empathy

What is empathy?

Well, let’s start with another question. If you go on any dating website and look around, you’ll see several Asian women who have only “Caucasian” written.

Now, just imagine for a second that this individual became a mother to a Eurasian son. How could he ever rationalize or come to terms with such a binary way that the world existed in the eyes of his parents? Not a single Asian man was even considered for reproduction, and the only way a child was even permitted to breathe the air in this world was with an infusion from a white male. How could a son ever really accept this? There is no rational way that these things can continue to be explained away through culture, when the bulk of Hapas are raised – suddenly, as if – with careful concern for our Asian culture?

It’s practically all over the internet with women like Deanna Fei or other “prominent” Asian women who force their native culture onto their sons – learning the language, eating the food, exploring their ancestral countries, yet for whatever reason, this comes only as an afterthought once we are born to a white father. It’s almost comedic how this hypocrisy strikes home – why not skip the whole cultural integration thing as it’s clear that our mother wanted to get away from it? And in that way – it’s obvious that the bulk of Asian mothers of Hapas teach them cultural cues as merely a way to atone.

The son, at the end of the day, could never replicate the fantasy lifestyle she had for herself; the buck literally stopped at childbirth. An entire life ingratiating herself to whites (please don’t lie to us about this, I see damn well how Asian women behave around white men), and then as if by magic we are suddenly taught to be proud of being Asian! Skip the bullshit, and throw out the chopsticks because it’s too goddamn late for that.

Of course, your mother probably wasn’t like that. After all – what kind of monster would lie to her own child about her past? I’ll tell you who: the kind who lived their young lives enjoying their privilege in the arms of white males and then suddenly has a a great change of perspective once her son looks just like the invisible men in society.

The only Hapas that are happy are the ones who are too young to realize the brutal nature of human kind, how some lives are worth less than others.

Most Asian men know, despite everything, that their mother’s love was unconditional for them; a Hapa can never really know. After all, look how many conditions Asian women have. Usually it’s just one: White.

This world is fucking laughable.

4 thoughts on “Our Parents lacked Empathy

  1. there’s something I want to mention.
    There is an increasing number of Asian male dating non-asian females. And the funny thing is that the good asian females (the ones who stick to their own race) were comparatively ok with it, but the sellout whores tend to be very furious about it.
    I think the reason is because the good ones notice there are still more asian females marrying out and they think that the more asian male marrying out could make it equal, that’s why they are ok with it.
    However the bad ones (the ones that hates men of their own race) do not want to give up their privileges, they still want to hold their superiority complex towards their male counterpart, that’s why they hate it when an asian man dates out much more than asian men hate asian women dates out.

    I often hear that some self-hating asian women laugh at white/black girls who wants to find an asian guy and they try very hard to convince girls of all races to not go for asian guys.

    Also, the self-hating asian women tend to show their madness even when they see an asian guy with a hot non-asian girl on the street. Which is quite ironic because they always tell people that love is colourblind and it’s 21st centry we all have to accept and be open minded, but they are the ones that are the most close minded, just because they still want to believe that they are superiour. (when more asian men dates out, then they won’t be superior anymore)

    Well I always believe the law of karma, therefore people will get what they deserve at last.


    • on a side note:
      when I visit the Chinese feminist forum (such as baidu), they all love it when a Chinese woman marry a white man, but never hide their hatred when they see a Chinese man marrying a white lady. they also do not hide their superiority complex.
      You can clearly tell that the reason is because they are too relying on their superiority complex and hate it when they lose it. which is why they don’t look for gender equality, they look for gender and racial superiority.


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