Comments from around the web that I found interesting

All from other Hapas.

[–]Cbooze 2 points 3 days ago Link This is why I fucking hate asian women like my mother. Some of them only start to care when they notice their own children are suffering. The most infuriating thing is that they when they seek some kind of desperate help they call on the Asian community! Are you kidding me? You ask the very community you turned your back on???? A community where half the population you fucking publicly despise??? I remember reading an article about how this stupid asian bitch was so happy when Jeremy Lin came on the scene beacause her half-asian son could finally have someone to look up to!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA. Is this for real? How ironic and how fucking pathetic can these asian women be? These idiots are using a full blooded asian man achievement as some kind self esteem boost for their mutant kid….. A full blooded Asian man….the kind that these women fucking despise. What kind of sick comedy is this? Why not use Travis ishikawa, Marcel nguyen, Julian Kang, Kelly Hu, Lyoto Machida, Alexa Chung, Chloe Bennet, Mylène Jampanoï Brandon Lee or the other long fucking list of wholesome succesful half-asian people?? Why Not??? Is it….is it… beacause all of them have gasp white mothers

4 thoughts on “Comments from around the web that I found interesting

  1. this blog is extremely racist and also sexist and WordPress should have taken this blog down long time ago.

    to the blog administrator:
    Chinese women with white men are the best couples in the world and they produce healthy loving mixed offspring and they are loved by people the world over because they have western name with Chinese blood and they are in demand in the fashion industry and the media in China and across Asia,

    Chinese men with white women? What a joke. they product loser kids with low IQ. Besides, they would be so ashamed of their fathers of being so white-worshiping and ashamed of marrying Asian women. These white-worshiping Chinese men (Chinaman) are pathetic losers!


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