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I find when white men online say hateful things, their apologists like to brush it off, as oh thats just a troll. Even IRL they can say, oh hes just one guy. But those excuses don’t work.

The last election results 64% of white males voted for the Republican Party. Its not just that they are conservative but that they have become the party of White Nationalism. I don’t mean Heil Hitler rallies, but they represent the interests of the disgruntled white male who feels he has lost his country. And remember that 64% is the total US white male population, including all the supposed hip, liberal, open-minded blue states.

Just look at the 2012 election results for white males

The white male rage is real, and their new frontier across the Pacific is the solution for many of them. The hypocrisy is that much of their anger is driven by white women dating Black and Muslim men. But imagine if 40% of white women were only dating Black men and excluding whites. How batshit insane would the white man go under those circumstances? We Hapas have to live with it, and be born of it, and yet the same angry white men have the nerve to just laugh off our problems and call us racist.

Similarly when I first came to China I had internalized white supremacist ideals as a way to compensate for my poor self-esteem; white women with black males was a particular trigger for me.

I would say that not all white males are racist but a lot are. I myself have had to combat negative impressions I had about Asians for a long time; (I respected them as people but was not able to come to terms with my Asian appearance, judging myself much harder than even other people judged me). It’s easy for white men to internalize their “marginalization” in society and take it out on people they see as easy targets – Asians.

Even if these sentiments are casual and subconscious, they still exist, and then their own children internalize them, one way or another, and if they’re not properly dealt with, then you have outbursts like ER.

Similarly if a child is raised to be both white enough to benefit from white privilege, yet not white enough to deal with the sexual / psychological / social marginalization that comes from casual and overt white racism, the child is at a unique risk for self-implosion and self-hatred.

My definition of white privilege is as follows: being white means that you are objectively viewed as “neutral” (a positive) rather than being instantly associated as a negative, unless you are exceptional, after which you are viewed as “exceptional.”

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wm/af = (almost) always complete beta faggot of a white guy + ugly-ass Asian woman

am/wf = across the whole spectrum, though one thing is clear: the wf cares a LOT more about her Asian kids than the af does. Afterall, if the Asian woman had her way, the kids would come out as pale as a piece of paper!

So yes, both relationships do attract different people, BUT it is the attitude that gets them into these relationship that is more fucked up…and I don’t think we need to explain the motives behind these ‘relationships’ here lol

I do suspect that my mother treated me different based on my “whiter” appearance. As I grew older my appearance became more Asian and ultimately I suspect that when I am 50 I will look completely Chinese; growing up being raised to value my White side more, left me ill equipped to understand my role in the world as a Eurasian man living in a white-dominated culture.

As I got older, I started to look more Asian (I guess by the time I’m 50 I’ll look completely Chinese) which became less compatible with what I was taught, especially since my dad is / was a white nationalist type.

I guess the point is regardless if there are good normal Hapa boys out there, the confusion alone combined with elevated risk for mental heath / inherited psychological flaws puts them at special risk. And if the parents are racist (which they probably will be in some cases, not all) the child has little recourse to deal with it especially if he looks completely Asian.

Part of the whole “not being white” thing is survivable only because one has parents that teach one to cope in a very hostile environment.

Additional Observations from Reddit; commentary


I didn’t realize something was wrong until well into my 20’s, but growing up, I was crazy, very crazy to an abnormal amount; I knew I was crazy but never understood why. Obsession with looks for example, and going into a deep suicidal depression when a photograph I took looked “Asian;” becoming enraged when someone made a comment about my Asian appearance, etc. Piggybacking onto other cultures to appear more white, like white nationalism, Russian culture, etc, judging myself even harder than other people judged me. On top of that I was deprived of a normal method by which to grow up as a functioning citizen, i.e., realizing the importance of ignoring negativity, and focusing more on developing myself as a member of society that would be able to survive and contribute. My father’s fanatical religion / paleoconservatism and Asperger’s on top of my mother’s fragile mental state and self-hatred was inherited by me, which itself would be a toxic combination.

(Edit: it now occurs to me that the purpose of this blog is to inform not Asian people, but White people, of the dangers of these couplings. Again, not all are bad, but I think they should be looked at askew because of the potential damage to the children; Whites seem possibly more objective on the subject and I doubt any Asian woman intent enough on doing what she wants, would ever admit to the tremendous psychological damage she causes to her children). 

On Racial Preferences and White Privilege

Not that anyone reads long posts, but, it’s worth noting that I disagree with racial “preferences” and I think that anyone who exhibits them as some psychological trauma or otherwise mental illness – which makes for terrible upbringing for the children.

When I was young, and to this date, I still feel a pang of guilt when the only two girls who asked me to my prom, when I was 17, were both black, from the inner city (Harlem and the Bronx, respectively). I turned them down, one, because I was quite shy even though she was very beautiful, and the other because I did not find her attractive.

It’s also worth noting at that time I was completely colorblind. Most white people claim to be colorblind – but growing up in New York City from childbirth, one is so inundated with “diversity” that differences in race account to nothing more than superficial differences in appearance; my father being one of the only five or six Wasp type people I ever really encountered until I entered college. This is something only a native New Yorker can really ever understand – in some places, like my neighborhood, you could have gone days without seeing a white person.

One of these young girls, and her mother, would drive me from my high school to my uncle’s very wealthy residence about 15 blocks away, almost every day, for two years. I would be extremely embarrassed when they dropped me off, in their really beat up Toyota Camry, and set me in front of what is equivalent to a mansion in Manhattan.

Years later, after entering college, I entered a “white nationalist” phase, coincidentally after being around a heavy population of white people for the first time. It was then that I became keenly aware of my race, of the heavy racism and sexual dynamics found around the rest of the country, and when I found out that a girl I liked preferred black men over Asian men (her words), I became very distraught on realizing that the world worked in this way; from there the dominos in my psyche fell. It didn’t help that my father was a life long racist (as was my mother) who had, when I was a kid, instilled me with racism against blacks which I ignored for a very long time but lingered in my unconsciousness.

You are an absolute fool, if in 2015, you do not realize that race plays a huge part of every day interactions – if anything, it plays a massive, massive role in how we conduct our relationships with other human beings – particularly romantically.  As I got older I realized that yes, my father and mother probably got together out of fear of black people; a duo forged against the patent liberalism of the late 70’s in America. My dislike of black people was almost instrinsically forced on me by my parents and my desire to be considered sexually desirable made me want to throw away my Asian side and my defined as White. It is only in America that we are defined so heavily by our race and it took me a very long time to get away from this mentality, one forced on me by white America and its lackeys (self-hating people of color) – my very own parents.

As a Eurasian I would suggest, above all things, that anyone in an interracial relationship really examine their motives for what they do before more and more tragedies unfold. The ultimate purpose of this website is to expose and help end racism. And as a Eurasian who looks predominantly white I am the very first person to admit that I am extremely privileged over all men of color (in life, in dating, and in work), and while I could very well take pride in it – I no longer want to.

Eurasian Mental Illness Avoided: Example #2, Amy Tan

Why didn’t Amy Tan ever have children?

Amy Tan is one of the most renowned Asian American writers in the world – and lo and behold, she’s married to a white guy and has been for 30 years.

She is also one of the most outspoken critics of “Asian patriarchal Confucian culture” – the same Asian patriarchy that has my wife’s father cooking the entire family dinner every night, doing the dishes, while we all sit around watching TV.

I have found a pattern of very ugly Asian women being the most outspoken feminists – from her, to Louise Hung, to Esther Ku – all of whom are able to leverage their vagina and society’s blatantly pedophilic yellow fever to it’s advantage to secure a partner, and to secure attention from the white male power structure.

The upside of this is that the uglier the Asian woman, the higher the chance she harbors extreme bias against her own culture, while harboring positive stereotypes of whatever culture gets a hard-on for her, in this case, weird white men. As a result, feminism and extremism because an outlet for their frustrations at a culture that they place unfair generalizations on, simply because of their (due) anger at the world at being born looking pretty goddamned ugly.

The downside of this is that the uglier the Asian woman, the more hatred she internalizes, the more mentally-unsound fetishization she does of the white majority, hence the more mentally unstable she is; on top of this, the uglier the Asian woman – the more Asian her child will look – giving the kid the double blow of death of being both an Asian male born from a white father, and being mentally ill with severe self hatred pre-installed.

The Eurasian Check-list: How many do you tick?

The “well-adjusted” Hapa is merely someone too delusional to think that within the 30 or so years before he was born that his parents did not have virtually all of the negative and poisonous qualities of Asian women / white male pairings that can be seen every day, in 2015, walking down the street.

1) Father was a racist Neo-Nazi / paleoconservative / Asperger’s nerd who found a haven in Asia and Asian culture; the “alternative” to a now-degenerate western culture and white-female feminism? Check.

2) Father was rejected by white females because of severe emotional deficiency / lack of height or physical attributes (not height in my case, but maybe some other deficiency) / extremist beliefs that could only be tolerated by a female with a strong tendency towards hypergamy and willing to excuse any negative behavior as long as her partner was white? Check.

3) Mother was largely unattractive and hated her own appearance? Check.

4) Mother despised her own alienation from the predominantly white community around her, became very hostile to others of her race, and was quite happy that her child looked “whiter” if not white – making her essentially a glorified whore? Check.

5) Mother was promiscuous with white men, and white men only, and probably to this day unwilling to admit that Asian men do nothing for her? I don’t know and don’t want to think about it; but probably, check.

6) Mother used her position as an Asian woman in a relationship with a white man to elevate herself above her community – the same community that her own child will be excluded from despite bearing strikingly similar physical characteristics with? Check.

7) Mother thought that Asian men were not worth her time – yet her own son is still considered Asian by the outside world? Both mother and father were completely unable to instill any self-esteem in their children since their entire relationship was based around race and neither had the experience or moral wherewithal too consider what it would be like for a Eurasian / Asian son to exist in the world? Check.

“Not all Asian women / White male couples are bad;” But what happens when there is one that is?

I’m 100% certain there are couples out there that are not stereotypical nor fit any sort of profile.

But we all know very well that there are many asian women out there with white fetishes – whereby it is clear by looking at their requirements, the way they act (promiscuity), and their harshness to Asian men.

So, assuming these people eventually have children (assuming they don’t grow older and suddenly go back to Asian men for the money) – what kind of mental horror would this inflict on the male child? Beyond the very emotionally based desire for “cute Hapas” – which eventually grow into adults, what is the plan to raise these children past a childhood in which they are valued only for their “cuteness,” without any solid consideration of their mental health?

In all the time I have been writing, I have never yet received a single answer from an Asian woman, a white male, or any other party: how is a Eurasian looking child supposed to have healthy self esteem, or even a healthy mental state, knowing his mother harbored these views?

Since it’s patently obvious that this will fall on death ears (despite the fact that I repeatedly posted pictures from my own childhood and took them off out of fear of being doxxed by my own family), I legitimately beg anyone reading this to consider their actions on their own children. If I had the chance, I would have literally begged my father to not have children.

Interesting Comments from around the Web, 2: “Eurasian Males are at the epicenter of the crisis of American Sexuality.”


I’d go so far as to say that Eurasian males are indeed on the forefront of the new world – the leading edge of the charge into the mixed race utopia. And it’s such a shame that we’re all so crazy and will wind up being failures. (I admit that the following might be construed as offensive to white people – but I will try to approach this as objectively as I can.)

I would go so far as to say, in and of itself, the idea of being mixed race is a boon. Being mixed race is to be born (in many cases) with an objectivism that is probably completely lacking in mono-racials, if only because mono-racials are incapable or unwilling to detach themselves from their egos long enough to see things with the shoe on the other foot. I myself, in the time that I wanted badly to identify as white, embraced everything whiteness entailed; which of course, was white supremacy. After all, as I looked (mostly) white, as it appeared that white neighborhoods were the safest, and white “culture” the best (I’m talking about Beethoven and Da Vinci, not Beiber), so naturally I fell in line with the “white is right” mentality. Of course being plied by my white father (a paleoconservative and de facto white supremacist with an Asiaphilial bent) didn’t help; and this was coming off of nearly two decades being raised around exclusively non-whites. In my search for self-esteem, of course, I took the “white is right” mentality, to feed my ego.

This, of course, was a solipsism that came with appearing white; I have a theory that white people “halo effect” themselves into believing in both a superiority, as well as the non-existence of the problems faced by other races. I know this because my father’s religiosity (being very, very devout) was probably the result of him being 6’2″ or 6’3″, tall, and white – which made him believe that the world itself is just because, to be honest, for whatever reasons, being tall and white is beneficial (I will attest to this), if only because other races will also “halo-effect” you.

Everyone knows that modern women, today, are sexually liberated, and spend years exploring their freedom (I pass no judgment on this other than saying that their selectivism can be coarse and hurtful), and white males take this as evidence that white women are not worthy of being married, if only because they do not fulfill the roles that . However, because of their ego, they are unable to rationalize that an Asian male, too, would feel entitled to getting married (as most men do). As a male, myself, I do feel that it should be within the fundamental rights of every man to be able to have a family, but in the mind of the racist, this right is negligible. After all, whether we like it or not, we are driven primarily by our desires to eat and have sex, and since we are able to eat with ease, we no longer have the need to undermine others for the sake of food, but for the sake of sex, it is a given.

In a way, Eurasian males have to eventually confront the fact that one race was subjugated to another; even if the father and mother are not racist, there are the conscientious (or even subconscious) acknowledgements made that Asian men, by and by, are less attractive in an evolutionary sense. So, even though our mothers and fathers did love each other (in some cases) or were not racist, the fact that white women rarely marry Asian men testifies to the fact that they are less attractive (particularly if considering the hypergamy of white women with regards to things like height, looks; the same things white males are fleeing from).

All of us attempt to rationalize it in several ways. However, since we recognize that white males would view us either as an upgrade or as evidence of the undesirability of Asian males, we either grow to resent them or grow to resent Asian males who remind us otherwise of who we could have been. The healthiest among us become truly objective and try to respect the desires of both white males and Asian males, but at the end of the day, our births really are the issue of four separate parties: The Asian woman, the White male, the Asian male, and the White female, all of which are on different trajectories and represent the clash of so many different cultural tsunamis, such as feminism, MGTOW, evolutionary psychology, racism, media portrayals, money, power, status, sexual preference under duress, etc.

None of these are a good thing. None of them.

So in a way this objectivism is very, very painful. It’s like being born nihilistic, with your soul sucked out of you, and in a way only Eurasians can understand. The clash itself is enough to drive many Eurasians crazy, but ultimately, we are objective, and perhaps the worst pain, is recognizing that the two sides that you hold dearly to yourself, can never really even get along, even within ourselves.

If you can’t understand why our mothers’ “white only” preference was offensive, then you obviously aren’t a Eurasian

None of this – none of this – is about my dating life, my love life, my sex life, or any other angst I have.

It’s all about the crippling pain of knowing that even my very own mother – the womb that actually gave birth to me – believed that a white male had more value than an Asian male, whereby warranting that I was only to allowed to be born by virtue of having a white father. That would mean that I am perpetually less according to the uterus out of which I shot.

This is from another post I found on Reddit, not by me. Hopefully this will help others to understand the agony of having this kind of parent (and father, who was well aware of her racism and still decided to humor her with his cock). Meaning, essentially, that both were racists.

By empirical evidence I can determine that my mother’s preference is anything but unbiased given the commonness of the pairing which indicates that my mother was practicing a form of hypergamy (both physical and social). In her defense the idea was probably to give me a better life but the trauma of the pairing actually did the opposite; even though I would probably choose my own race over a fully Asian males I still am entirely crippled by my parents’ racism and unable to function properly as opposed to most fully Asian males; so maybe in retrospect I would definitely trade in my race for sound state of mind and maybe three inches of height. I think this confusion and mental anguish is typical of having a mother who I cannot really view outside of the framework of her “preference.”